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Sydney’s leading SEO agency helping businesses of all sizes thrive in the competitive online environment. Don’t fall for the hype! Choose the SEO company in Sydney that can deliver dream customers 24/7. Ready to increase your SEO traffic?

  • Affordable SEO packages
  • No contracts, BS, hype or fake promises
  • 15+ years’ experience
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Finding an ethical, trustworthy, and hands-on SEO agency is not easy. Many agencies claim to be specialists or gurus that promise speedy, guaranteed SEO rankings with the first page Google results in 90 days. In an industry dominated by false claims, smoke and mirrors, lengthy contracts and exaggerated promises, how do you trust anyone?

Talk to the experts!

Work with the most talented SEO team Sydney has to offer – solely dedicated to your businesses success by generating tons of juicy new sales leads and clients. SEO Sydney experts know the Sydney market inside out, your industry niche, and Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Combine these fantastic resources, and the results are sensational.

SEO Sydney, we rank page # 1, we can rank you!

If you’ve landed on our website and reading this, you can clearly see the power of SEO and how effective it can be for your business. You’re on this page because you Googled the words SEO Sydney and guess what? We were on page # 1. That’s proof enough of how we can rank our website in such a super-competitive niche. So, the same strategies we have used to get our website to page 1 we will do for you. At SEO Sydney Experts, we employ best-in-class practices and proven techniques to develop SEO strategies that work 24/7 for your business.

Working with Sydney businesses of all sizes

  • annandale apartments client of SEO Sydney
  • Architectural leadwork client of SEO Sydney
  • Curtis associates client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • doolan wagner client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • dr sean gomes client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • first slate client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • hills irrigation client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • JAI Martial arts client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • jonishan client of SEO Sydney
  • UMTH client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • bali villa escapes client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • L Trent client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • midland lead client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • NSW compensation lawyers - seo sydney experts
  • pioneer shade client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • Laser tattoff client of SEO Sydney Experts
  • deppro client of SEO Sydney
  • my fitness kitchen - client of SEO Sydney experts
  • sparrow loans - seo sydney experts
  • brown and moodie - seo sydney experts client
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    Why SEO Sydney Experts?

    Many SEO agencies hide behind lots of cheap sales talk, empty vacuous promises and rely on locking you into long term contracts. We don’t operate like that – we’re more interested in just getting the job done. Our focus is on helping your business achieve the stunning success it deserves. Let the team at SSE work on your campaign, and you will see fabulous results, more new clients and lots of new leads.

    SEO by SEO Sydney Experts

    No lock-in contracts

    We believe in building partnerships built on honesty and trust. This is why we don’t require long-term commitments because we are confident in our service and your success. We want to earn your business, and this is why you pay as you go with our SEO.

    SEO by SEO Sydney Experts

    Professional SEO Sydney Expert

    You will be working with me, Steven, who has had over 15 years working with businesses and Sydney start-ups to get better Google rankings. The best part is you’re working with the owner of the business & not an account manager or slick salespeople on tight sales targets. I’m contactable all the time – even on the weekend!

    SEO by SEO Sydney Experts

    Accountable reporting

    We provide monthly reports that detail all the work we have done in detail. You get to see your rankings, traffic numbers and links we have built. Not many other agencies provide this type of in-depth reporting. A lot of agencies will never disclose the work they do – but we do and we’re proud of it! Plus, there are no exit or cancellation fees.

    SEO by SEO Sydney Experts

    Real Results You Can Measure

    As soon as we commence your SEO campaign, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in capable hands. You will notice a significant difference in your rankings by the end of the first month. And, with our Interactive Real-Time Reporting, you can see your rankings and website traffic daily.

    Read enough? Jump straight to our contact form to find out how we can help you.

    Losing business is painful

    The team at SEO Sydney Experts can offer you long-lasting Google rankings, so you can start winning all those new clients. We don’t muck around with Adwords or social media. All we do is SEO and we do it really well. Since 2005, we have been focussing exclusively on delivering the best SEO Sydney service for our clients. Our proven strategy is about maximising organic traffic to your website. We aren’t concerned about getting your website to page 1 for keywords that won’t generate qualified leads. Our goal is to bring in money-making, ready to spend clients through increased organic visibility on Google with a website based on higher conversion rates.

    Team up with local experts

    Learn more about the SEO agency Sydney businesses turn to for proven results. Our local SEO experts become part of your small or medium-sized business from day one – delivering your SEO strategy that works.

    Industry-Leading Talent

    You get a team of SEO legends working for you, not just one SEO guy or a freelancer you found online. SEO nowadays is complicated and requires a strategist, SEO specialists, content marketers, UX design team and web designers. When you partner with us, you get the whole shebang with a wealth of experience and digital marketing know-how.

    Why Should You Work With Steven from SEO Sydney Experts?

    Personally, I work with you and your business to develop a fully customised SEO campaign. You’re not working with an account manager but someone who owns his SEO agency. Therefore, I’m entirely committed to ensuring you receive the same kind of results we have achieved for our website.

    My SEO Services in Sydney are priced realistically. I strongly urge you to shop around, call up a few other SEO agencies and see that our pricing is excellent value for money. You’re not paying for expensive offices or high priced salaries. 

    I spend my time watching what’s going on with Google and am always up-to-date with the latest changes. I absolutely love internet marketing, and you will see my passion when dealing with me.

    I would consider myself a shining light in an industry littered with fake promises and deceptive business practices. I’ve been in the SEO game for over a decade, and I’m still here. 

    I take a no-nonsense approach to SEO, and I’ll be straight up with you if I feel that I cannot work with you. I pride myself that my business is built on being open, honest and transparent.

    steven waldberg - ceo seo sydney experts
    My name is Steven Walberg and I’m the director of SEO Sydney Experts. I’ll be working with you on your SEO campaign and with over 15 years of experience, I’m confident that I can help your business succeed online and outperform your competition!
    SEO Sydney - SEO Sydney Experts
    What to expect
    with Sydney SEO Experts

    Many SEO agencies talk a big game and over-promise unrealistic rankings. We, on the other hand, were more interested in getting on with the job. Our focus is on high-performance SEO campaigns with actual results you can see and measure from the end of the first month, helping your business grow and start beating your competition. For us, the proof is in the results. And, if you trust us with your SEO, you will know exactly where your money is going in our comprehensive monthly reports, which highlights traffic numbers, rankings, performance stats, online visibility; you get it all

    Win-Win SEO

    Our SEO services are all geared towards delivering your business the best ROI possible. The beauty of working with us is that we have an in-house team of creative web designers who can make quick changes to your website if we feel they can improve conversion rates. As part of your SEO campaign, we are always on the lookout to improve your website’s performance, consumer engagement, and user experience. After all, getting to page 1 of Google is half the challenge; the other is getting the customer to buy from you.

    Risk-free SEO

    Our core strength focuses on three factors; high DA backlinks, creative content, and consumer-driven web design. We combine these effectively, so you quickly start getting more sales leads, and ultimately more dollars for your business.

    The best thing about trusting us with your SEO is that you get to work with the business owners ( Steven & Jo ). We don’t hide behind glossy offices, flashy suits or account managers with little interest in your business. We are on the front line and are there working on your website and internet marketing daily. We only take on clients we believe we can help and never make over the top promises of rankings but take a conservative, pragmatic, and rational approach to our work.

    SEO company Sydney businesses can trust

    We’re super enthusiastic SEO consultants who thrive on proving to new clients what’s feasible and possible online. The internet is teeming with golden opportunities, especially if you’ve got stable Google rankings that sit comfortably on page 1.

    By working with SEO Sydney Experts, you get all of the benefits of having your in-house trusted SEO team without the headaches of employing your own staff. We are right there for you in our Surry Hills, Sydney studio, just a call, zoom meeting or email away.

    Watch your sales skyrocket
    100% transparency, no excuses, quick fixes or dodgy practices. Just fabulous results & explosive revenue growth!
    Proven SEO strategies backed up by over 15 years of experience.

    Internal website audit

    Your SEO campaign will commence with a thorough and in-depth review of your website, content, internal links, site speed, site architecture, mobile compatibility, and graphics.

    Keyword research

    We have research tools that can assess the best keywords for your business that drive the most relevant traffic. We can even identify keywords that you never thought would bring in any business and target these.

    Competitor analysis

    We take a look at what your competition is up to online and see why they are ranking above you. We never mimic or copy other strategies but look at smart SEO options to outperform them.

    Content creation

    Once we have identified all your main core keywords and services, we look at writing unique and informative website copy that’s conversion-focused and makes the search engines happy. Having great content is one of the most strategic foundations of your SEO campaign.

    On-page optimisation

    Roughly 30% of the success of your SEO campaign is determined by your On-Page Optimisation. We take a holistic look at you’re website and check for any non-compliant Google issues such as titles, descriptions, site download times, and the architecture of the site.

    Link building

    We’ll take a close look at your current links and make any necessary modifications. This includes removing or disavow toxic links while starting our own link building campaign with high quality, high DA links. Our link building efforts are designed to achieve fast and sustainable Google rankings that last year after year.

    On-going content marketing

    Keeping your website updated is paramount to the success of your SEO. We’ll refresh old web pages and refine them with current, informative content marketing. This is carried out continually and forms one of the most important pillars of your SEO.

    Monthly reporting

    What’s been happening over the past month, and what work’s been carried out on your site? This is clearly detailed in our end-of-month reports where you get to see your keyword rankings, online visibility, site visitors, and overall ranking score.

    Read enough? Jump straight to our contact form to find out how we can help you.

    Our SEO Sydney Growth Plan

    Do you want to know what our SEO secret is?

    We are happy to tell you how we’ve managed to stay on page 1 of Google for so many years while other agencies have come and gone. Our consistency is in our strategy, which we implement every time for our Sydney clients. We have repeatedly stated that SEO is not rocket science. But a systematic approach; smart content, keyword analysis, link building, understanding your competition, and on-page optimisation. Do these right, and you’ll win online. These are the fundamentals of SEO, but the following will explain what our SEO specialists do in greater detail.

    Off - Page SEO

    Off-page SEO refers to external ranking factors that can affect your search engine rankings on Google. There are hundreds of external ranking signals Google is looking for, and establishing a solid Off-Page SEO profile is critical. Building the trust and authority of your website by blogger outreach and relevant local directory submissions is the best Off-Page SEO strategy. Think of Off-Page SEO as a popularity contest, and it’s our job to make sure you win this in you’re niche. A point to note here is the approach to link building. This has to be acquired in a slow, methodical way as building trust doesn’t just happen overnight. We follow Googles strict policy when it comes to link building and will never violate any of their Webmaster Guidelines.

    Guest Posting – We work with bloggers, writers and other industry-specific websites where we promote your website by adding high-quality guest posts. This is a powerful SEO technique, and we take care of everything. Content writing, citations back to your website and any edits. We will show you these posts in our end of month reports. Note: we only post to high DA sites which is the best way to turbocharge your Google rankings.

    On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO or On-site SEO is the process of auditing all your web pages and making sure they are Google compliant. These pages must be designed and coded in a way that allows Google’s search robots to scan the site and rank it quickly. At SEO Sydney Experts, it’s our job to look at all your on-page elements such as; titles, descriptions, images, content, speed, graphics and user experience. In addition to this, if we feel that your content is lacking, we will engage our content marketing team to write creative copy that your audience wants to read. There’s absolutely no point in writing copy strictly for the search engines that no one finds helpful.

    Once we are satisfied that we have ticked all the boxes for your on-page SEO, we submit the site to Google to re-index. Once indexed, you will start to see your rankings quickly improve.

    Page Titles – Page titles tell Google the nature and intent of the web page. When Google first scans your site, the first thing that’s indexed is the page title; hence its importance. The page title is also what browsers see, so it has to be precise and concise.

    Generally, Google allows up to 12 words in the Page Title, which means it has to communicate its offering clearly. If the page is about ‘ getting divorce help in Sydney’, then the Page Title should have the words: ‘ family lawyers Sydney’ at the beginning. At SEO Sydney Experts, we will conduct a full audit of all your page titles to make sure they communicate the page’s intent.

    Meta descriptions – Meta descriptions appear under the page title in the search results and can be up to 160 characters. Each page will have its own unique meta description and can influence whether or not the customer clicks on your website. This length allows you to be slightly creative where you can sell your product, service or unique selling point.

    Internal Page Linking – We have all heard about the power of high DA backlinks to your site, but your internal linking structure can affect your rankings. Internal links play a vital part in how Google’s search robots crawl your website and determine the relationship between pages. We make sure that the most critical pages appear at the top of your navigation and all related pages have internal links to this. Called Siloing, this has a massive impact on the user experience and also allows Google to clearly navigate the sites structure.

    Content Strategy – Content is king when it comes to the position of your website on Google. Google tells us that: ‘creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors‘. Ahrefs states that that the average page 1 position has over 1750 words. Just imagine having to write all those words for all pages and blogs of your site. It may seem like an impossible task, but it’s what Google & your customers require. The page content requirements may vary between industry niches. But, overall, the better the quality of the content and its information, the better the rankings. As part of our SEO service, we can engage SEO copywriters to address any of your websites content issues in the initial stages of our campaign. We can also look at transferable pages that can be replicated across the site without any damage to your SEO through duplicate copy. This is very handy when it comes to ranking in multiple suburbs across Sydney. This sustainable SEO strategy can be employed as your business grows into the future.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is the same as SEO except your optimising the site for your local customers in your area. For example, if you’re a plumber in Bondi you don’t want an SEO campaign targeting the whole of Sydney, you’d only want to target customers in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs. By creating additional suburban pages, we can focus on looking for local customers in areas surrounding your business. Local SEO is perfect for all trades, retail and professional services. In 2021 up to 85% of all Google searches contained a local keyword in the search. So, if your website is not optimised for local search, you’re going to be missing out on a whole lot of potential business.

    Google My Business – Often overlooked by businesses, creating and continuing to update your Google My Business profile with articles will help create a strong local presence for your business. Having your local Sydney address and phone number can be very enticing for shoppers wanting to deal with local trades and professionals.

    Technical SEO

    There is a massive range of technical SEO variables that will affect how your website appears on Google. There are over 200 factors that makeup Google’s ranking algorithm.

    As part of our blueprint for SEO success, we take a close look at all technical issues that may be present on your website, which is affecting your rankings such as:

    • No HTTPS security
    • Usability & Crawlability
    • The site isn’t indexed properly
    • NO XML Sitemaps
    • Missing or incorrect Robots.txt
    • Page Loading Speed
    • Duplicate content issues
    • Broken links
    • 404 Page Errors
    • Mobile device optimisation

    We will rectify any outstanding websites technical issues within the first month of your campaign – once fixed, you will start to see immediate improvements in your rankings.

    Unlock your websites full potential

    We turn your website into a sales machine, generating targeted customers ready to buy from you 24/7. With strategies like local SEO and a strong content marketing campaign, we can direct only the customers you want to your website. There’s no point in implementing an ad-hoc approach to your SEO that attracts tyre kickers & time wasters. We focus on online shoppers keen to do business with you.

    Understanding your customers search behaviour

    Consumers search differently online when browsing for products or services. For example, if they’re looking for a professional service like a lawyer, they will often search for a local lawyer in their suburb. But if they are looking for some office furniture, they’ll type in ‘office furniture Sydney’.

    Knowing how your customer’s search will give us a clear indication of what keywords to target and how to approach the campaign. Do we target Sydney or go local? Understanding and marketing to your customers search query is a huge building block in the success of your SEO campaign. Getting this wrong will be catastrophic as you have gone to all the effort to rank for keywords that will not brig you any business.

    Discover your buisness objectives

    Develop a thorough understanding of your overall business objectives. Are you after fast rankings? Do you want to promote specific products or services, or do you want to drive more traffic to the site? Are you after more phone calls, sign-ups or email inquiries? Are you after more local suburban clients, or do you want to reach the whole of Sydney? I will uncover all of these areas and design an SEO campaign around your requirements.

    Set honest, realistic targets & goals

    We will only work with you if we firmly know that we can get you to page 1 of Google for your primary, money-making keywords. And, we are not a low budget $500 per month agency. From the outset, we work out realistic budgets that can help you achieve your long term online marketing goals.


    We love to communicate. Unlike other agencies, we actually pick up the phone and see how business is going. Sure, we have all the data and stats that we need but there’s nothing like good old fashioned communication between us and our clients. We never go missing in action or fail to return calls or emails.

    Manage client expectations

    We aim to manage our clients’ expectations when it comes to ranking on Google. At SEO Sydney Experts, we make sure we explain the whole SEO process and why it takes some websites to rank longer than others and when you can expect to start seeing tangible results. We never over-promise or set unrealistic timings and always set pragmatic and sensible milestones.

    Lets skyrocket your business success and accelerate your site rankings

    Book your FREE 30 min consultation now.
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    Why businesses choose SEO Sydney Experts?

    Isn’t it about time you went with an SEO agency that could produce the kind of Google rankings you’ve always wanted?

    At SEO Sydney Experts, we are always delivering the best services for all our clients and you can see the impressive results here. Our commitment to each client and their Google rankings shows in these results. Well over 90% of our clients report consistent monthly growth in their inquiries and leads.

    Throughout the last 15 years, we have helped a variety of businesses succeed online and we can show you and prove to you clearly how well they have been able to perform online; no matter the business. You will start to see your rankings improve within the first month.

    What keeps you up at night?

    Is it lack of sales leads, poor Google rankings or dishing out thousands of dollars to an SEO agency that’s not performing? Unfortunately, there are far too many sharks out there online, looking to take advantage of you by offering sweet-sounding deals. They trick you with tech jargon and over-hyped promises. We unclutter this meaningless chatter and are known for our straight-talking SEO solutions. I promise, working with us, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

    Ready to move the needle?

    Want to pick my brain and learn how to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to SEO? Big or small, I am here to help you keep your cool in the mad race to be # 1 on Google. Pick up the phone & call 02 9360 8514.

    We walk the talk

    Need more proof? Let us show you how we helped a Sydney buyers agency triple their online inquiries in just 12 months with a complete website audit and an aggressive SEO strategy. Or, see how we helped a Sydney divorce lawyer get more business than they can handle. We boosted their search engine rankings; now, they sit comfortably at position #1 on Google for their main competitive legal keywords. Take a look at some of the incredible results we have been able to achieve.

    You’ve found us because you Googled ‘SEO Sydney’, and we are on page 1. Just imagine what we can do for your business? We never use paid ads to sell our services. Every client we have has found us by organic Google search.

    5-star customer service

    The SEO Consultant who started this company is the one who is at the helm of everything. I’m writing the content for this website, answering all your calls, and even better, I’ll personally handle and oversee every aspect of your SEO campaign.

    To ensure that we maintain the same high standards for your website that got our website to page 1 of Google for an incredibly competitive search term, Steven ( I’m the guy in all the videos and the photo at the top of this page ) will handle your entire SEO campaign. You don’t deal with an account manager or someone whose not completely 100% invested in your business. Like so many SEO agencies, the business founder passes the account management over to an employee while focusing on other tasks. What I can guarantee you is that this is never the case with us. You deal with me all the time and not an overpaid suit or an offshore answering service.

    SEO testimonials

    See what a few of our clients have to say about working with SEO Sydney Experts. If you want to see your business here and experience the same level of customer service and fantastic Google rankings, get in touch with us.

    robyn nind from blue label life testimonial
    My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support is always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Label Life Robyn
    Alliison from universal mobile tower hire testimonial
    We’ve been with SEO Sydney Experts since 2012, when they created our website and designed our SEO campaign. I’m very happy as I’ve watched our results go from strength to strength. The results are clearly evident in our increased calls and sales Universal Mobile Tower Hire Alison
    NSW compensation lawyers - seo sydney experts
    SEO Sydney Experts have made our rankings increase in four months to places we haven’t been before. Highly recommended!!Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts NSW Compensation Lawyers Vic
    testimonial from chris curtis for seo sydney experts
    We are refugees from another SEO firm. Within six weeks SEO Sydney Experts got us back to where we used to be in the top five from a dismal 35 for the main keywords! No black hats just good service. Always available and fast to respond. Doing business with them has so far been a total pleasure. Curtis Associates Chris
    testimonial from one minute media for seo sydney experts
    The team at SEO Sydney are fantastic. They have provided excellent service to us for at least 5 years. We love them and recommend them to everyone! One Minute Media Vanessa

    SEO Sydney Insights

    Untangling the web and uncomplicating SEO with valuable insights and strategies to help build your business online.

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    Meet the team at SEO Sydney Experts



    Book a call with me now to see how we can get the most out of your budget with maximum impact.


    SEO Sydney Podcasts

    SEO Sydney Experts produces helpful, informative, easy-to-follow, very honest podcasts about SEO and everything associated with search engine optimisation for our Sydney clients.

    FAQ’s by our SEO expert

    To help you understand SEO and the process just a bit more, here are common questions many customers ask us. More questions? Call us or fill out the inquiry form and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

    What type of companies do you work with?

    We are happy to work with every business, no matter the size. From small businesses, startups to tradies, eCommerce sites, professionals and corporate to the big players and well-known brands across all niches and industries. We implement the same proven, successful formula that skyrockets sales and revenue. I want to point out that you don’t have to pay hefty agency fees any longer for your SEO or internet marketing. Those days are long gone!

    How do I get my monthly results?

    At SEO Sydney Experts, we create monthly reports that help you understand what we have been doing.

    Our reports detail:

    • Every backlink & citation we create
    • Visits and impression
    • Online visibility score
    • Total visitors, returning visitors, new visitors and mobile visitors
    • Organic visits v’s unique visits
    • Top keyword queries
    • Which search engines the visits are from
    • Ranking for main keywords

    These reports are easy to understand, and we are here to help you go through them if anything is unclear.

    Why is SSE the best SEO agency in Sydney?

    We have been in the SEO business, so we have the authority to honestly say that we are one of the best agencies in Sydney. You can call as many agencies as you like, and they’ll all say the same thing. Silly guarantees that don’t mean a thing with unrealistic time frames for Google rankings. The big difference between them and us is they will tell you what you want to hear, but we will tell you the truth – however hard it is. We are here to give you real results that mean something concrete – more money in your pocket!

    All you have to do is see some of our case studies. One, in particular, is sensational, where an online travel agent is completely dominating the super-competitive travel space.

    You may ask how we can achieve these incredible results for our clients. The answer is simple. We are obsessed with data and fine-tuning your website and SEO strategy based on this data. It’s how your business stays on top of the game and manages to outperform your competition. We are also acutely aware that you are spending your money with us, so we are also focused on getting you the best ROI and bang for your buck.

    Our sole focus is on digital marketing strategies that translate into serious revenue for your business.

    So how do we know what works and what doesn’t?

    We work on digital marketing strategies for a range of companies throughout Australia for the last 15 years. That’s a long time in this biz. We see what works and then implement it across the board for all our clients. We cherry-pick the most successful strategies and implement them client wide.

    So, that’s why we think we’re the best SEO agency in Sydney. We’re also a super-friendly bunch of people who love what we do. Why not see for yourself and come in for a chat, send an inquiry, and get your FREE SEO audit.

    What can SEO do for my business?

    SEO is a powerful marketing tool that can boost inquiry rates, sales & revenue. If implemented correctly, SEO can be your businesses best friend. The reason behind this is the popularity of the search engine Google. Most people use Google for their online searches, and, according to Statista 85% of all searches worldwide are done via Google. Now, imagine your website was at the top of the first page of Google for your main search queries. If everyone uses Google, you’re bound to get a massive chunk of the market for your search keywords. 

    How are you going to reach all these customers browsing on Google looking for your product or service? The answer is SEO! The only way they will ever find your website online is if you implement an SEO campaign. It’s simple as that.

    But hang on there. 

    Nothing is quite that easy. Ranking on Google takes time, lots of money ( depending on your industry’s competitive nature) and lots of hard work. It’s not a matter of clicking your fingers, and you’re all of a sudden on page 1. It’s a struggle, and this is why you need an SEO agency that knows how to get your business ranking. Just imagine you have a new business start-up and want o to compete in the iPhone space. You’ll have to go up against established brands like Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, who have been doing SEO for years and are dominating their niche. The competitive nature of online is why it takes time and, in some cases, lots of marketing dollars. 

    If you view our case studies, you can see the power of SEO and its effectiveness for all businesses.

    With the right strategies in place and the right team working with you, sales, revenue, and online conversions will skyrocket once you start your SEO.

    The best part about SEO is that it’s not only for eCommerce & online businesses – it’s also potent for bricks and mortar stores. Think about all those shops in Westfield or those franchises in local suburban shopping centres. People will go online and do their research before they end up making their decision to buy. In fact, according to Forbes: 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store. An incredible statistic that should give you enough motivation to kick start your SEO.

    So the big question your probably wondering is how you can make SEO work for your business? All you have to do is pick up that phone and call us on 02 9360 8514. We’ll clearly explain to you how SEO works, your level of involvement and set realistic expectations. We will map out a plan for growth and essential milestones and KPI’s that we need to achieve.

    So it’s all good news for you. When you work with SEO Sydney Experts, you can be confident you are working with a team that knows how to smash businesses’ goals continuously.

    How much does SEO cost?

    Asking how much SEO costs is like asking the price of a holiday? As a holiday, there are so many factors that go into working out your SEO price. But we know you’re a business and want to have some numbers in front of you so you can put some marketing budgets together. We get it.

    SEO is complicated, which is why we encourage all our potential customers to come and meet with us to go over the entire strategy. 

    We offer a free strategy session so take advantage of this! After this meeting, you will have a more transparent outline of SEO costs and what’s involved in getting your website o the top of the search results.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that affect an SEO campaign’s costs.

    Your industry: How competitive is your niche? If it’s super competitive with established brands dominating Googles search, this will significantly impact SEO pricing. The businesses are competing for the same search terms, the more aggressive we have to be – hence a higher SEO cost.

    The Location Of Your Target Audience: are your customers local, Sydney wide, across NSW or Australia wide. Local SEO campaigns are far cheaper than campaigns that target the whole of Sydney or nationally.

    Your Goals: The more complicated your goals, the more effort is required. Do you want faster results, and do you want to rank for insanely competitive keywords? 

    Your Keywords: The more competitive the targeted keyword, the more blogger outreach we have to do. And some of these blogs can be very expensive. If you want to have sustainable rankings, you need backlinks from credible sites, which can cost big bucks! Don’t think you will be able to rank for super competitive keywords on a slim budget. Be warned, according to Google; you can only obtain backlinks from credible sources.

    If you’re looking to rank for more specific keywords, then the good news is that this will significantly reduce your SEO spending.

    I know you probably want to go with the cheapest SEO package you can find online, but SEO’s real value lies in the great work. You have to think of it in terms of your ROI. Every dollar you put into SEO will give you a return x 2, 3 or 4 times. By positioning your businesses higher on Google, you are placing it to receive more calls, inquiries, sales and more revenue. Penny-pinching, when it comes to your most powerful marketing tool, is not a good idea.

    Take a look at our SEO pricing page for more information.

    Can I do my own SEO?

    You bet you can. But, wait a minute. Before you start getting too excited, ask yourself this question:’ do you know what you’re doing?’ You might have read a few articles, spoken to a few friends, perhaps even YouTubed a few webinars or signed up for a few online classes. They are all good for basic SEO practices but, competing against big brands or saturated online spaces is another story. It’s not so simple as you’ve probably already worked out.

    How are you going to maintain consistent rankings in the competitive online world of Google? It’s not easy, which is why you need to leave it to professionals. There may be some quick wins and sugar highs, but these never last too long. There are far too many ranking factors with Google that most businesses don’t fully understand. Plus, they are always changing these, which may make it a full-time job for you. Do you have the time, patients and technical know-how to stay on top of all this?

    No, you don’t!

    Even if you are a seasoned marketer with some SEO experience, you won’t have the resources we do to maintain your rankings. There are always things you’ll miss and opportunities you never knew about.

    We have invested time and lots of money in research and development that can only benefit your business. You will soon see why you need to pay for your SEO once you leave your competitors in the dust – they won’t know what happened to them. All of a sudden, you’ve outranked them. It’s a great feeling and one that comes only with the right SEO partner by your side.

    Sure, have a go doing it yourself, but you will be reaching out to an agency like ours at the end of the day.

    Does SEO still work in 2022?

    Yes, it most certainly does! And, anyone that tells you the opposite is lying. In fact, in 2022, SEO is more important than ever and should be one of your most important marketing channels. And, the only place to be found is Google. According to Hubspot, Google has 92.42% of the search engine market share worldwide.

    Think about that statistic for a moment and imagine that your business can somehow capture a percentage of the local/city/national market for your niche. You will understand the power of Google and the relevance of SEO. If you’re not actively engaging in an SEO campaign, you’re missing out on many potential new sales leads, revenue, and new customers. The wonderful thing about SEO is that it will help capture impressions and clicks from the right ready-to-buy customers. 

    It’s also crucial for bricks and mortar shops to understand the value and potency of SEO. I bet you didn’t know that four out of every five shoppers did their research online before purchasing from a shop. Consumers on the go are using the power of Google to help them find products or services. Shoppers also prefer to go local, which adds another dimension to SEO called local intent – where shoppers will add a suburb or city into their search. 

    And, in 2021, this trend is growing exponentially. So if your asking yourself is SEO still relevant in 2022, you can see it is!

    If you’re looking to boost your new customer acquisition rate and take your slice of the local SEO market, now is the perfect time to seriously think about Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

    We must make mention that SEO needs to be completely Google compliant and strictly follow its guidelines for it to be successful. To do this, you have to be completely organic in your approach to marketing your website. Whether it’s blogging, content marketing, link building, adding pages to the site or any social media activities, everything has to be by the book. Any ‘black hat’ or spammy activities will not work in 2022, and Google’s far too sophisticated to allow sub-standard websites to get to the top of their search.

    The upshot here is that if you want to dominate online and accelerate your business, you have to embark on a solid SEO campaign, and this is where SEO Sydney Experts come in. We can help you manage all facets of your digital marketing. If you want to know the best ways to smash your competition, why not take advantage of our free 30 min strategy session. Before you know it, you’ll be dominating your niche for 2022 and beyond.

    Should I hire an SEO agency that guarantees page 1 rankings?

    No way! Google even tells us to:

    Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. 

    Many SEO agencies will offer guarantees to get your business with these fake, worthless guarantees. They are nothing more than a scam designed to get your business. 

    Guarantees of this type are popular scams among many Sydney agencies desperate to get your business. 

    You can’t make any guarantees because Google will never share their ranking algorithm secrets, so it’s 100% impossible for any SEO agency to know what’s going on. They can guestimate at best, but that’s about it. The way we work is to follow Google’s guidelines to the letter, and we do this with all our clients, and the rankings have been consistently high.

    The take away here is to run away from any company that makes even the slightest suggestion of a ranking guarantee. I know you want some assurance, but unfortunately, it is impossible when it comes to Google. The only guarantee that you can make is that you will work within their guidelines.

    How long does it take to reach page 1 of Google?

    There are many factors to consider when determining the time frame to rank your website on Google, such as the age of your site, SEO backlink history, on-page content, to name a few. It’s almost impossible to give an accurate timing to get to page 1, but in most past clients, we have worked on their SEO; we have seen great results within 12 months. For websites with super-competitive keywords, timings might take longer, but we can aim to rank low hanging fruit keywords that are easier to rank far quicker. But with all SEO campaigns, we tell our clients that SEO takes time is a marathon and not a sprint – basically, you cant rush SEO.

    What can I expect with my SEO Audit?

    With your SEO audit, we will look at two essential factors.

    1) On-site SEO Audit – we will check your website thoroughly to see if there are areas that need fixing. We will highlight these for you and make some recommendations on how to improve these. Known as a technical on-page audit, I will check for all anomalies that are apparent.

    2) Off-site SEO Audit – we will look at your backlink profile and let you know if we find any toxic links that need pruning or removal.

    Does SEO change over time?

    SEO is constantly evolving and changing over time with each Google algorithmic update. Unfortunately, there are no constants in the SEO landscape as Google continually refine their ranking algorithm to help improve their search results. However, the businesses that survive online and are consistently on page 1 of Google understand this phenomenon and are prepared to invest in their SEO for the long term.

    The key to an effective SEO strategy is consistency. By this, I mean you have to be implementing the same proven processes month after month to maintain your priority on Google’s search results. At SEO Sydney Experts, we continually refine our SEO strategy based on these changes so you as a business owner can chill out, relax knowing that your SEO campaign is in capable hands.

    My Google rankings are fluctuating every day; is this normal?

    Don’t stress out! 

    We call this the Google dance, and your rankings can fluctuate daily. Yes, this can be frustrating, but it’s normal, and don’t worry if you move up and down a couple of places. And, just because you are in the top 3 or number 1 position, don’t think this will remain forever. Holding position # 1 is backbreaking work as your competition also wants this coveted position which is why you need an SEO agency that knows how to sustain your rankings and minimise these fluctuations.

    Following are some causes of rankings movements:

    • Google has made an update to its algorithm, and this has affected your website. Google makes algorithmic changes daily, which is the leading cause for these movements. Search Engine Journal elaborates on this in their article: Why Do Search Rankings on Some Keywords Fluctuate So Much?
    • Your competitors are doing their SEO bigger and better than you, or new competitors are entering this space. Now might be a good time to reevaluate your SEO agency if you don’t see rankings stabilise or improve.

    I want to emphasise that SEO rankings, especially on Google, are rarely stable, and it’s our job to minimise these adverse fluctuations. As an SEO expert, I will always walk you through any online ranking changes, provide you with a logical rationale for this, and look at ways to get you back up there.

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