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Turbocharge your sales & local inquiries by getting your website to the top of local listings.

52% of Google Searches are all local

In 2021, nearly half the searches on Google are for local businesses. Your local customers are mobile, active on the go and want to connect with you very quickly. If you are a local Sydney business and want to get all those fabulous new local customers, you MUST have a local SEO strategy. Without it, you miss out on a huge chunk of local business going straight to fit your competition. At SEO Sydney Experts, we will help your business grow, thrive and become a local identity. Tradies, retail, professionals, organisations, work at home freelancers can benefit from our local Sydney SEO services. From the North Shore, Northern Beaches, through to the Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, the CBD or even the Sutherland Shire & up to the Central Coast, it doesn’t matter; we have the tools and marketing know-how to push your business locally; better than anyone else!

Now more than ever before, people are focused on local businesses and staying within their community.
Use location-targeted search marketing to get to the top of listings in your area.

Location, location, location….dominate your local area & get local customers.

Our SEO Experts will have you ranking locally in no time as we optimise your website, Google My Business profile and business directory listings for location-based inquiries. With our local SEO campaign, we can blow your competition out of the water and have you dominating local Google searches very quickly. In no time, your business will be known as the local ‘go-to ‘place – you’ll see your sales and inquiries explode.

SEO Sydney Experts offers a range of local SEO services to help you dominate your local neighbourhood.

Why is Local SEO Sydney Critical?

Everyone searches local

In 2021 more people are using their mobile phones to search for local products, services or suppliers. Lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic have meant people are forced to be local. People want to shop local and support their local community and local businesses. Think With Google tells us that 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. Now ask yourself,’ am I optimising my website for local search?’

Local community hype

Local search is booming in 2021. Did you know that 3 in 4 consumers use Google Search and Maps to find local suppliers? Local searches are highly targeted consumers, and they are ready to buy now. Whether they are looking for a local gardener, the nearest medical centre, the local florist, the closest bottle shop or the best accountant or lawyer in the area, they will search online and prefer to choose a local listing. Customers are also looking for opening hours, directions, product availability, and they love reading the reviews.

Local SEO Conversion Rates Are Amazing

The most important thing you need to know is that 8 out of every 10 searches online are for local products or services, which is a fantastic result for local businesses who understand local SEO’s power. All these shoppers want to buy from you or get you over to their house or office to mow the lawn, fix the computer, lop the trees or fix the broken TV or repair that leaking tap. Simply put, local SEO is perfect for all trades and local professionals. All you have to have is a local online presence, and you’re going to see sales go ballistic. A local SEO strategy is essential if you want to target the most accessible and ready to buy consumers.

Outperform the local competition

44% of local businesses in 2021 have not even claimed their Google My Buinsees listing. Fantastic results for you because this means there is a strong chance that many local companies haven’t realised the power of local SEO – giving you the edge over them. Get in early and start your local SEO campaign, and you’ll be dominating your niche in no time. There are thousands of local businesses desperate to get a more substantial local presence BUT don’t know where to start- we can help with a laser-focused SEO local service.


“Near Me” Searches Have Sky Rocketed

Consumers want fast results, and Google has responded to this by displaying search results geo-targeted to the user.

HubSpot tells us that: “Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years.

Local Intent is dominating Google searches

In 2021, over 50% of all Google searches included a local intent which means that when a consumer is searching for a product or service, they added a local area. For a local business, this is excellent news as Google is helping deliver local customers to their shop, warehouse, factory or corner store. And now, for the best news, nearly 30% of searches that include a local suburb will result in a sale, inquiry or purchase.

For businesses throughout Sydney, a Local SEO strategy should be the cornerstone of their online marketing.

Turn local rankings to revenue with our local SEO services

Our Local SEO Sydney Strategy

Local SEO audit

Every Local search engine optimisation campaign begins with a detailed look into your website. We look at your website’s current state, and if there are any issues, we fix them immediately. We need to get stuck into your site and audit every page to make sure it’s 100% Google compliant.

Local Keyword Research

We need to find out which local keywords are most important and relevant to your business and which local areas you want to target specifically. We work out the best keywords that will bring in the best ROI. Plus, we want quick wins, so we target less competitive areas.

Smash the competition

We love to know what your competitors are doing. We look at their local SEO strategy, what they are doing right and target ways to outrank them. We get a holistic overview of your local market; it’s competitive nature – then smash it!

Juicy local content

It’s time to write the best copy and content for your site. We make sure you dominate your niche with geo-specific copy that your local customers will love! We also make sure the content on the website is relevant and optimised for local search by creating extra local suburban pages.

Impeccable website

Around 25% of your local SEO success is making sure your website is completely Google compliant. We get stuck into this asap until you have a shiny, new site that’s performing at its best.

Local links are the best

We’ll audit your current backlink profile, get rid of any toxic or worthless links and build the best possible local backlinks. We obtain local directory listings & nap citations to boost your local presence. We make sure the name, address and phone number ( NAP ) are the same across all your online digital assets, from the website, directory listings, social media profiles and search engine listings.


robyn nind from blue label life testimonial
My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support are always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Label Life Robyn Nind
NSW compensation lawyers - seo sydney experts
Dealt with SEO Sydney Experts, as NSW Lawyers, we are in a very competitive field, they have made our rankings increase in 4 months to places we haven’t been before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts!! NSW Compensation Lawyers Angela
sweetheart body testimonial fro SEO Sydney experts
While lots of marketing people tend to just tell us what we should work on, these experts are eager to collaborate with us and help to make our business grow. We've got positive results within a few months not only from their report but also on the visible searching engine. A pleasure to work with such knowledgeable people who can make real changes. It's amazing! Sweet Heart Body Peter

Our proven gameplan for Local SEO Sydney Success

Proven local SEO tactics that turn small businesses in Sydney into local heroes.

When you choose to work with SEO Sydney Experts for your local search engine optimisation campaign, we will make sure you only get calls or inquiries from ready to buy, quality sales leads. These customers are super-ready to make that purchase and want to shop locally. They are not prepared to go outside the local area, so we put your website front and centre of them.

Locally Written Content

Content creation is the best way to rank your website locally. Locally-focused, community-based content that your customers can relate to and identify with is a sure-fire way to keep connect with them. And this connection is the key to converting them into actual paying customers.
The local content you have on your site will play a significant role in how Google ranks your site locally. You have to skew local content for your customer base. Videos, essential graphics, maps, delivery details, opening hours must all include local search terms. And the content has to be informative and creative enough to guide buyers to your shop or inspire them to make a call. You have to continually update the site with fresh new copy that’s identifiable with the local area. Updating current content with new images and locally relevant material can increase organic traffic by over 112%. At SEO Sydney Experts, we believe that reworking old blog posts or news items and publishing them with new updated local copy is one of the most crucial local SEO ranking factors.

Title tag Optimisation

Title tags are a huge ranking factor and let Google know the local intent of your page. We will look at each page for your local SEO campaign and create eye-catching, relevant titles for your local audience. Titles are the first thing people see when they land on the search results, so it has to make an impact – but with a local slant. Having the page title will improve click-through rates enormously, which is why you need a team like us to handle this for you.

On-Site Optimisation

Our local SEO service looks at optimising all the on-site elements of your website to increase your business’s local online visibility. Adding local content and creating local pages is the critical first step in your local SEO campaign.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

One massive local SEO on-page issue affecting many businesses in 2021 is the mobile compatibility of their website. Over 50% of Google searches have local intent, and these are by users on their mobile phones. You have to make sure that your site is 100% mobile-friendly so users can quickly access the information and drive to your business or get the local tradie to come to you. Mobile sites make this process so much easier for the consumer. If they are unable to browse your site quickly, they will look elsewhere. You must be able to capture the appetite of local consumers by providing a fabulous mobile user experience.

Location Specific Page Content

A location-specific page on your website will appeal more to local customers who want to shop locally. Creative local landing pages on your website with lots of local branding, content and helpful information will have a tremendous impact on your sales. You can cover multiple suburbs near your place of business with individual landing pages ( so long as the content is unique for each). For example, if you have your business in Bondi, you can create local landing pages for the surrounding suburbs of Rose Bay, Double Bay, Bellevue Hill and even Paddington or Coogee. These targeted local landing pages help your business grow by reaching out to a broader local market – who would be more than happy to buy from you.

Local Citations

Local citations are essential to your local SEO campaign as its signals make up 11% of local pack-ranking factors. We submit your website to as many local directories and local bloggers as possible to build your local trust factor with Google. We submit your site to Yellow PagesHot Frog, Yelp and other local directors that will strengthen your local visibility.

“Where to buy” and “near me”

“Where to buy” and “near me”mobile queries have grown by over 200% in the past two years according to HubSpot. Consumers in 2021 are demanding, and they want local information at their fingertips. Google has swiftly responded by using geo-tracking to target results for each user individually. Your business needs a solid SEO foundation and local campaign to capture the ‘near me’ & ‘where to buy’ search query. Our SEO gurus will focus on developing a strategy to satisfy the appetite of this information-hungry market.


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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your websites online visibility on Google. SEO Sydney Experts can provide your business with a full SEO service such as content creation, on and off-page optimisation, link building and improving the user experience. Making SEO a part of your marketing strategy is a fantastic idea as it’s possibly the best way to generate new business leads with the best ROI. Here at SEO Sydney Experts, we like to think that we are your long term SEO partner, delivering consistently high rankings and driving new sales.

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Google tells us that the most critical thing for a website is high-quality content, especially on the home page, which is why SEO Sydney Experts writes unique fresh content for your customers. Our team are all professional word nerds that can write awesome content across all industries, no matter the subject or complex nature. We optimise content so that it’s Google-friendly for your blogs, service or product pages through to your home page. We even look at adding an FAQ section to each page with rich copy for a better user experience and a larger online footprint.

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Web Design

SEO Sydney Experts has a team of creative web designers who compliments your SEO campaign. Web design and SEO are both crucial factors for online success, and we make sure that your website is better than your competitors. As part of our SEO service, we incorporate web & UX changes to convert customers. Our SEO knowledge, skill & in-depth understanding of Google’s best practices means every site we design and develop will rank on the search engines.

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Frequently asked questions about Local SEO

To help you make the most informed decision for your local SEO, here are common questions customers ask us all the time. More questions? Simply call us or fill out the inquiry form. We are super-fast at getting back to you!

What's the difference between local SEO and SEO?

When it comes to local SEO, we are talking only about location. You want to target local customers only. You are very specific about areas you want to target, and they are generally within a 5-10 km radius of your business. We would still look at the usual SEO components such as ‘on page’, and ‘off page’ SEO, site speed, content and link building – except out focus is more local.

Search engines such as Google look for local signals about your website that tell them you’re a locally-based business. In terms of link creation and citations, we would look at adding your listing to local directories. With content, we would make sure you’re site is set up to target local customers. If you’re a locksmith in Mosman, we will look at creating pages targeting the Mosman area and surrounding suburbs like Neutral Bay, Cremorne and North Sydney. There’s no point going after locksmiths in Parramatta as you won’t travel that far.

With an excellent local SEO strategy, Google starts recognising your business in a particular area, pushing your website up the rankings and boosting your business profile within the area.

Have you ever noticed why some many companies seem to dominate Google locally for all keyword searches? The answer is they are implementing local SEO. Local SEO places a heavy emphasis on local directories, Google My Business and local bloggers within your niche ( submitting content about your business to other local bloggers will get your business recognised locally). Local SEO aims to make your business more relevant to local searches. These are the key driving factors behind your local SEO campaign. We make sure we add all the relevant information about your business like phone numbers, opening hours, product availability and photos of your staff and premises. These are key drivers in making you super-local.

Reviews also play a massive part in local SEO. Potential customers will find your website, and if they go to Google My Business part, they will find a whole bunch of reviews. Google reviews are a key driver in motivating people to buy. Encouraging happy customers to leave reviews will reinforce your business as a dominant local player.

Regular SEO, as opposed to local SEO, is implemented for businesses who require a more extensive online footprint, citywide or nationally. The consumer is not limited to a particular geographic area but can buy from anywhere in the country or world. Think e-commerce sites or large multinational brands.

Why is local SEO important?

Here’s an interesting statistic: 75% of locals searches in the past 12 hours resulted in an actual purchase. The whole local search arena is booming, with nearly 4 out of every 5 consumers adding a suburban location in their search. Known as ‘local intent,’ consumers are adding a city or place in their search criteria.

For example, you might be searching for an SEO Agency in Sydney rather than just an SEO agency. The reason being, you want to work with a local company within the  Sydney area. On the other hand, you may want to drill down even further, and you’ll search for an SEO Agency in Surry Hills. This tells Google you want a list of all local Sydney SEO agencies or SEO agencies in Surry Hills.

Another massive reason why local SEO is so essential for your business is the explosion in the use of mobile phones. 60% of people search for a product or service on their mobile phone when they need it. They might be driving around in their car looking for the nearest vet or pharmacy, and, at that point, they are ready to inquire.

Local searches by mobile users result in lots of more sales and inquiries. It’s a massive bonus for your business to be ranking locally.

You have probably noticed Google’s Local Pack, which displays the top 3 local businesses above all organic results. These results are incredibly helpful for mobile users on the go wanting fast information at their fingertips. They can quickly see opening hours and get their location and direction to the place via Google Maps – all this information without having to visit their website. Google has made it so easy for us to shop and buy locally.

For the reasons above, you can see why local SEO is such a fundamental component of most small businesses internet marketing. If you have a physical shop, you can’t afford not to be ranking at the top of Google when someone searches your product or service. You have to be there the exact moment someone searches. Priority positioning on Google is the only way to benefit from local search and get all those new business leads.

If this sounds stressful, we are here to help. Talk to SEO Sydney Experts about your Local SEO campaign now!

How do I improve my local Google rankings?

If you want to take advantage of local SEO through better local rankings, you have to do 3 things

and do them better than your competition. They are Google My Business, tweak your ‘on-page

SEO, and do this regularly.

  1. Google My Business. You have to claim your listing and then optimise it by logging into your Google My Business account. You have to make it the very best by completing all the information, choosing the correct classification, adding pictures, posting updates, monitoring and encouraging reviews, and doing this on an on-going basis.
  2. You also have to create a listing in other local and niche directories. Google will index these over time and start to recognise your business as a local leader. The more recognised directories you’re listed in, the higher you’ll eventually rank in the local SERP’s.  To rank locally, you have to be working on your website. Creating content, adding pages based on local content will all add to your local authority.

You can also add geo-specific pages to your website, which is excellent if you have a franchise business model or business in a couple of locations. But adding a few pages is not enough. You have to write specific local content for each area and optimise the page titles and descriptions.

All content must be unique and targeted to the local customer. You should have a local phone number, local address and local images. In terms of local content, don’t just throw in a few suburbs. You have to write about that business in that area and what makes it locally unique. Local content will build your profile and brand within the community.

It would be best if you also looked at inbound links, which are a powerful marketing tool and will help you rise in the local rankings. You have to get links from local blogs, online investing time and money in your local SEO, so you will need to see what the returns are.

So, how do you measure Local SEO?

You have to be tracking your local SEO, and this way, you will be able to answer two critical questions: is it working, or is it a waste of time?

Most SEO agencies will measure ROI through Google analytics. They will count site visits and site click-through rates as well as bounce rates. Analytics is all well and fine, BUT it doesn’t give you an accurate description of your local SEO efforts.

The problem is with your local SEO efforts is that customers may not be clicking through to your site as they have all the information they need through Google My Business. So how do you know where they came from and if this new customer visited your website?

Google My Business Insights

GMB Insights will tell you how your local SEO campaign is going. That is the number of people that have clicked on your GMB listing and the number of impressions. That’s OK, but you also need to set up some conversion goals. That is set-up tracking for phone calls, email inquiries, contact form submissions, or an appointment booking form. GMB cannot tell you the phone calls you received from the profile, but it will tell you how many people clicked on the number.

An excellent way to measure local SEO’s effectiveness is to offer a promotion or unique offer (specific to GMB) with a link to that page. Via analytics, you will see how many users clicked on that link and how many page hits you received. If these numbers start to increase, your local SEO campaign is working well.

Another option is to use a nifty Insights report within your Google My Business profile – Driving Directions Requests. Here you can see how many people asked for directions to your shop.

Directions are not full proof as people might decide it’s too far away or has decided to do something else. But, at least is another measuring tool you have at your disposal. If requests for driving directions are continually increasing? Your Local SEO efforts are doing the job.

The key to local SEO ROI is to view trends over a month. While numbers are not 100% accurate, at least you can see what the trends are doing – a handy insight. Focusing on the local trends or insights can give you a great indication of what’s working and what’s not. Hint? At SEO Sydney Experts, we will help you determine your goals, track your local SEO campaigns and make light of this confusing topic. This way, you can work on your business and watch all those fabulous sales leads come streaming in!

How much should local SEO cost?

It’s hard to give you an accurate figure about local SEO costs without knowing more about your business. We are not here to pluck a number out of thin air that sounds good to you. We do not work like this. Many other agencies do and will back this up with fake 90-day ranking guarantees. Watch out for these types of scams.

What we can talk about is value for your marketing dollar. We are all about generating the most traffic to your website from qualified buyers, which we do best. Most local businesses will look at cost if they are unclear about the SEO process. It would be best to look at the work involved and the years of training needed to get to where we are today.

So when it comes to how much you have to pay for your local SEO to be successful, you need to be allocating a generous proportion of your marketing budget. If you take the cheap option, that’s all you will end up getting—cheap SEO without any results. You have to ask yourself, are you prepared to risk this for the future of your business? One thing we can tell you is that cheap SEO nearly always ends up in a Google penalty. DON’T RISK IT!!

Local SEO takes time and quality link building. If you want fast results, then we have to do more work in a shorter period. Local SEO all adds up and costs money. The best way to approach this is to look at this from a long term perspective. Be prepared to do your local SEO for the life of your business. And have the monthly budget for this that won’t stretch you too far. Most of the clients we work with have been with us for years, with local rankings booming.

Another factor to consider when working out the cost of local SEO is your business’s competitive nature. Competitive niches will require more work, time, and link building. The top players in a tightly held niche will already be well ahead of you, so you have to fight this with everything you can. Competitive areas like law, travel, trades, food and health will be harder to rank than more specific niches. If we are targeting local SEO keywords like; hair loss treatments Sydney (still incredibly competitive), this will be easier to rank than the core keyword ‘hair loss treatments.

Another cost factor to consider is multiple store locations. Do you have one shop in the city, or are you all around Sydney in different areas? Ranking your stores, practices, gyms etc., in one location is a more straightforward process than multiple sites. Other places require lots more work and hence a much larger local SEO budget. Each location requires its own set of citations, link building and content creation.

Creating and maintaining local citations is a time-consuming job, so the more locations you have, the more effort and time it will take and, therefore, a larger budget.

Ready to jump-start your local SEO campaign? Talk to the team at SEO Sydney Experts. We will work tirelessly to get you the best rankings you have ever had.

How long does local SEO take?

We get asked this question all the time; how long before we start to see results with our local SEO? We don’t work at Google, so we can’t say how long it will take. But, what we can say is that if we go by our proven SEO formula, like with SEO, your local SEO campaign should start to see an improvement in a couple of months. With local SEO, you have to be in it for the medium to long term, which requires patience.

Are you a new business start-up? If you have just claimed your Google My Business Page and have never done any SEO type before on your site, this process will take longer. If your an established business with a substantial online presence, we should rank you a lot faster. You might be sitting on page 2 or 3, and in a couple of months, you will hit page 1. The beauty of SEO for established businesses is that rankings are achievable within a much shorter time frame.

Another essential factor to consider is the approach you take towards local SEO. Are you the type of person that will want to do it yourself? If so, rankings will take longer as you have to dedicate your own time to do this. Plus, if you’re a novice, you may stuff things up and hurt your rankings. If you work with a Local SEO agency, like SEO Sydney Expert, you will have a team of dedicated specialists who will get the job done much sooner.

There is one last significant timing factor to consider, as well. That is your allocated SEO budget.

The more you are prepared to invest in your marketing, the more effort we can put in. Results will happen sooner as more resources put into your SEO campaign. That’s because we can post more content, test out different tactics, build more links, add blogs, news items and make sure your site is performing well.

But no matter your budget, Local SEO should be viewed for the long haul. Don’t expect miracles immediately, as it doesn’t work that way.

Tip: walk away from SEO agencies that promise instantaneous results as they are just saying what you want to hear to win your business.

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