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Google Penalty Removal

We’ll get your Google penalty removed & restore rankings fast!

Are your freaking out because you’ve lost your Google rankings?

Don’t. We can help you get your Google rankings back! As Sydney’s leading Google penalty removal team, we can put that smile back on your face and reduce all the stress and anxiety caused by having a cursed Google penalty.

Nobody wants a Google penalty!

Suppose your website has been penalised by Google due to the efforts of your previous SEO company. In that case, we have experience working with businesses throughout Sydney to remove these penalties that can cripple your business and online traffic.

Proven Penalty Removal Process

We have proven processes to help your business remove a Google penalty. Through a merger of a technical audit of your website’s backlink profile, content and overall user experience, we can quickly identify the reasons why you have a Google penalty and a drop in your rankings. From this point, we will prepare a plan to restore your rankings within weeks. It’s as simple as that!

Relax; you’re in safe hands.

Check out our processes for helping you recover from a Google penalty.

Not all SEO companies in Sydney are the same

Knowing the difference between a bad SEO company and a great SEO agency will be the deciding factor in how well your website recovers from a Google Penalty. Make the wrong decision now and your site may never recover and be permanently penalised from Google’s search results causing irreparable harm to your online marketing.

Strategic plans to get your site back on track

Whether your penalty is an algorithmic natural suppression or a manual one, we can help with a strategic and proven plan to get you out of this mess! The last thing you want to do is take a back seat approach to this and hope the situation will fix itself. Google penalties are a serious business and you need a professional team working with you to mitigate any further losses within Google.

We’ve been able to remove these penalties in a matter of weeks and helped our clients’ businesses in the process. So don’t stress – we are here to help!

Comprehensive Google Penalty Removal

We have a well established and proven process to help your business quickly recover from a Google penalty. After our thorough analysis and technical audit of your website & link profile, we can swiftly identify all the issues & reasons why your site suffered this horrible Google penalty. We will quickly try to resolve all these issues and establish a straightforward plan of attack to restore your rankings.

We provide the following SEO services to remove a Google Penalty.

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Disavow Dodgy Backlinks

We will submit all low quality, low-value backlinks to Google and ask them to be disavowed – this means we ask Google not to include these links as part of your backlink and ranking profile. This process is relatively quick to implement, but we have to make sure that we only disavow toxic links harming your website.

Why work with SEO Sydney Experts?

We deliver on our promises

You might be thinking that you have heard it all before and every SEO company says the same thing. We’re more interested in getting the job done than making empty promises. We set about removing your Google Penalty to get your site and your business back on track.

We will conduct a full audit of your website

The first step in any action plan is finding out what’s causing the issues. We review your site, in depth, and come back you with our findings.

We conduct keyword research to see what keywords are being used and review all current links.

Repair, repair, repair

We undertake remedial work on your website to correct any errors such as page titles, descriptions and URL semantics.

We  check over the coding to and ensure your site is mobile friendly and optimised for handheld devises.

We remove any poor quality backlinks from untrustworthy websites.

Plan ahead for the future

We make sure the customer journey and user experience are as good as it can be. Google values this and if your website is not giving users the optimal experience it will harm your rankings through high bounce rates.

We build credible, proper and proven citations across the internet (known as back-links) to your website.

robyn nind from blue label life testimonial
My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support is always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Label Life Robyn
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We are refugees from another SEO firm. Within six weeks SEO Sydney Experts got us back to where we used to be in the top five from a dismal 35 for the main keywords! No black hats just good service. Always available and fast to respond. Doing business with them has so far been a total pleasure. Curtis & Associates Chris
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The team at SEO Sydney are fantastic. They have provided excellent service to us for at least 5 years. We love them and recommend them to everyone! One Minute Media Vanessa

Types of Google penalties

Even if you’re 100% Google compliant, there are still times that your website and SEO strategy may have been non-compliant. Non-compliant websites could be for several reasons, and they are not uncommon. Many Sydney businesses suffer from the two main types of Google Penalties.

1. Algorithmic Penalty

An algorithmic penalty from Google is automatic and will occur if you have blatantly tried to manipulate rankings by purchasing low-quality backlinks or useless and plagiarised content scraped from other sites.

2. Manual Action

A manual penalty requires action by a Google employee. They may be part of the Search Quality or Webspam Team and take action against a website. You are notified via email through your Google search console that manual action has occurred. They physically look at your website and implement a penalty. Both are bad and need immediate attention.

What may be the cause of an algorithmic or manual action penalty?

Any violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines will trigger an algorithmic or manual penalty. Google uses advanced filters that automatically detect if your website violates any of these guidelines. The most common violations are through the Panda Update, the Penguin Update, and Penguin Update 2.0.

Google Penalty Removal FAQ’s

What is a Google Penalty?

A Google Penalty is when your website is sidelined, sandboxed or delisted from Google search results. A Google Penalty is also when you see a sudden drop in your online rankings from page 1 or 2 to page 5 or 6. This penalty makes it almost impossible for customers or potential clients to be able to find your website. The consequences for any business that relies on Google for traffic are enormous. You lose business, revenue and potential customers.

Google penalises websites that they feel violate their quality guidelines in an attempt to fraudulently manipulate your online profile and search results. It’s a common practice that Google has clamped down hard over the last ten years.

How do I remove a Google penalty?

The best way to remove a Google penalty is to come to an SEO agency with experience in the Google penalty removal process. It depends on the type of punishment & the nature of the penalty.

But if you want to have a go at it yourself, here is a quick overview of what you can do to help restore your rankings.

Keyword Stuffing: You have stuffed your content with keywords that add no value to the page. Penalised pages are often irrelevant and confuse the reader. The best way to correct this is to look for signs of a repetitive copy. Rewrite these pages immediately with better content that satisfies the user’s query. Offer informative pages with useful insights. Never hide text and think Google won’t see it.

Image Cloaking: Don’t hide images. Make sure the reader can see what Google sees.

Redirects: If you have just uploaded a new website, ensure all redirects work well from the old site to the new one. Quickly done by creating 301’s, which is probably best handled by your web developer.

Spammy backlinks: This is probably the biggest reason your site has been penalised—spammy backlinks created by dodgy SEO agencies that don’t know what they are doing. Or, live in a world where ‘black hat ‘ SEO practices are acceptable. It’s super common, and they do this because of limited budgets or because they need to prove they are doing something. The remedy is to do a full backlink audit & get these links disavowed immediately.

Also read: 6 Tips for Getting Your Google Manual Penalty Overturned.

How can I tell if I have received a Google penalty?

There are two quick ways to see if you have a Google penalty.

The best way is to log in to your Google Search Console. A useful platform that allows Google to communicate with webmasters. If there are any problems or, in this case, penalties with your site, they will inform you.

The second way is to look at the data from analytics, where you can see f there is a sudden drop in rankings. If there is a Google penalty, you will see your rankings fall off the cliff. You’ll see a straight line heading downwards if there is a penalty. Of course, you probably are already aware that you will likely get a penalty if you suspect your SEO agency is not entirely transparent in its SEO efforts.

The second way is to check the analytics and review the data on your website traffic. This method is the easier of the two, as a straight-line drop in traffic will signal a penalty. If you receive a punishment of this nature, the odds are that Google released a new algorithm recently, and your site went from legit to illegitimate in the process.

How long does it take to remove a Google penalty?

In most cases, if you follow a formula, you can expect to recover from a Google penalty or manual action within 90 days. Recovery from a penalty will depend on how severe your violations have been. If your SEO agency has built thousands of backlinks, expect a more protracted process of up to six months. It can be sooner, but we prefer to give you the worst-case scenario to prepare you.

If it’s a content penalty, we need to rewrite the page and ask Google for a ‘request consideration. A process like this can take up to 30 days for your Google recovery.

Timings need to be fine-tuned once the SEO Sydney Experts team thoroughly reviews your past SEO history and its issues. From this point, we will be able to give you more realistic timings for your penalty removal.

What's the cost of your Google penalty removal service?

Costs associated with the Google penalty removal service can vary according to the penalty’s nature and its severity. We must examine how much work is involved in reversing all the dodgy work your previous SEO agency has done. It can get quite complicated if you have been with them for a long time. Generally speaking, for a Google penalty removal, you should be looking at around $3000-$5000 per month fee. Based on our experience, this will give us enough resources and time to help you get out of this penalty. Cost-cutting at this stage is not a good idea as you can further harm your chances of recovery if you don’t follow our proven formula.

Which type of businesses do you provide Google penalty services for?

We specialise in helping all types of businesses throughout Sydney and Australia. Because a Google penalty can affect any business, we are open to anyone willing to trust our ability. We have worked across all industries, such as trades, professionals, health, and organisations recovering from a Google Penalty. We aim to bulletproof your website from future Google penalties and stand behind this 100%.

What is a quality link?

At SEO Sydney Experts, we have several tools to determine the value of a backlink. We look at the following metrics closely:

  • Domain Authority ( DA ) or Domain Rank ( DR ) – we aim to attain as many high-quality, high DA links as possible when backlinking.
  • The number of referring domain names coming to that link
  • Trust Flow range
  • Relevance of that link to your website
How does link building work?

Our SEO marketing gurus specialise in finding the best possible and most relevant high DA links. These links are all from trusted websites within your business niche or industry. We also outreach to bloggers who would be keen to link to your site. Please note that we never use private blog networks or spammy backlinking tactics. Search Engine Land states: Google has reportedly taken action on sites participating in private blog networks, also known as PBNs. On September 18th, Google sent out widespread manual action notices via Google Webmaster Tools to these sites for “thin content” spam.

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