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Increase your surgery clients and revenue with our killer SEO strategy. If you want to outrank and outperform the other cosmetic surgeons on Google, we are the best SEO agency in Sydney for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. 

Why? Because we have been in the SEO space for over a decade and have the proven strategies in place to start building your online visibility.

We work with growth-minded cosmetic practices of all sizes throughout Sydney

New clients are looking for you online. We’ll help them find you fast by delivering better rankings for your main keywords. For over 15 years, SEO Sydney Experts has been at the forefront of SEO, helping top cosmetic surgeons make it big online. Our sole focus in the health care space is marketing for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas. The bottom line is that we bring more patients into your practice or surgery.  Whether you are starting your new plastic surgery anywhere in Sydney, or perhaps you have an established practise, we can perform those online miracles you’ve been dreaming about getting on Google. Why let the competition dominate? Now’s the time to be proactive, take the initiative and give your surgery the SEO it needs.

Post COVID-19 boom for cosmetic surgeons

According to Ibis World: The Plastic Surgeons industry is expected to decline at an annualised 1.3% over the five years through 2020-21, to $1.3 billion. However, this decline is largely due to the negative economic effects of COVID-19.

If you want to reignite your practice and capture the post-COVID-19 market who are super-keen to get some cosmetic or plastic surgery, SEO is the way to go! It’s cost-effective, targeted and has the best ROI by far.

What is Plastic Surgeon SEO?

Plastic Surgeon SEO or Plastic Surgery Search Engine Optimisation makes sure your practice’s website show up on Google’s search results when a potential customer searches for a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgery in Sydney. These keywords have substantial search volumes ( roughly 1500 per week ), so it’s critical that your practice is up there on page # 1 of Google getting a slice of this cosmetic pie. It’s the only way to get more business. There are other marketing channels like Instagram or YouTube, but nothing cuts the mustard-like Google. It’s where everyone goes to look for their plastic surgeon. We can target other keywords that also have substantial monthly search volumes, as you can see below, which is part of our SEO strategy.

search volumes for plastic surgery keyword
The above keywords have lots of search traffic and we will definitely go after them as part of your SEO campaign

Best Practice SEO Services for your Cosmetic Surgery


content marketing SEO

Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to SEO, especially in the cosmetic surgery space. People want to read, research all about their plastic surgeon and their procedure. So, the content on your website must be informative, precise and comforting. We want your potential customers who land on your website to feel secure and confident that they are in safe hands. SEO Sydney Experts will determine which phrases and keywords will most effectively drive traffic to your site and work with our copywriters to create content that educates and informs with a strong SEO focus.

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link building SEO Sydney Experts

Link Building

Link building the foundation of any SEO campaign. As your SEO and internet marketing partner, we build high- quality links to your website that will increase its trust and authority – which is the best way to get to where you want to be on Google. Having a robust off-page SEO strategy such as link building not only increases your site’s rank but will also attract potential new clients to your site from other cosmetic related sites. We strictly follow Google’s Guidelines for link building and never put your site in harm’s way with dodgy or spammy link building practices.

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local seo sydney

Local SEO

Local SEO is a great way to get potential clients looking for a local cosmetic or plastic surgeon. They might be looking for cosmetic surgery in Sydney, Parramatta, Ryde, Bondi, glebe or even Manly or the Sutherland Shire. With a local SEO campaign strategy in place, we can target local customers who are not prepared to travel too far and want to use a local professional cosmetic surgeon’s services. Local SEO is a great way to get fast results by targeting the local area, which is less competitive than core keywords like Cosmetic surgery Sydney. It puts your website front and centre of an eager to buy audience that’s locally based. 

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Reputation Management/ Nasty Google Reviews

Have you seen some negative reviews or malicious comments about your cosmetic surgery online? Have you got some terrible Google reviews? Are you freaking out because a patient has just left a bad comment on a review website? We can help bury these nasty online reviews of your practice through an online reputation management campaign. Futureproof your business against any negative reviews now!

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targeted seo campaign

Website Design

It all begins with your website design. Whats does it say about your cosmetic practice, and will it convert visitors into actual paying customers? At SEO Sydney Experts, we have an experienced web design team that looks at all facets of your website to make sure it now only looks impressive but also tells your story and conveys your unique selling point. Having your website performing at its peak will complement the SEO strategy. We can revamp or completely redesign and overhaul your site with an entirely new look for your cosmetic practice.

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SEO Audit

Our technical SEO experts will conduct a thorough audit of your website ‘on-page’ issues and backlink profile. We will make all the necessary amends to fix any website problems and trim any toxic backlinks created by your past SEO agency.

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Why work with SEO Sydney Experts

We have been leaders in the field of SEO since 2005

In terms of SEO, this is a lifetime. We have seen all the Google algorithmic changes come and go, yet our clients are still up there. We have an excellent knowledge of the SEO landscape, Google and what it takes to build a credible and stable Google presence.

100% Transparent

All SEO work, including the link building, will be detailed to you in our monthly report.

No Exit/Cancellation Fees

We never lock your cosmetic practice into long term contracts, and when you work with us, it’s monthly, which gives you the flexibility and freedom to decide.

No Minimum Notice Period

You can pause your campaign with us at any time, just send us an email.

Interactive Real-Time Reporting

All of our cosmetic & plastic surgeons receive a custom dashboard to track their SEO, Google rankings and web traffic in real-time.

Focus on low hanging fruit

Your cosmetic surgery needs to get more customers quickly. We also look at a whole range of keywords to target all related to your cosmetic surgery services, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, breast implant surgery, neck/facelifts, chemical peels, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and more. All these keywords generate enormous amounts of searches which is why we target them.

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Want to be in front of the competition and on top of the searches?

We aim to generate lots of online traffic for Sydney cosmetic surgeons and Sydney plastic surgeons by improving their search visibility on Google.

You can now compete online

If you Googe the words cosmetic surgeons Sydney in Google, this is what you see ( on the right ). As of April 16 2021, these are the Google results of the top-ranking cosmetic surgeons in Sydney. If you want to be among this mix and be competitive against these guys, we can help you get there. We set realistic timing expectations, establish a decent budget, and then be ready to go! It’s as simple as that.

seo for cosmetic surgeons in Sydney

Our Trusted Partners

FAQ’s for cosmetic and plastic surgeons

Have more questions, or would you like to pick my brain about SEO and how I can get your website ranking on Google? Call us or fill out the inquiry form, and I will respond before you see your next patient!

What are some of the mistakes cosmetic surgeons make with their SEO?

The SEO landscape is dotted with cosmetic surgeons who have made bad decisions regarding their previous and current SEO providers. There are many reasons for this and the following are a few mistakes that are made by cosmetic surgeons.

1) The biggest mistake they make is trusting an SEO company that cannot even rank their own website. They find these agencies on Google, who are there because they have paid to be on page 1 via AdWords. They basically get tricked into believing that they are working with a credible SEO company when in fact they engage someone that cannot even rank their own website. It’s often hard to tell the difference between paid v’s organic SEO and this is where the problems begin. Make sure you know how to tell these two apart. A combination of Adwords & SEO is a great marketing mix but when it comes to finding the right SEO agency, logic says you should pick an agency that can at least rank their website with the word: “SEO” in the search.

2) If you have been guilty of this then like many other cosmetic surgeons, you are not alone. That is, you have gone with the cheapest SEO provider and have had really poor results. Yes, it is tempting to go with a company that swears blindly that they will perform miracles and yes it is enticing and seductive to go with a slick-talking salesperson. But, 50% of inquires we get are from businesses who have been duped by these SEO scammers, who like nothing better than to lock you into a contract and keep on charging you for very little or no work. The scam is the price. Sweet deals are very tempting but unfortunately, in the SEO space, you need a healthy SEO budget if you are going to be competitive, especially in the cosmetic surgery niche.

3) They believe the hype and stories surrounding past SEO case studies that are irrelevant and outdated. Google is forever shifting the ranking landscape so what was ranking this week may not necessarily be ranking next week – be careful when you hear about case studies and old testimonials – do your homework – verify the current ranks and make sure that they are still there.

4) We all know that cosmetic surgeons are very busy people, but they tend to ignore the basic fundamentals of digital marketing such as content & social media marketing as well as studying their website analytics to make sure their site is performing at its peak. Many surgeons will get a website and trust that their SEO agency will tackle these are marketing channels. This is a huge assumption and in most cases the focus is on ranking keywords and nothing else, ignoring massive online opportunities. Make sure you engage an agency that will take a holistic approach to your marketing.

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How Competitive is the SEO space for Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s extremely competitive and the reason for this is that most potential customers will go online, do their research and make their buying decision based on what they find. The number of searches for the keywords: ‘cosmetic surgery Sydney’ is staggering and the rewards to these surgeons who are on page 1 are tremendous. In fact, they probably won’t be able to cope with the number of new inquiries they will generate. Hence, every surgeon wants to be up there but there is a limited amount of space. This is why it is imperative that you go with an agency that understands all the nuances and tricks Google play in order to help you get a foothold in this space. Do not under any circumstances underestimate the difficulties you will face in ranking your site, especially if you’re a new startup.

If the cosmetic related keywords are so competitive why bother?

The answer is simple, we do not have to go after the too difficult keywords but we can definitely go after the low hanging fruit words that still have enough traffic and searches. We will find these words and target them aggressively for you while still keeping our eyes on the main prize: cosmetic surgeons Sydney.

How much does SEO cost for my cosmetic surgery?

The cosmetic space, especially for surgeons, is super-competitive. There’s no candy-coating it; SEO prices for cosmetic surgeons in Sydney can get expensive. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or an established practice; the online space on Google is dominated by cosmetic surgeons who understand SEO’s value. If you want to be competitive against these existing practices takes time, lots of effort, content marketing, and many excellent backlinks. All this costs money – there’s no getting around this. An indicative SEO pricing for cosmetic surgeons would be roughly between $5K to $10K per month for an effective campaign. Anything cheaper would not be feasible or give you the kind of results you want to achieve.

A cheaper option would be to focus on long-tail keywords that focus on local suburban locations. Rather than focus on the entire Sydney market, we can look at a local SEO campaign that targets specific suburbs. SEO costs for this would be $2500 plus GST per month.

A point to note is that we are not a cheap and cheerful $500 per month SEO agency. Going for the cheapest SEO option ( however tempting it is ) will not produce any rankings. ReadAffordable v’s Cheap SEO – what’s the difference?

Rest assured your competition is paying this ( if not more ), and they see the benefits.

How long does it take to rank my cosmetic surgery on Google?

SEO takes time! It’s a slow and steady process, so you have to be prepared to be in it for the long term. Quick SEO results are impossible. Many agencies promise quick wins within 90 days, but these are fake scams designed to get you to sign up with them. As a reputable SEO agency, we can promise you that we will do everything by the book without compromising your website. If we rush rankings and push too hard, you will end up with a Google penalty. Google Penalties are commonplace, which is why we use our proven methods to get you on Google in a compliant manner.

Timings for long tails local suburban keywords = 3 to 6 months

Timings for more target keywords such as your services: Liposuction Sydney, Breast augmentation Sydney, Dermal fillers, chemical peels etc = 12-18 months

Do you want more traffic from Google?

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