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YouTube facts for marketers: 2021 Edition

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YouTube SEO? I bet you didn't realise that YouTube was helpful in your SEO rankings. Google owns it, so there is much SEO value in focusing your efforts on creating high-quality video content. Following are some insane statistics regarding YouTube in 2021 that you should understand. Marketers pay attention!

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool, and it’s at your disposal. 

It’s easy to use, and business owners should be aware of the marketing potential. Following are some incredible YouTube statistics you should know; some of these are seriously hard to believe.

1) 2 billion people use YouTube each month!

According to the YouTube press kit is has roughly 2 billion active users per month watching videos, which is for logged in users. So this number could be higher as you don’t have to create an account for watching a video. That’s a massive number and a vast audience watching videos.

Bali Villa Escapes created a YouTube channel for its business, and the results have been extraordinary – obviously, pre covid! We encourage all our clients to create YouTube channels as a form of marketing in addition to SEO. Ulrika Lobo from Sparrow Loans has just done this as part of her marketing mix, which has seen a 30% increase in sales over the first two months.

2) 60% of adults in Australia use YouTube

That’s just under Facebook, which sits at around 70% of the adult population. Instagram comes in position # 3 with approximately 30% of the people. If you think about these numbers, that’s a large chunk of the adult population using social media every day.

3) 88% of millennials in Australia use YouTube

YouTube is most popular with users born between 1976 and 1990. So if you are targeting this age group, YouTube is the perfect place to be. Facebook is slightly higher, and Instagram has a little less uptake. So you can see that Youtube sits nicely in the middle.

4) 72% of Generation Alpha use YouTube.

That’s a whopping number for kids born after 2006. Keep this figure in mind if you are marketing to younger children. TikTok and Instagram come nowhere near this figure at 21% and 19%, respectively ( as they have a minimum age of 13 to sign up).

5) Video streaming is enormous in Australia.

Statista tells us that video streaming is a type of media streaming in which a selected video program is continuously delivered via the Internet to a remote user.

Australia is ranked 7th in the world in terms of video streaming rates. Netflix is the most popular, with YouTube coming in a close second.

6) Over 50% of YouTube users are male

Male uptake on YouTube is a tad more than female users at 56% v’s 44%. Guys watch sport the most on YouTube.

7) YouTube is the 2nd most popular site in the world

According to Wikipedia, the only site more popular than YouTube is Google; who would have guessed? And both are owned by the tech giant Google.

8) 18% of users follow a brand on YouTube

Based on the number of people using YouTube every day, these numbers are massive. Your customer base is on YouTube, actively following brands and eagerly waiting for content.

9) YouTube is a popular news source

According to SEMrush, 37% of viewers ages 30 to 49 use Youtube as a news source. 

I know that during this awful period of COVID, my news is delivered by YouTube. I much prefer to scan video content than news as I can digest so much more information quickly.

10) 33% of women watch beauty tutorials

The above statistic should have every business in the beauty industry excited. Think about all those cosmetic surgeons, skincare clinics, hairdressers and makeup artists wanting to reach an active and information-hungry audience. YouTube is the perfect medium for this.

11) 87% of 18-39s spend almost 27 hours glued to YouTube each month.

That’s more than one day per month watching YouTube videos. These are teenagers right through to adults spending their spare time on this platform. If they like a video, they will share this with a friend, which also helps with your SEO and online visibility.

12) In 2021, over 60% of marketers said they would increase their marketing budget for YouTube. Ads on Youtube are a great way to get your message across to all those users who are spending countless hours watching the screen.

13) 75% of adults have reported watching YouTube videos at home on their mobile phone, according to ThinkWithGoogle

14) 7 in 10 adults prefer watching YouTube horizontally.

15) 18% of shoppers will switch between online searches in Google and YouTube before buying a product. Most of these people will click on videos with the words’ reviews’ in the title. 

16) The top 2 reasons, according to Google, people watch YouTube is for relaxation or entertainment. 

If you have a small business that wants to capture a relaxed audience, YouTube is the ideal platform. 

17) YouTube Is the Second-Most Popular Search Engine After Google

Most businesses in Australia want to rank on Google. Higher search engine rankings on Google are the holy grail, but often in competitive niches, this is not always attainable. Therefore, YouTube offers a great alternative to Google in terms of market penetration. Any reputable digital agency should be advising their clients to have a mix of both YouTube and Google rankings. Far too many SEO companies ignore YouTube as too tricky and purely focus on Google rankings, like placing your eggs in 1 basket. Whether on your website or YouTube, video content is not going anywhere and is, in fact, a growing trend

I advise my clients that each landing page of their website should have a video or at least one on the home page or the about us page. 

Engagement increases, and so will click though rates, user trust and the whole experience. Oberlo tells us that 62 per cent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content.

Suppose your business is not actively engaging in YouTube content or at least thinking about creating video content for their website or YouTube. In that case, they are missing out on a vast audience. The marketing potential at your fingertips is enormous.  To create your YouTube account click here.

SEO Sydney Experts Tip: Reach out to a video production company or agency to produce explainer videos. Start this process now and get on YouTube.

18) YouTube can help popularise your product.

According to Google, if you have a new product and want to bring it to market, YouTube offers the ideal medium. And, what’s even more interesting is that 50% of Gen Zers and Millennials don’t know how they’d get through their daily life without video!

19) Top 10 reasons people say they watch YouTube are:

  • relaxation & unwind
  • educational
  • hobbies
  • entertainment
  • relates to their passions
  • inspiration
  • forget about the troubles in the world
  • easy to watch on the go
  • addresses social issues
  • they can identify with the people that create the videos

20) Younger generations such as Gen Z were more likely to seek out short-form content such as webisodes, tutorials, and short video clips. They want quick, snappy and entertaining content. Just imagine trying to market to kids under 18. These YouTube videos have to be top quality and super attention-grabbing content that’s real. What I mean by this is that kids can spot fakes and too try hard to appeal to them. The trick here is to appeal to their level, perhaps with an influencer or someone whose age on the video. They will not respond to the video if they can’t relate to it.

21) 37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs to YouTube. If you want to capture a mobile audience, a YouTube video has a tremendous penetration rate compared to other social media platforms. 

22) By 2025, it’s estimated that over 50% of viewers under 35 will not subscribe to the paid TV, which spells the end of paid services like Foxtel. Everyone will be on YouTube downloading content for entertainment. Now, ask yourself where does your business model fit into this arena? 

23) 79% of 18-34 year-olds prefer videos uploaded by people, which means that you had better start hiring a person to create a video for you, or it’s now time to get in front of the camera. 


I think that these numbers speak for themselves. I cannot emphasise enough how vital YouTube marketing is for your business. I don’t care what industry niche or size of the company; you have to start thinking about tapping into this insane market. While Google remains the bee’s knees in generating leads, you have to look at other marketing channels to capture alternative demographics. Tastes and user searching is evolving, which now includes YouTube. The boat is sailing, so either you on it or you will miss out on some very lucrative marketing opportunities.


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