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Fantastic SEO results that grow your business.

Many SEO agencies talk the talk, but we do what we say we’ll do. We are fast, responsive and super-customer focused. When you succeed, we succeed; this is why we have customers stay with us year after year. We are not about flashy suits or gimmicky sales talk – were about watching your business get insane results that make your competition jealous.

Its a matter of trust

If we are to be your SEO partner, there has to be a certain level of trust – and we love it this way. You can see from our monthly reporting precisely what we have been doing and all the links we have built for the money. We will show you current vs previous rankings, traffic stats and look at ways to smash your competition.

It’s not a risk

Many businesses sometimes perceive SEO and digital marketing as being risky, even a gamble. Well, it shouldn’t be. SEO is not rocket science but a proven and tried formula, and we will follow this same formula that we use for our business to make sure your rankings and sales boom! When you partner with us, you can relax knowing that SEO is not a risk.

We are a results-based business, not excuses

We are straight shooters and will never make excuses. If somethings not right or not working correctly, we’ll fix it. We make sure we clearly outline our SEO goals before beginning your campaign, and then we go for it.

We provide the following SEO services

Right now, people are searching for your product or service, and we have the SEO services and in-house capabilities to put your business front and centre to get all those juicy new sales leads!

SEO Services with integrity

Our SEO services are savvy, agile and provide smart solutions for your buisness. Stop hiding on Google and start domintaing the search engines so you can get new customers or be found by your clients right when they need you.

We work in a strategic and methodical way where we:

  • Learn as much as we can about your business and what your customers are looking for
  • Map out your website structure
  • Develop a comprehensive sitemap and consumer journey
  • Devise catchy page headings that are more relevant to the customer’s search
  • Design a sub-level structure that fits nicely within the flow of the site
  • Analyse your competition and implement an aggressive content campaign
  • Write epic content for each page of the site
  • Check site performance and examine the relevant statistics
  • Refine when required
  • Build incredibly good backlinks for your business
Introducing Seo Sydney Experts:
If you’re serious about getting decent SEO rankings,we are here to help

Why work with SEO Sydney Experts?

We help grow your customer base organically

We will help you dominate Google and outperform your competition with our well-planned SEO strategies and services. All you need to do is sit back and watch how quickly you start to overtake your competition.

We have helped customers achieve incredible growth in just 12 months, where they have easily doubled sales. We can do this for you!

Dominate Google with our SEO services

Be the best in your industry. Get to page 1 of Google sand dominate the space. You can easily beat your competition with multiple page 1 listing for all your essential keywords. Our SEO services will keep you one step ahead of the competition because we know this space better than anyone else.

Partner with honest & reliable SEO experts

Many SEO companies are looking for a fast buck and will tell you anything to get your business. They’ll quote low prices to get your business and do absolutely nothing in return.

With us, we promise real results, and we will work hard till we get you there, and you start seeing a great return on your investment.

SEO that skyrockets sales & revenue, not just rankings

Can SEO deliver lots of sales leads, generate more revenue than you dreamt of and allow you to compete with the big players?

Yes, it can. And that’s precisely what our SEO experts specialise in with their industries best services.

robyn nind from blue label life testimonial
My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support is always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Label Life Robyn Nind
testimonial from one minute media for seo sydney experts
The team at SEO Sydney are fantastic. They have provided excellent service to us for at least 5 years. We love them and recommend them to everyone! One Minute Media Vanessa Grace

SEO Services FAQ’s

To help you better understand our SEO services, here are some questions customers ask us all the time. If you still have any other questions or would like to speak with me ( Steven – the guy in the photo on this page ), please call 02 9360 8514.

Why is SEO Sydney Experts the best SEO company in Sydney?

We are unlike most SEO agencies in Sydney. And, if you have ever worked with an SEO company before, you’ll soon know why. We base everything we do on performance and strive to consistently high rankings month after month. We are talking about serious growth in revenue, sales and your bottom line. With us, it’s not just about the rankings but also what customers do when they land on your site.

What’s the reason we can deliver these fantastic results through SEO services for So many Sydney businesses?

We like to shake things up and do things that other agencies don’t do. We have seen far too many businesses fail because they have trusted the wrong provider where short cuts and dodgy SEO practices are the norms.

We, on the other hand, take a different approach to our SEO service. We are purely results-focused, and if we cant achieve our initial goals, we will work till we do. You deal with the business owners and not a slick account manager or salesperson but people who take a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

Our SEO work is geared towards reaching actual KPI’s. We strive to bring more people to your site every month. Here’s some data from a client we have been working on for over 5 years, and we have the results to prove it.

10:1 ROI revenue gained. 6 – 8%% more inquiries each month. 6 x more dollars. If this is impressive, then you need to be calling us now!

Obviously, we don’t do all the work ourselves. We have a team of SEO champions who love what they do and love helping customers succeed. They are into all facets of our SEO services such as Adwords, Content marketing and social media. Above all, they are dam good at what they do, which is why they have helped over 500 Sydney businesses achieve their online goals. These guys know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Google and online consumer behaviour.

Need more proof that we’re the best SEO company in Sydney? Take a look at our great Google reviews here. These are just a handful of satisfied customers.

How much does SEO cost?

Putting a figure on SEO costs without understanding your business goals, competition, and current online marketing position is almost impossible.

We understand you have a business, and you want it to rank on Google, and you also have a marketing budget. You also want to make sure that you’re getting a positive return on your investment dollar. We get it, and this is why you need to know how much effective SEO costs. The best way we can give you a dollar amount is via a complete website and online marketing audit, which is free of charge.

Your free SEO audit will give you a much better idea of what’s needed to get you ahead of your competition and the amount required.

Many factors determine the cost of an SEO package you should be aware of before you start anything.

Your Niche: Is your business in a very competitive niche. The more well-known brand names competing for page 1 position, the more aggressive we have to be. And, this requires more time invested in your campaign and more quality backlinks. All this costs money if you want to see results. It will cost less money to rank Plumbers in Parramatta than Plumbers in Sydney as the market is less competitive.

Your Target Audience: If you have a target audience throughout Australia, it will cost more than a local target audience. The larger the customer base, the higher the traffic.

Your Business Goals: The more demanding your business goals and the speed you want to achieve them will also determine your SEO budget.

Your Location: Have you multiple business locations? Are you a franchise with many outlets? If so, then each site will require its SEO campaign and, therefore, a larger budget.

Your Keywords: This is a massive cost component, and the more competitive the keyword, the more you will have to invest in your SEO campaign. Less competitive terms in more specific areas will require a smaller budget. Competitive industries like hair loss, cosmetic surgeons, weight loss treatments, electricians, lawyers, and accountants are highly competitive and need a larger budget.

I suggest that you don’t look at the dollar figure and start focusing on that. Your attention should be the return you are getting. Remember, SEO is about driving lots of traffic to your website and is the best and most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. You also have to look at the level of service you receive. It would be best to have an SEO Sydney Agency that will drill into your business and put the time and effort into achieving your goals.

A basic idea of SEO costs:

Small business SEO = $1,500 per month

Medium-sized business in a competitive niche = $5,000 per month

Large-sized business in a competitive niche = $10,000 per month

Local SEO = $1,500 per month

In conclusion: There are a lot of big promises thrown around about SEO in the industry. We’ve heard them all and agree it’s tempting to take them all at face value. Who wouldn’t want #1 rankings in 30 days?!

Unfortunately, not everyone’s playing ball by the rules. And that’s the truth about SEO that far too many businesses are learning the hard way.

If you go down the cheap and cheerful path, you will land up in trouble – so two things to keep in mind. You have to spend on SEO and go with a reputable agency.

Make sure you read this: SEO Sydney prices

Are you the cheapest SEO agency in Sydney?

We are not the cheapest SEO agency in Sydney. We are far from it. Why? Because we are known as one of the top SEO agencies, whose sole focus is results for our clients – we can charge for this service.

You get the best possible ‘white hat’ SEO with pristine, quality backlinks. There’s no dodgy stuff or corner-cutting with us. Plus, you see everything we do in our regular monthly reports. Some other agencies will offshore all their work and claim that it’s all done locally. A lot of smoke and mirrors. With us, you can come in and see our Surry Hills office, where we will do your SEO.

Cheap SEO agencies come with lots of risks. If your only motivating factor with SEO is the price, then you better be very careful. Far too many agencies will be happy to take your money for $500 per month and do dodgy backlinks. There’s no value in it, and you will be hit with a Google penalty or manual action. Google will see the backlinks created and the lousy content written, and ultimately you will pay a heavy price. Have you ever read some blogs that make no sense and just stuffed with keywords. Well, that’s what these companies do. Cheap SEO is a con, and you have to beware of this.

You also have to be aware of so called ‘ranking guarantees’ or ’90-day rankings or your money back’ type slogans. These are the worst type of SEO companies, and their SEO techniques are for quick sugar highs to meet this guarantee. After that, the rankings start to plummet. SEO is not about this. It’s about driving traffic to your website consistently and then managing consumer behaviour.

Also, the SEO landscape is continually evolving. What worked one month might not work the following month. Monitoring these trends takes a lot of technical prowess and skill. If your business is to benefit from this knowledge, you have to pay for it, and cheap backlinking ‘black hat’ techniques don’t work anymore in this landscape.

Unlike the cheap SEO Sydney companies, we won’t do “100% satisfaction” or “full money-back guarantees”. We can guarantee you that if you use our SEO services, you will see revenue skyrocket.

Are your SEO services in-house?

Yes, they are.

Every aspect of our SEO services is in-house. We never outsource our work, and this is a significant point to note! We take on a minimal number of clients to devote 100% of our attention without the need to outsource. Many SEO agencies will take on 100’s of clients in a production manner. With so many clients, they outsource all their work to manage this. You deal with an account manager; you never know what’s happening with your campaign. SEO results are generally poor, which is the results of taking on too much work.

We limit our customers so we can micro-manage every aspect of your campaign. We know whats going on all the time, and we are available to handle any inquiry personally.

How do I get started?

Have you got a current SEO or digital strategy in place? If not, we will look at you’re business goals, what you want to achieve; is it more sales, inquiries, clicks, or calls? Then we put our SEO action plan in place. If you are with an SEO agency at the moment and your reading this you’re probably unhappy witht he results your getting. If this s the case we will do a full web audit and a back link audit before we begin and tell you in plain English the state of play with your campaign.

If you like what you here and you don’t want to waste any more time then we’ll hit the ground running.

We give you proven strategies for making digital strategies work in combination including Adwords, Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Web Conversion Landing Pages and Social Media.

Let’s be honest and upfront here so we dont’ waste anyones time: you need to prepared to invest at least 15% of revenue targets into your SEO marketing if you want to see decent results. This is the reality of the digital space now! Finally, if you want quick fixes or an overnight success, we are the wrong agency. SEO & Digital marketing is like any other form of marketing – it’s a long-term investment. Some tactics can produce quick results, but the real deal comes with time, energy and lots of hard work – which we are prepared to do.

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