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SEO for the Wedding Industry for 2021

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Are you in the wedding industry and want to start pushing your business post-COVID? Then the best way to do this is via an SEO campaign. It's really the best way to get new clients who are ready to tie the know or celebrate their wedding at your venue.

Like all businesses looking to attract more customers and inquiries, the wedding industry is no exception.

There are thousands of weddings happening in Australia as well as destination weddings overseas and a slice of this seriously lucrative pie is the aim of all:

  • Wedding planners
  • Wedding photographers
  • Wedding celebrants
  • Wedding venues
  • Wedding coordinators

as well as the many associated industries that go into making a wedding such as wedding cake suppliers, florists that specialise in weddings and wedding dressmakers. There are so many suppliers to the wedding industry out there all wanting to make money out of the big day that getting business can often be as hard as the actual wedding day.

The point that I am trying to make here is how on earth is the average wedding business going to get new customers when the space is so competitive. The answer is easy and it’s called SEO or search engine optimisation and I can show you what we have been able to do for a business in this space that specialises in destinations weddings in Bali.

Updated: March 2019 – with marriage equality now legal in Australia, this lucrative wedding market has opened up.

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Here is what happened. The owners of this new business start-up approached us at the beginning of 2015 to firstly design and build their website with a serious focus on customer conversion and then to implement an SEO campaign so they could get to page 1 of Google for keywords like ‘ wedding planners Bali’ for the Australian market.

The first part of the project meant that we had to design a website that not only looked better than the dozens of existing wedding planning sites but it also had to convert browsers and tyre kickers into inquiries. We know that in this industry brides will research many sites before they sent off an inquiry and this was the challenge we faced. We had to make the site that easy to use and that easy to understand, that the couple had no other option other than to click on the inquiry button. Plus we also made sure that the wedding packages option was front and centre ‘above the fold’.

Throughout the design process, we definitely had an SEO slant to all the work we were doing. The user interface, the website speed, the content and the ‘on page’ elements were all designed for maximum SEO benefit and better Google rankings.

Let’s move forward 6 months from the launch date of the website and as of mid-2015 the website is sitting comfortably on page 1 of Google for important keywords all related to wedding planners.

The result of this was that the Your Bali Wedding website is now getting over 2000 unique visitors to the site every month and this number is growing at a rate of between 6-8% per month. They are now one of the largest wedding planners in Bali for Australian couples wanting to get married over there.

View the Bali Wedding case study in more detail  – click here

The next awesome case study involves the SEO work we have been doing for a wedding video company for the past 2 years called Untitled Films.

Untitled Films wanted to dominate high Page 1 of Google and improve their sub-par performance in the search results.

Most of their rankings were on low Page 1 and Page 2 and they were not getting the leads or sales inquiries they wanted. When we started the SEO work for their site, we were able to take the majority of their keywords to high Page 1 of Google. They are now getting an increased number of leads and are expanding to photography.

Being on top of Page 1 has given their brand more exposure and they are now one of the leading wedding videographers in Sydney Australia as well as gaining traction interstate. This is great news for a company wanting to get more business in the seriously competitive wedding video space.

Some interesting stats for this website based on our SEO performance: 12 keywords are now in the top 3 positions with 2 keywords at # 1. A further 17 keywords are in the top 5 position which is a fantastic result.


So if your business is in the wedding industry and need some expert SEO help OR you have been using an SEO agency in the past and are not getting the kind of results you were expecting please get in touch with us here on 02 9360 8514.

We will get you the kind of business you always wanted. Don’t mess about with your SEO and believe companies that offer fake ranking guarantees. Before you do anything, speak with us.

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