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Want to rank on Google for your startup business, but you’re short on time and money? Well, what startup doesn’t?

Ranking on Google is one of the best ways to start driving traffic to your website, build your brand and generating revenue. Having a great idea is not enough nowadays. You have to get the word out there about your business, service, product or concept.

Launching it is one thing. But, making money from it is the challenging part. Startups fail within the first year because they don’t know how to market themselves effectively online. They think that just because the idea is good that it MUST be a success, that’s wrong!! Did you know that 8 out of 10 startups fail? A shocking statistic, but you can do something about this to make sure you not in this group.

SEO Checklist For Startups And Entrepreneurs

Your website is critical

Make sure you have a decent website designed and built. You might have a limited startup marketing budget, and you might decide to use free website templates, but this is only a short term solution. Free web templates don’t offer the flexibility that customised WordPress design websites provide. Plus, they are not ideal for SEO as they have limited functionality.

Content is king

Get a professional copywriter to write copy for your website. Great copy & content marketing is not a negotiable asset, as Google places enormous value on well written, unique and informative content. Most startups will probably not have the time or the technical know-how to write SEO- friendly copy.

Realistic SEO budgets

Allocate a decent budget for SEO. According to Search Engine Journal, cheap SEO  tactics can significantly harm your website’s chances of rankings. Just see what Google has to say about some methods employed by SEO agencies to manipulate rankings.

Realistic goals

You have to be realistic about SEO and get it into your head that it’s not a short term strategy. A lot of startups want quick wins, and SEO will not make this happen. Some agencies will promise sensational rankings within 90 days, but these are the guys you have to avoid. I could go on and on about this but take it from me that you have to be prepared to be in it for the long term with any SEO campaign.

Clever keyword strategy

If your dead set keen on some quick SEO wins, then aim for long-tail keywords that are much easier to rank. A good example would be a startup in the fashion industry. Rather than rank for the hugely competitive keywords: ‘women’s clothing’, go for words like: ‘ winter jackets for women’. These low hanging fruit keywords still have sufficient website traffic and will generate inquiry through to your site.

Identify your unique selling point

What makes your idea different from all the other businesses out there. Are you all doing the same thing? If not, make sure you can pinpoint your point of difference. Pushing your key unique selling point or USP will be the main reason consumers are willing to shift their buying behaviour to your business. Then, identify the main keywords that define your USP so your SEO agency can push these.

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My experience with SEO Sydney Experts has been amazing, they are professional, get results and are always there to help with your business, they care about your success and are always available for support and advice. I would recommend them to any business, their ideas and support are always available. They go beyond just being an SEO company, they become your partner in success. Blue Lable LIfe Robyn Nind
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We are refugees from another SEO firm. Within six weeks SEO Sydney Experts got us back to where we used to be in the top five from a dismal 35 for the main keywords! No black hats just good service. Always available and fast to respond. Doing business with them has so far been a total pleasure. Curtis Associates Chris Curts
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Great service from a great team - results were always good and above all consistent! Sydney Plastic Surgery Dr Barnouti

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Why SEO Sydney Experts for your Startup Business?

Are you thinking about taking the next step and becoming a successful entrepreneur? Then you need to partner with the right SEO provider. See why we are the perfect choice for your next business idea.

Tailored SEO Sydney strategy

We understand that your business has a unique selling point, and you are offering the best products or services – which is why you deserve to be ranking high on Google. We know that you want to be there, so we custom tailors an SEO solution that fits nicely within your brand. Not all startups are the same, which is why we take a holistic overview of your business, look at the primary keywords and go after them.

Let’s challenge the competition

Your competition is our goal. We study what your competitors are doing online and then set our sights on doing it better. We give you the best opportunity of competing against the big boys with our kick-ass, proven SEO strategies. We look at their website copy, backlinks, site structure and overall user experience and look at ways to compete heavily with them on Google.

You deal with the owner of this website

That’s right! You get to work with me, Steven, the owner of this business. I was once a startup like you, so I know all the hurdles, challenges, fears and worries that a startup can bring. It’s nerve-wracking. So, I will be here the whole time watching over your campaign, micromanaging everything to the last detail. Unlike other SEO agencies, who appoint an account manager, you will be getting me, a guy with a solid 15-year history in the SEO space. I will be personally responsible for seeing that you get; fantastic customer service and page 1 Google rankings. I’m available the whole time by phone or email – even on the weekends!

We don’t make you sign lock-in contracts.

Just imagine signing up with an SEO agency for 12months, and they were not performing. Rankings are tanking; you get lousy customer service and fake promise after promise that things will turn around next month. You are stuck in this contract, and no lawyer will be able to get you out of it. Long term contracts are a widespread scenario in Sydney for so many businesses, and they end up churning through their start-up cash with little ROI.

When you work with SEO Sydney Experts, we should only pay on our performance, so we never lock you into a contract. If your position changes or you don’t want to continue your SEO Campaign for whatever reason (we get it), you’re free to cancel your SEO contract at any point with 60-day’s notice. But, as I tell my clients, why would you want to cancel your SEO if it’s bringing in the dollars?

SEO Startups FAQ’s

Thinking about starting a business? Do you have the next big idea & want to be an entrepreneur? These are some StartUp frequently asked questions clients ask us all the time. They will help you plan your online strategy and SEO campaign.

How long before I start to see ranking results for my startup on Google?

When it comes to SEO and timings, the simple truth is you have to be in it for the long haul. After quick wins and easy rankings for your startup, the best policy is Adwords on Google. If you want to rank a guestimate organically, it would be anywhere from 12 months upwards for your core keywords and perhaps 3 to 6 months for more long tails keywords that are less competitive. For all businesses, including startups, the SEO process is the same. It’s a methodical, systematic approach that takes time. Rushing the SEO process by building low-quality spammy backlinks is dangerous and will only land you up in a Google penalty. Unfortunately, the SEO landscape is littered with business startups trying to optimise their website to manipulate rankings.

There are loads of SEO agencies all promising fast 90-day rankings for hopeful startups. They will say anything to win the business by spruiking outlandish guarantees or your money back. These claims are super dangerous as they also back it up with cheap pricing. For business startups, this all sounds too good to be true, so they sign up. Our warning as SEO experts is to know and understand that SEO is a medium to long term strategy that takes effort, time and costs money. For business startups that want to see immediate quick wins, SEO might not be the best option.

If you wait and have the right approach and attitude with your SEO campaign, you will see the benefits where your sales and revenue skyrocket. SEO is a fantastic marketing tool, and you will see fabulous results if you can wait just a bit.

What should my startup pay for SEO?

SEO pricing can vary for each startup. The more competitive the business startup niche, the higher the SEO costs. For those startups trying to compete in a saturated market that’s packed full of well-known brands and household names, then SEO pricing is upwards of $10,000 – $15,000 per month. Before you start freaking out and thinking that this is too expensive, you have to look at your investment return and how much work we will have to build your online profile as an SEO agency. It’s not a simple click of a mouse, and hey presto, you’re suddenly ranking on google. There’s far too much involved to go into it here, but let’s say it’s an almost full-time job for one person.

There is less work involved for startups in less competitive niches – hence a cheaper monthly SEO fee. You should know the difference between affordable v’s cheap SEO.

Do I need SEO for my startup?

SEO would have to be the best way to start generating sales leads and inquiries for any startup. You can use other marketing options, but nothing quite compares to the cut-through rate that SEO has. Ranking on Google will help you smash sales and generate revenue – which is what all startups want!

If you do not know much about SEO and are keen for your startup to succeed, use reputable agencies that can prove their past track record.

Are you the best SEO agency in Sydney for my startup?

Once upon a time, we were a Startup ourselves. We know the stress & uncertainty you’re probably feeling—your juggling budgets, deadlines and trying to do a million things at once. We have been there, done that, and we made it. We can say that we are a startup success.

With over 15 years of SEO experience, we can honestly say that we are one of the top agencies online to handle your internet marketing. SEO is not just about rankings on Google. There are a whole bunch of other factors that go into succeeding online. You have to build your brand online, create a conversion-focused website, and continuously track consumer behaviour to improve the website’s overall performance. It’s one thing ranking on Google, but what happens when customers arrive at your site is a whole new ball game. You also need to publish content regularly and build your online profile on all the popular social media platforms where your customer base is likely to hang out.

At SEO Sydney Experts, we can handle all facets of your SEO and online marketing, which means we are strong in being your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. There are loads of agencies telling you that they can do this, BUT they will offshore most of the work. There are so many dodgy agencies out there looking to prey on startups naivety and take their money. Watch out for this! They will offer ranking guarantees and sell you their SEO services with extremely low monthly fees, but they won’t do anything. It’s a scam, and many startups fall victim to this. Don’t let this be you!

Isn’t SEO too expensive for startups?

No way!
You don’t need to pay a fortune for your SEO or pay hefty agency fees. They are a complete rip-off, and they charge you because they think they can get away with it. If you use the SEO services of SEO Sydney Experts, our fees are both realistic and reasonable. You will find that you get the best ROI if you use an agency to manage your SEO budget effectively. HubSpot says: SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

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