SEO Copywriting

We write website copy that’s SEO friendly & 100% unique

Stuck for words and not sure what copy to put on your website? When was the last time you updated the content on your website?

We create content marketing that delivers huge growth in traffic, sales leads and new business. Our content marketing services deliver fabulous copy based on your specific  goals to achieve long-term growth.

In today’s online world where people have only seconds to read and digest content  it’s more important than ever to have your copy  grab your customers attention and get them to engage with the website. The more that consumers interactive with your website and the longer the spend on your site, the more your likely to rank. You cannot expect Google to push your website higher over your competition if you’ve got nothing to say or no story to tell.

Creative web copy with an SEO slant is what the search engines are looking for and this is one of the key contributing factors to your SEO campaign. As the old saying goes and is repeated online; content is king and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Nothing does more to help your rankings online than clever, creative and compelling new content. Whether it’s updating your blog with current news, tweaking old copy on your website so it reads better or adding another service; the more content you add the better your site will perform.

This must be done on a regular basis by SEO professionals who understand the internet space, your market and what Google is looking for. Combine these 3 variables and your on a winner to higher Google rankings. Also, it’s important to note that copy on it’s own is not enough. It must work in partnership with the website design which is known as conversion rate optimisation. Getting people interested in what you are saying is one thing, making them buy from you is another. This is the intricate relationship between design and copy.

Content that wins you customers.

Unfortunately over the past decade, perhaps even going back to the beginning of Google, most Sydney business owners and companies thought that the best way to rank their website for a certain keyword was to cram and stuff as many of these as possible onto one page. Even better, copying or plagiarising content from a competitors website that was doing better than yours. All of this was OK and deemed, white hat (ethical SEO) by most search engines. In fact, many sites were rewarded for having dozens of the same keywords repeated.

Google’s hummingbird algorithm soon changed these so called SEO strategies:.

No longer could you take a do it yourself approach to SEO. Those days are long gone and what you need to be now is very proficient in the art of content creation and copy writing. If you are thinking that all of this seems too hard and there’s absolutely no way you have the time or energy to do this, then this is where the team at SEO Sydney Experts can help. We take the headache and angst away from this some what tedious chore and are able to write killer website copy that will get you where you want to be online; page 1 of Google.

We work in a strategic and methodical process where we:


  • Map out your website structure through developing a comprehensive site map where we map out the consumer journey and their experience on your site
  • Work out page headings that are more relevant to the customers search
  • Design a sub level structure that fits nicely within the flow of the site
  • Learn as much as we can about your business and what your customers are looking for
  • See what your competition is doing and see why they are ranking so well and implement and content campaign to completely blitz and dominate the niche – it’s not rocket science but you really need to know what your doing if your going to make it work effectively for you.
  • Write content for each page of the site
  • Check the performance of each page and how your customers are interacting with it by examining your Google stats. Form there we can fine tune your copy to make it more powerful, forceful, energetic and impressive.