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If your website is not performing as it should be on Google and you just can’t seem to get the kind of rankings you were hoping for then chances are that you’re ‘ on page’ SEO; that is your actual website could be in violation of some critical Google guidelines. What this means is that whilst your website was being designed and built there were critical flaws in all stages of the web process which has rendered your website non-compliant in the eyes of Google. So whatever you may be doing in terms of link building and SEO this will have little effect on your rankings unless these issues are fixed immediately.

Why Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?

There are far too many web and digital agencies that will build your website without any forward planning on how it will perform once the search engines index the site. An SEO audit will address and immediately highlight any flaws that can be hampering its ability to rank. If your website has not been audited so it’s squeaky clean and 100% Google complaint then you are going to lose business; simple as that.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a health check for your website. It is a strategic element and critical component in your SEO campaign. It sets the foundations for your internet marketing and is one of the determining factors in how Google ranks your website. Without it and without it being implemented and done correctly your chances of beating your completion online are going to be very difficult.

Once we complete our thorough SEO Audit, we can guarantee you one thing; your website will be in pristine and immaculate condition ready to outperform your competition by improved rankings and a lot more sales and inquiries. It’s such a vital component of your marketing that all businesses must be doing this. Ignoring it and you will, unfortunately, suffer the consequences online.

What do we do in an SEO Audit

An audit looks at your websites technical infrastructure, coding, site speed, meta titles, descriptions, user experience and use interface as well as bounce rates, content, conversion rates. Essentially anything that can be seen with the human eye is examined and fine-tuned so that it’s working at peak performance. Your website is your main marketing tool and as such, it needs to be operating at its maximum level. Like a high-performance racing car, every element has to be working in harmony and to its maximum potential if it’s going to win. Without this audit, you are going to seriously hinder any chance of getting to the finish line first!

Why choose SEO Sydney Experts?

At SEO Sydney Experts, we consider every component and aspect of your website. No stone is left unturned in our quest to make sure you have the most Google compliant website. We have the latest diagnostic tools in our arsenal to really get to the root cause of your ranking issues and have the in house capabilities to quickly identify and fix these issues. With us, it’s a one-stop-shop in our Surry Hills, Sydney office. Our SEO audit is so fastidious, meticulous and accurate that we can identify the most minute and minuscule issue and have it fixed that day!

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If you feel as though your rankings are sluggish and have been underperforming for a long time and you really want to do something about it then please call the most experienced SEO experts on 02 9360 8514. We are ready to commence your SEO audit and you could be well on your way to better rankings and a healthier website in no time at all.

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My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support is always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Label Life Robyn Nind
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Dealt with SEO Sydney Experts, as NSW Lawyers, we are in a very competitive field, they have made our rankings increase in 4 months to places we haven’t been before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts!! NSW Compensation Lawyers Angela Rikic

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