Link Building

Quality link building service. High DA links that get results fast!

If your website is not performing as it should be and your rankings have slumped then you need an SEO agency that can build a proper backlink profile

We build high quality, trustworthy backlinks to your site that will get you the best Google rankings.

At SEO Sydney Experts we take link building very seriously. It’s one, if not the most important ranking factors that Google takes into account when determining where your website will sit for your main keyword searches. The difference between the way our team link builds and other SEO agencies build their links is huge.

Many agencies will simply devote their time to building one or two links per month on low-quality websites with absolutely no relevance to your industry niche. Anyone can do this and the overall negative impact on your rankings is damaging.

What do SEO Sydney Experts do that others don’t?

We conduct extensive research about your business and look for relevant sites that we outreach to. We contact these website owners and see if we can publish content on their site with a link back to your site. Known as blogger outreach this is the best ‘White Hat’ SEO technique that can be used nowadays for building trust and authority to your website.

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Link diversity

We know that some websites may be pooled together by one owner and these are known as private blog networks. This is when one owner may register multiple domains, optimise each site and pretend that they are not related to each other when in fact they are. Google will know the owner’s details and devalue all links placed on these sites. Many SEO agencies have their own private blog networks and strictly use these for their main SEO strategy. Google has woken up to these ‘black hat’ techniques and this is one main reason why websites are continually unable to perform. At SEO Sydney Experts we steer well clear of these sinister blog networks and will only build links on sites that have absolutely no relationship to each other. We would have to say that we have the best link diversity practice in Sydney. Not too many agencies will go to the effort of lengths we go to in order to look as natural when building links.

We also look at creating a natural backlinking profile for your website. Our goal is to build high DA links over a period of time to show Google a natural pattern of building trust. Sites that have 100 links built in a month may alert Google to some unnatural link building which is very spammy. Sites get penalised this way so we are very careful in our approach to this.

We will look at where the links are placed. Are they above the fold at the beginning of the page or are they buried somewhere at the bottom? Link placements will go a long way in improving the value of the backlink and we know exactly where they should go.

We watch your competitions backlink building. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a good look at the link profile of your competition and seeing why their rankings are consistently so high. We then base a portion of our SEO strategy in looking at ways to acquire similar links to incorporate in your profile.

The never-ending process of link building

We never stop adding content to your website and outreaching for quality backlinks. As long as you want to rank on Google and sustain these rankings we must keep sending these ranking signals to Google. It’s an ongoing process that must be done month after month.

Simply put, Google wants to see a continual process of link building and they will rank sites that have high volumes of quality inbound links over those that don’t.

Apart from content marketing, the success of any SEO campaign can be measured in the strength of numbers of these quality links.

So if you want the Rolls Royce of link building turn to the team at SEO Sydney Experts.

Why Choose SEO Sydney Experts As Your Link Building Partner

Not Packaged Links

Your business is unique and so are your backlinks. So trying to pigeon hole you into a packaged link building service is absolutely pointless. We provide a customised, bespoke 100% link building solution for your business. There are no ‘black hat’ spammy backlinks when you work with us.

Effective Links That Work, Guaranteed

So many SEO agencies will simply collect a monthly fee from you and not build any links, or even worse build cheap low-quality link with no relevance or domain authority. This will hurt your rankings and more than likely land you up being penalised by Google. Our monthly reports will clearly detail our quality link building efforts.

100% Transparency

At the beginning of your SEO campaign, we show you how many links you have – we can even do this over the phone when you make your inquiry ( it’s that simple!! ). Then, each month we report on how this is growing & what links were built. Unlike other agencies, we’re are totally open, honest and more than happy to show you the links we have acquired.

Why Choose SEO Sydney Experts As Your Link Building Partner

Weeks 1 & 2 – On-Site Audit:

Ranking a website on Google is not all about backlinks. We have to make sure that your site is completely SEO compliant and this means getting stuck into your website and looking at all ‘on-page’ ranking factors. There are well over 200 ranking signals Google’s algorithm is looking for and our SEO Sydney Experts will conduct a full web audit and highlight areas that need improvement. Site speed, titles, missing links, duplicate content, technical issues, content quality, headings and a whole bunch of other tweaks will be immediately addressed. We will also analyse where your traffic is coming from through Google Analytics and look at areas that need improvement.

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Weeks 1 & 2 – Market & Keyword Research:

There is no point in wasting time and effort in ranking keywords that your target market is not searching for. We have the tools and software to identify your core, high traffic keywords and then focus our attention on these. You probably already know these keywords but we will be able to identify other ‘long – tail’ keywords that can bring in extra business.

Week 3 – Keyword Mapping:

After we thoroughly investigate your target market and find the relevant keyword phrases that will bring in more business, we’ll closely look at the ones that are your main services or products and provide a keyword mapping document for these.

This document will have all the optimised metadata in it for every page of your website. All your titles and meta descriptions will be modified for optimal performance. This is super critical and has probably not been looked at or addressed in years. You’ll be surprised the impact this can have on your rankings with a couple of tweaks.

Week 3 – Competitor Analysis:

Finding out who your competition is and what they are doing online is one of the first things we look at. Obviously, they have better Google rankings so we will dissect their website, see what they are doing and look at ways of doing it better for you. What strategies are they using, links are they building, the content they are publishing, titles they have written and simply improve on this with our range of SEO skills.

Obviously, we won’t copy their entire online strategy, but we’ll study them and in turn, look at logical ways to outrank them as soon as possible.

Week 4 – Optimising High Return Landing Pages:

One we have examined all your websites data we will look at your main landing pages and look at improving the performance of these. We have a team of in house SEO web designers that can get stuck into your website and make these changes quickly. Obviously, this is an on-going process which will last the entire length of your SEO campaign. Google loves fresh new ideas and content and this is why all of your high converting landing pages need to be continually optimised and tweaked. Again, we will never make any ‘ on-page’ changes without your approval.

Week 4 – Technical Implementation:

OK, this is where the fun really begins. All information provided to you in the first 3 weeks will now be implemented along with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console for a better understanding of traffic and website users. You have 24/7 administrative access to all of those accounts ( we will provide you with the logins ) and can track & monitor your websites traffic, performance and user behaviour. Plus you will be able to contact us anytime if you need to discuss any technical issues or have any questions about your data.

After Week 4:

As well as continually refining and modifying all your ‘on-page’ SEO, we will commence our ‘off-page’ SEO which is what starts to build authority and trust to your site.

  • Link Building

    Increasing the number of quality links referring back to your website is one of our ultimate goals. The reason you are probably not ranking ( among other on-page SEO issues ) is your current backlink profile. In our web audit, we will look at your previous backlinking campaign and ensure that we provide you with high quality, high DA ( domain authority ) links. We will also try to eliminate or trim any previous low-quality links that could be harming your SEO. A poor linking strategy is very common and is one of the main culprits why you’re not seeing any decent results. Once fixed, you will notice a huge difference.

  • Blogging Outreach

    Getting a link from an influential website back to your site is one of the best ways to build the trust and authority of your site and our team of SEO Sydney Experts have established a network of influential bloggers from many industries who will be happy to help publish content that mentions your website. This is a form of SEO link building is done every month and you can see this in our reports we provide to you.

  • Directory Listings

    Local SEO Sydney results are a great way to attract local business. Up to 56% of Google searches are looking for a local business. Tradies, lawyers, doctors, designers, accountants basically any service provider in Sydney needs a local presence on Google. This is why we start to manually input your business info into all local directories. Your business name and contact details will be in all major online trusted directories. Ask yourself this question: when was the last time you submitted your website to a local directory?