Bali Villa Escapes

Bali Villa Escapes markets holiday rentals in Bali strictly to the Australian and New Zealand family market.

As an infant startup they were on a small budget yet wanted to compete in a very crowded online space; the villa rental market. There were a few well established websites and the aim was to break into this market without a huge budget.

Given the tight budget and competitive space we implemented an aggressive, customised SEO campaign. Additionally, we advised the client on web design specifically for maximum conversion rates, as well as offering solutions to establish trust and credibility.

Within only a few months of commencing the campaign, we noticed that many of this client’s long tail keywords were quickly approaching the first page of Google. Their main core keywords were also climbing, which resulted in significant traffic. Their website traffic has boomed to well over 40,000 unique visits per month.

Establishing trust was a key focus and we successfully address this through well written monthly blog posts and managing their online reviews via Trustpilot.

Within just two years, Bali Villa Escapes has grown from a small startup into one of Australia’s largest villa booking websites.

The outcome continues to be fantastic for Bali Villa Escapes. They are consistently ranking on page one for well over fifty of their main keywords and the office staff have grown from two people to well over thirty in only a few years. The team at SEO Sydney Experts have been able to maintain exceptional competitive rankings through our effective and very targeted SEO campaigns.

‘The team at SEO Sydney Experts are simply the best. I have full trust and faith in them and their ability to help us grow our business,’ Nathan Director, Bali Villa Escapes.

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