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We aim to generate lots of online traffic for Sydney lawyers and Sydney law firms by improving their search visibility on Google. Having better Google rankings is the best way to get new clients, sales inquiries and ultimately turbocharge its revenue. We help Law Firms just like you who are looking for real growth.

How can SEO help my Sydney law firm?

Each of these unique searches will represent a potential client that could be calling or emailing your business. Being able to reach out to these clients is the cornerstone of SEO and is why it’s such a valuable marketing tool. Getting any of these clients is now possible, and all you have to do is commence your SEO campaign.

How can SEO bring in personal injury leads?

According to Safe Work Australia, there were over 100,000 serious work injury-related claims throughout Australia. And, a considerable proportion of these was in the Sydney area. Personal injury claims remain one of the most popular niches for lawyers and Sydney law firms to grow their business. To rank for keywords on Google related to this search term is gold! 

Link Building

Link building is the science of getting high-domain quality backlinks to your website. Link building is the best way to build your website’s authority and trust for Google; in turn, your rankings will start to climb.
We all know that the Sydney law niche is super-competitive online, so we have to build as many links as possible for you’re firm to be competitive. Divorce & compensation law niches are particularly competitive, so we have to be as aggressive as our link building.
Our detailed monthly reporting will show you every link we acquire for your law business. Unlike some SEO agencies that hide their work and SEO efforts, we are more than happy to show you what we’ve done and the giant gains you have made.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are two of the most crucial SEO ranking factors for any law firm or lawyer in Sydney. When you combine excellent SEO link building with informative and creative copy, you’re on a winning formula to dominate your legal niche.
Some SEO agencies will outsource all their SEO and pay next to nothing for this. We don’t work in this way. All our on-page content is written in-house by professional copywriters with an intimate knowledge of the Sydney law space. 
Some SEO agencies for lawyers will write specifically for Google with lots of keyword stuffing to manipulate the algorithm. Our copywriters make sure that every page was written addresses the customers inquiry and offers insightful and valuable information that they can’t get elsewhere. 
It’s the role of Google to prioritise trusted websites with a descriptive copy which is the only way you will rank on Google, and we make sure we follow this fastidiously.

Local SEO

Local SEO boosts your law firms online visibility for local searches such as Google Maps and local searches. For example, someone might be searching for ‘personal injury lawyers Parramatta’, and with a robust local SEO campaign in place, your website will show for this search term.

The advantage of local SEO is that you are reaching out to a local audience and ready to inquire. According to Blue Corona, Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. For local law firms wanting more qualified leads nearby, this is a huge statistic. 

For small legal practices, local SEO is relatively easy. We look at optimising your Google My Business Page and get local listings in directories. We also aim to create backlinks from local websites, establishing your law firm as a local hero!

Why work with SEO Sydney Experts

Best SEO practices

Many SEO providers will cut corners to reduce their costs and increase their profit margins. We never work like this. We provide a top-notch SEO service with quality link building and content marketing. No one does a better job than we can.

100% Transparency

We provide monthly reports where you can see how much content and how many high authority backlinks we create for you every month. You will find that not many agencies offer this type or level of openness & honesty.

No lock-in contracts

We like to be accountable for all our work, and if you’re happy with our service (which I’m confident you will be), you continue using us. It’s as simple as that. We never lock your law firm into lengthy contracts.

Personalised service

You work alongside the business owners and not an account manager or junior, which means we are more accountable and have a vested interest in making sure you succeed.

Proven Results

Check out our great results for clients from our case studies, and positive Google reviews from real clients. We have worked with Sydney lawyers in the past (Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers & NSW Compensation Lawyers), and their rankings are sensational!

Quality & Value

Many SEO agencies will promise to rank your law firm in 90 days, complete with guarantees or your money back. They build low-quality spammy links that give your ranking a temporary high. These results never last. We’re not the cheapest, but we provide the best value with quality work that generates actual revenue and measurable results – you will see your rankings start to climb within the first month!

Ready to Turbocharge Your Revenue & Sales?

Let’s take your law firm to the next level. All you need to do is call 02 9360 8514, and you’ll be well on the path to smashing your competition and competing with the big-name law firms and lawyers.

Watch your sales go through the roof

Our SEO services for law firms in Sydney provide smart solutions to help you get more clients – which is what you need to grow your buisness. Stop being unseen and start dominating search engines so you can be at your new customers’ or clients’ fingertips right when they need you.

We work in a strategic way where we:

  • Learn as much as we can about your law practice and legal services you offer
  • Map out your website structure
  • Develop a comprehensive sitemap and consumer journey
  • Devise catchy page headings that are more relevant to the customer’s search
  • Design a sub-level structure that fits nicely within the flow of the site
  • Analyse your competition and implement an aggressive content campaign to out perform those lawyers that are outranking you
  • Write epic content for each page of the site
  • Check site performance and examine the relevant statistics
  • Refine when required.
Introducing Seo Sydney Experts:
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lisa wagner from doolan wagner testimonial for SEO sydney experts
Steven and Jo at SEO Sydney Experts are a professional and creative team. They have been instrumental in our business development. Steven was available whenever we needed to discuss anything, and always made us feel like we were important to them. We would highly recommend them. Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers Lisa Wagner
NSW compensation lawyers - seo sydney experts
Dealt with Hopping Mad, as NSW Lawyers, we are in a very competitive field, they have made our rankings increase in 4 months to places we haven’t been before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts!! NSW Compensation Lawyers Vic Petrovic

Our Trusted Partners

Helpful answers to questions many lawyers ask us about our SEO service.

More questions? Fill out the inquiry form, and just ask us. We are a very friendly bunch of people!

How long will it take to rank my law firms website on Google?

How long is a piece of staring?

Ranking your law firms website on Google depends on many variables such as the age of the domain, competition, design of the current website, past SEO efforts, content and about another 100 or so reasons.

Ranking a website is a competitive niche, such as law, especially if you start your practice. Instant fast results are not achievable as Google wants to see a slow and steady build-up of trust.

But, as a business owner, you want some idea of timings. So here goes:

1) New law practice that wants to focus on a few local areas. You can expect to get long-tail keywords like compensation lawyers North Shore or conveyancing lawyers Bondi on the first page within 3 to 6 months.

2) Established law firm in CDB of Sydney wanting to target the whole of Sydney. If you wish to rank for super-competitive keywords like lawyers Sydney, you are in for the long haul. Timings for this can take up to 24 months, but the good news is we can focus on other easier to rank keywords that still bring in heaps of traffic and customers. Most of the well-known big brand law firms are already ranking on page 1, so you have to be very realistic about timings and expectations. 

A point to note here. It’s not all about the rankings. There are other critical elements to consider, such as traffic numbers and what people do when they land on your website. Known as conversion rates, we make sure that they will make that all-important inquiry when someone comes to your site.

3) Law firms wanting a national presence. This will require an on-going SEO campaign and can take between 12-24 months, depending on the online legal landscape’s competitive nature in that particular capital city. For example, it would take longer to get results in Sydney than in Hobart or Adelaide as Sydney is a saturated and highly sought-after market with lots of existing firms all competing for page 1 position.

How much does SEO cost for my law firm?

SEO pricing will depend on the competitive nature of your service. Lawyers operating in specific niches like divorce, personal injury, workers compensation, property, criminal and corporate law will find that they are in a super-competitive area. Existing lawyers and law firms are dominating this space because they have been doing SEO for years. Not so mention well-known branded law firms that have spent an absolute fortune on their SEO.

SEO agencies will offer their SEO services with fake 90-day ranking guarantees handed to you on a silver platter for less than $1000 per month. It’s a complete rip-off, and you have to be aware of these so-called SEO gurus and top SEO service. Many law firms fall prey to these snake oil salespeople and are unfortunately no better off online. Their rankings are worse off.

We can tell you that when you pay us for our SEO services, I will do everything in my power to get you as high up as I can to compete with the big boys.

I won’t put a dollar value on this as you need to come in for a meeting to discuss your business goals and work out a reasonable price to get you there. It’s not so cut and dry. But don’t stress too much as we are excellent value. You will see!

A tip: When you are doing the ring around and calling a few SEO companies, don’t go for the cheapest option. It may look like a good idea now, but its a recipe for disaster. And, never go with an agency that advertises its prices with SEO packages.

Is your approach to SEO 100% safe and Google compliant?

Definitely! SEO Sydney Experts is one of the only agencies that use white hat SEO strategies. There is no way that we would jeopardise your website or business by using spammy ranking techniques. We watch what Google is doing and then adjust all our strategies based on the latest algorithm changes.

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