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How to Get More Leads using Semantic SEO

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People use Google to help solve their questions and inquiries. They will often type a question into the search results in search of an answer and this is what businesses can use to help them drive traffic. Known as semantic SEO you can use this as a nifty SEO tool to drive new business inquiries to your site and hopefully get more new buisness.

It’s getting harder and harder for your website content to make any real impact.

The internet space is just becoming far too crowded.

So how can you make sure that your copy stands out from the crown and more importantly gets read by your customers? The answer is simple; by focusing your efforts on Semantic SEO.

What is Semantic SEO?

Semantic SEO is the process of putting more emphasis on the type of words you use in your content. Simply put, this means that you are sending the time and effort to address your customers questions and not just answering them quickly with one or two words answers. Instead, you are addressing queries from your clients in a consistent and clear cut manner. You answer the first question and follow this up with an answer to their second question, so on and so forth. According to Search Engine Journal, Semantic SEO is the process of building more meaning into the words you use in your content. This means optimizing for the true intent of your users, not just answering a simple query. It means you answer the first question and then immediately answer the second, third, fourth, or fifth question right after that.

If you weave your content in this fashion you are giving much more depth to your copy and guess what? Google loves this! Why? Because Google really likes to send people to pages that immediately address their questions. After all, it’s a search engine and people are using this for information.

# 1. You get to be in front of more people online and this could translate into sales

# 2. You are ranking higher than your competitors due to your great copy, therefore you will be ranking longer.

Basically, your information is right there in front of people who have actively typed in a search. Nothing could be better if you’re looking for web traffic.

How do you write effective copy using Semantic SEO?

Basically, you really have to figure out what people are really searching for and then delve deeper. You then have to place these snippets of copy on your page.

If you are rolling your eyes and thinking that this is all too hard to do, don’t panic just yet as Google will provide us with the necessary building blocks to create our own fabulous copy that is Semantic SEO friendly.

If you do this properly you can help minimize the fluctuations in your rankings that occur all the time. You know what I mean by this. Sometimes you are at position # 3 and then you’re at # 5. This is flux and Semantic SEO will help eliminate this.

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So how do I start semantic SEO?

All you need to do is pick a topic relevant to your business and go from there.

EXAMPLE: An electrician offers residential electrical services for his business. But a massive part of his business is installing solar hot water systems in homes. So, to be Semantic SEO friendly you need to write a blog post or add a page to your website all about ‘solar hot water systems’. Remember, although he is an electrician, he can still have a web page about solar hot water systems. This is not breaking any rules so long as this is a service offering.

Main Term: Solar Hot Water Systems

Broader Term: Advantages of solar hot water systems

Once you have worked out the broader term you can then write copy that works around this nicely. The copy should address inquiries like:

– what issue are you trying to look at

– how are you going to answer the user’s questions with your copy

– Once you have the answer how do you immediately address the next question that the user might have that’s related to this topic like: the cost of installing solar hot water systems.

The best way to get Semantic information is from Google.

Start by typing in ‘cost of solar hot water systems’ into the Google search and see the results that Google have given us. How great is that! You can actually write copy based on the questions Google has listed. It’s right there for you to see. It’s really not that hard.


Semantic SEO example - SEO Sydney Experts
Google actually helps you with semantic SEO by writing a list of popular questions please ask regarding a topic.

Google has given 2 results one at the top of the page and one at the bottom. This is all the information you need to start creating Semantic SEO copy.

Based on the information provided you can be sure that people are asking questions online like:

Solar Hot Water Systems Comparison


Cheapest solar hot water system

These phrases give you the essential building blocks for your content. The best part about this is you can even get your copy above the organic search results as seen in the image below. This is the power of Semantic SEO and its benefit for your business is unparalleled.

There are other examples of semantic SEO you can see if you Google social media marketing agencies Sydney. All you need to do is draft content on your main landing page answering the questions that Google displays. Essentially, it’s a no-brainer as Google provides you with the questions most commonly asked.

Semantic SEO example - seo sydney experts
Google makes it so simple for you to get content ideas by providing a list of questions and answers on the search results page.

In conclusion

You need to craft your content to make it more relevant to your customer’s inquiries. This is the best way to separate your website from the rest of the pack. A good way to address semantic SEO is to add a list of FAQs at the bottom of your web page. All these questions and answers will immediately address any questions your customers may have and solve any semantic SEO shortfalls.

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