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Are your freaking out because you’ve lost your Google rankings?

We can help you get your Google rankings back

Not all SEO companies in Sydney are the same.

This is a huge point to note and knowing the difference between a bad SEO company and a great SEO agency will be the deciding factor in how well your website will rank on Google. Make the wrong decision now and you will end up paying a huge price in the very short term.

If your website has been penalised by Google due to the poor efforts of your previous SEO company, we have the experience working with businesses throughout Sydney to reverse these penalties that can cripple your business and online traffic.

Whether your penalty is an algorithmic natural suppression or a manual one, we can help with a strategic and proven plan to get you out of this mess!

The last thing you want to do is take a back seat approach to this.

Google penalties are a serious business and you need a professional team working with you to mitigate any further losses within Google.

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Ask yourself these 10 crucial questions about your SEO agency


  1. Are you locked into a lengthy, nasty contract with your current SEO provider?
  2. Have you been paying them month after month and seen little or no positive results? Are your rankings constantly lagging behind your competition?
  3. Do they keep promising you that next month the rankings will start to get better?
  4. Do they OVER promise & UNDER deliver?
  5. Have they made any changes to your current website to help improve your rankings?
  6. Have you actually visited their place of work to meet with them face to face?
  7. Were your rankings on page 1 when they commenced the SEO work and now your rankings have started to drop very quickly? You can see them sliding every day.
  8. Is contact between you and them very limited? Is it all via email? When you call them do you get an answering service? Do you speak to a different person each time? Do they evade your phone calls?
  9. Do they do all their SEO work in Australia is it outsourced to another country?
  10. When you try to cancel the contract with them, do they get: nasty, evasive, won’t allow you to exit, threaten you legally, change access passwords to your website.
Don’t risk a Google penalty

If you have answered YES to at least one of the above then it’s TIME TO MOVE ON AND CHANGE SEO Agencies.

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If you feel that you have been burnt by your current SEO team and are unsure about where to go or what to do then we are here to help.


This is what your web traffic will look like with a Google penalty

You might be thinking that you have heard it all before and every SEO company says the same thing. But here’s where we are different and can help you avoid a Google penalty:

  • we make sure Google is able to find your website.
  • that is totally relevant to the search term that your potential customer is typing into Google.
  • and will place you high up on PAGE 1 of the search results because you will now be an authority in your field!

We will conduct a full audit of your website to make sure that:

  • All the ‘on-page’ content is correct and has the right KEYWORD TRIGGERS to let Google know that each page of your website is relevant to the keyword search.
  • We also undertake ALL REMEDIAL work on your website (probably never done before) in the first month to correct any errors such as page titles, descriptions and URL semantics. I have seen many SEO companies ignore this to the DETRIMENT of their client!
  • We also ensure that all coding on the website is correct and sends the right signals to Google. Known as meta tags these are a vital component in your SEO strategy.
  • We immediately address your page navigation and site hierarchy.
  • We make sure the customer journey and user experience are as good as it can be. Google values this highly and if your website is not giving users the optimal experience it will harm your rankings through high bounce rates.
  • Is mobile friendly – you would be surprised at how many websites are not optimised for handheld devises
  • WHILST all this is happening we start to build credible, proper and proven citations across the internet ( known as back-links) to your website. Many SEO companies will do this incorrectly and this is why your website is NOT RANKING OR HAS BEGUN TO DROP.
  • Poor quality backlinks from untrustworthy websites will land your website into serious problems.

The wrong links are known as spam and the overuse & over optimisation of these spammy links will get your website penalised by Google – this is why many websites rankings are no longer on page 1. BUT NOT OUR CLIENTS!

If you have suddenly noticed that your website has dropped on Google for your main keywords we can help turn this around.

Call 02 9360 8514 and avoid the potential Google penalty that is likely to happen through ineffective SEO techniques.