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Why are your Google rankings not improving?

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If you’re a business that relies heavily on Google traffic to generate new leads or inquiries – even online sales ( you have an eCommerce site), then it’s vital that you’re on page 1 of Google for your main keywords.

As an SEO agency, we live and die by Google’s rankings so we make sure that we are on page 1 for keywords like ‘SEO Sydney’ or SEO Surry Hills’ because that’s where we are based and we need to rank locally.

Fortunately, we have always been on page 1 and we have been there for years.

I will share a few reasons why your rankings can never seem to crack page 1 and perhaps why there sitting on page 2 or 3 – or even fluctuating between page 1 or 2, and why they never seem to be consistent.

Probably the most important reason is your current SEO agency. If they are doing their job properly then you should definitely be on page 1.

Basically, they should be doing 3 essential things:

1) building high-quality links back to your website that is relevant

So many agencies will build irrelevant backlinks that will in fact harm your rankings because they don’t want to spend the money on decent links which is a massive ranking factor.

2) they should be adding content to your website. This is content marketing and is one of the most important components when it comes to building your brand and authority online.

3) lastly, they should be looking at your website every month, checking the health of the site through Google analytics and making changes and tweaks to your site so that it’s working at its peak. Ask yourself: is the site converting browsers into actual buyers’?

If not, something is wrong with the site and it needs fixing ASAP!

When all of the above 3 points are working well, then there’s no reason what so ever why you should not be extremely competitive online.

The next reason why your Google rankings are stagnant is the price you’re probably paying for your SEO. I’ve written a blog about this topic which you can read more about on this page titled: ‘pay peanuts you get monkeys for your SEO’, and this is a massive reason why your rankings suck.

The reason is you need to build quality backlinks to your site as this is one of the strongest ranking signals Google uses to determine your site’s authority. Just imagine you in the medical industry and you get a link from a medical website that everyone reads and trusts. Your website will then benefit enormously from this link and you’ll start to see your rankings climb.

Having said that, these links can cost a fair amount of money. But, this is what Google is looking for. 1 really good backlink has way more power and authority than 1000 ordinary backlinks.

So, if your SEO agency has told you that they have just built 50 links I’d be worried. When it comes to link building it’s quality over quantity any day.

So many SEO agencies will ignore this and refuse to pay for quality links simply because of the budget they are on. If you call them up and say you on a really tight budget (and this is so common with new business start-ups), then don’t expect miracles when it comes to your SEO.

In fact, I’d be putting the money into Adwords.

If you’re in a competitive niche and you’re not getting anywhere on Google I’ll put any money on the fact that it’s your budget. Remember, it’s competitive online and if you want to be up there where there are high search volumes….like ‘lawyers Sydney, ‘cosmetic surgeons Sydney or even ‘ rubbish removals Sydney, these are really competitive areas and you have to spend some serious coin to get up there.

These are just a few reasons why you’re not ranking. Google has over 200 ranking signals but these I feel are the most important.

If your like so many businesses out there stuck in a rankings slump call me here at SEO Sydney Experts and I’ll quickly tell you what’s happening and ways we can go about fixing this.

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