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Are you too Scared to leave your CURRENT SEO company?

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Do you want to leave your SEO agency but feel that this will have a significant impact on your Google rankings? Don't be scared. You can drop your SEO agency without worrying too much about the consequences.

If you are too scared to leave your current SEO agency or provider, because you think that you are going to lose whatever work they have previously done, then don’t be.

Chances are if you are thinking about leaving your SEO team, then it’s probably for a good reason.

For example, they are unable to give you the kind of ranking results you were promised from the start or your rankings did well at the beginning and now they are sliding or you are locked into a long term pathetic contract and you feel like you are getting ripped off.

All I can say to my fellow readers is to make the switch. Terminate the contract or get out of whatever you have got yourself into because the work they are doing ( or are supposedly doing) is having little or no effect. Hence, it’s safe to move. In fact, I was in the city for a meeting last week when the company I was speaking to was confronted by the same issue.

What was happening is that they have been using an SEO agency in Sydney for about 3 years and the rankings were going OK to start with but it was just over the last couple of months that things were turning sour. That is, rankings for ALL their keywords were now not on page 1 of Google and the contact with the search engine agency was somewhat cooler than it had been previously. All I can say is that these SEO guys were too scared to tell this company the truth about what was happening and this is why calls were left unanswered and cold hard questions were never honestly answered as well. Overall, it was time to part company. These guys are making fundamental SEO mistakes and this is having an adverse effect on your online marketing. It’s a bad place to be in and you have to take immediate steps to mitigate further damage being done.

The issue here was that these guys were petrified that all the work that was done over the past 2-3 years would go down the drain and all the money that they spent would have gone to waste.

This unfortunately is somewhat true and untrue. Let me explain this further. In so far as the work that had been done in the past, well, what they are doing now is obviously not working and therefore any hesitation about losing any value in past efforts is unfounded. Basically, they are unable to sustain the rankings and therefore the work they are doing has no value – the links and the work they had done in the past are now considered ‘black hat’ from Google, and you can basically kiss all the previous efforts goodbye. In fact, any further work they are doing on your website might in fact be harming your rankings. This is how fickle and strict Google is. If your current SEO team are unable to maintain your rankings then clearly their strategy is not working – so it’s time to move on. YES, cut those ties, make the decision once and for all and do not be afraid, I will repeat myself, do not be afraid cause the work they are doing is basically useless.

Let’s say for example you decided to ditch your SEO agency and come to us at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS, what would happen is that your rankings would stabilise over the next month or two. That is you would not see too much upward or downward movement. From there because we have such powerful backlinks in our arsenal and because we really know what we are doing when it comes to turning poor rankings around you are going to start to see your rankings shift. By this I mean, they will start to rise again.

I am not saying that this is going to happen immediately, but you can at least take comfort in the knowledge that you are not slipping anymore and you can in fact see rankings appear back on page 1. If you have got the fortitude to hang in there and be prepared to trust us, you should after a period of roughly 4-5 months be back to where you once were.

This is such a better option than sticking with your current team and giving them the benefit of the doubt month after month. They are going to keep stringing you along saying next month will be better and they are going to blame Google for these dismal efforts. But, if you break the truth down, you are the people that are having to pay these guys every month. And on top of this, you are not getting any new business leads cause your rankings are absolute crap.

If your website rankings are always on the decline and you are being fed lies and promises of future better positioning on Google all the time, then for the sake of your business, get out of this rotten situation. Nothing good will come of this – that I can promise.

WHY? Because, if there is no SEO strategy in place that can conform to what Google wants, then the only winners are your competition who are sitting above you.

You can ditch your SEO agency without losing rankings

Honestly, we get calls from really anxious business people who have been with an SEO agency for so long that they are scared to leave. They feel like they are insulting them or being rude. In 40% of the cases I hear, people tell me that they have become friends with the owner of the SEO company and they really don’t want to be rude and therefore will stick it out until things improve.

All I do is shake my head and tell them that they are doing a disservice to their business. The very best thing they can do is muster up the courage and fire off an email terminating the SEO agreement.

If you are locked into a contract and want to get out of it but are afraid because of the legal consequences – then you might as well pay them out of the contract BUT terminate their service. MOST of the really dodgy SEO companies are the ones that try to lock you into a contract for 12 months or more…the philosophy behind this is to show a really good effort at the beginning by ranking really easy keywords and once they have your confidence they then lock you in. From this point on they do little or no work on your campaign and they use the money, you pay them every month to keep them appearing on Adwords. It’s a scam and if you have fallen for it, it’s nothing to be ashamed about as it happens to many people.

These guys have their ads at the top of the page when you do a search for ‘SEO and it’s hard for many people to realise that these are paid ads.

JUST GET OUT OF THIS SEO CONTRACT and tell them to cease and desist all work.

Final Thoughts

Look, all I am trying to do with this blog is to try to help small to medium-sized businesses understand the SEO landscape and help prevent them from getting ripped off in this space. I started SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS because I was passionate about helping people succeed online and all I can do is write articles like this in the hope of helping them avoid these nasty traps.

If you feel like you are getting done over by your SEO company then be smart, make the right move and talk to us today on 02 9360 8514.

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