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Guaranteed SEO Results – never ever believe them!

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If you decide to engage the services of an agency that offers you guaranteed SEO rankings, let me start by saying this is a bad idea!

You have probably been calling a few agencies, making inquiries, and of course, you’re going to go with an agency that says they will guarantee you a page 1 position. It’s a no brainer. Right?

Well, your wrong and I’ll tell you why. SEO guarantees are fake, and these guarantees are rampant online and used as a sales pitch to lure you in and sign lengthy 12-month contracts. All fabricated on a lie! And, its a big reason why so many people don’t trust SEO agencies.

SEO guarantees used by ‘so called’ agencies to make you believe that there is no risk involved with SEO. 

After all, why wouldn’t you use an agency that was guaranteeing you page 1 of Google? 

I would if I didn’t know better. 

guaranteed seo results

And, this is a massive problem for business owners who are newbies to the SEO space.

No risk investment may work for compensation lawyers, where they work on a no-win-no-fee basis, but this is an illusion in the SEO space.

Guaranteed SEO is a farce and, in my opinion, should be made illegal. Still, unfortunately, the industry is unregulated ( there are tons of SEO cowboys ), and these guys can say and do what they want and get away with it; unpunished.

I will explain why you need to run away from agencies that promise rankings and only go with reputable SEO companies if you will have any chance of ranking in 2021 and onwards.

What are Guaranteed SEO Results?

Guaranteed SEO means that the SEO agency will guarantee you a certain number of keywords on page 1 of Google within a designated period of time, usually between 30 and 60 days. They like to keep the period short, so you feel like your getting great value for money. 

Most people think that 60 days is not too long to wait to see their business on page 1 of Google. So they sign up and are prepared to wait it out.

What’s the issue with that? You’re probably thinking.

Page one rankings are the best result for an SEO campaign, aren’t they? 

Not quite. 

Here’s the thing; getting to the first page of Google is not difficult, and your probably already there, but you don’t know it. 

Getting to the first page of Google for keywords that are relevant and revenue-generating is an entirely different story.

Let me give you an example. 

If a Sydney-based Conveyancing Lawyer were to call SEO Sydney Experts now, we could confidently say that we can put them on page one of Google within 60-days.

It’s quickly done.

But not for the keywords that are going to generate money for their business. 

Instead of selecting keywords that drive conversion and bring in qualified customers like ‘Conveyancing Service Sydney’, we would choose low competition keywords such as ‘Budget Conveyancing Lawyers in Glebe’

Sure, we could get you to page one pretty quickly for the second set of keywords, but it’s not going to make any difference to sales or your bottom line as no one is searching for that phrase.

The biggest issue with SEO agencies that sell their services based on a guarantee is that they cannot guarantee the keywords you will need to rank for or the traffic quality you will need to get.

Instead of choosing keywords that will get your business more customers, they will choose low competition keywords with little value that are super easy to rank so that they can say they have met their targets.

Remember, it’s not all about getting as much traffic as possible; it’s about the quality of the traffic and the types of customers that land on your website.

If you are working with an SEO agency that guarantees more traffic every month, I can bet anything that they will only do blogging and building a few dodgy links.

These blogs will drive traffic numbers ( for irrelevant keywords ) but will not give you the customers you want. 

The worst part is that these blogs will be written in India or the Philippines by someone with little experience that charges $1 per blog – this is insanity, and you are on the pathway to a Google penalty ( but more about that later).

Your SEO account manager will then brag about increasing organic traffic and site visitors, but who cares. 

These visitors are not there to buy from you. They are passers-by who somehow found your blog.

The key to delivering credible SEO is through getting traffic from qualified buyers for relevant keywords.

When you work with a company that has to perform within a certain period of time, quality goes down the drain.

All you do is end up paying an SEO agency to write irrelevant blogs that they publish on low-quality sites that deliver no value – what a waste of money!

Why Are Guaranteed SEO Results So Dangerous?

Google even tells us about the issues associated with SEO guarantees in their guidelines – you can see if for yourself here when they say:

“Your prospective SEO should be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement and an estimate of the work involved. If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

And I agree 100%.

When you speak with your SEO agency, it’s OK to ask them what kind of results you can expect and within what time period – but you cannot ask them to guarantee this.

A decent SEO provider’s job is to optimise all of the on-site and off-site elements to make sure they are 100% Google compliant. 

Essentially, they are putting together web pages that are in line with Google guidelines and industry best practices.

What happens next is entirely up to Google. Once they’ve, have done all the work, ensuring that all web pages are fully optimised, and created a robust backlink campaign. – the rest is up to Google. 

Let me be very clear on this. You have zero control over what happens to your rankings. You are in the hands of Google, and any 30, 60, or 90-day promises of rankings are complete and utter lies. Google will decide what happens with the rankings – not your SEO agency!!

Warning – Guaranteed SEO results are a Google penalty waiting to happen!

Anytime you work with an SEO agency to demonstrate fast results, you are risking damage to your website and future digital marketing.

They will use Blackhat SEO tactics to speed up your Google rankings – I’ve seen this many times before, and the aftermath is like a war zone. Rotten, toxic backlinks combined with poorly written content to get a few lousy keywords to Page 1 – Nah – this is always a bad idea.

No one wants a Google penalty as your website will disappear from the search results. Just imagine the impact this could have on your business. Plus, recovering from a Google penalty takes time, lots of money, and is also not guaranteed. The reality is that you could lose your website forever. It does happen, and you must carefully consider this aspect when signing up with an agency that guarantees SEO rankings and traffic. Recovering from a Google penalty is costly, time-consuming, and may never happen.

Google Doesn’t Care about your Timeline.

Google doesn’t know that you have set a 90-day results deadline for your SEO agency. As such, they are not going to give your website priority treatment amongst other websites that are vying for Google rankings.

Be warned; SEO is a long-term investment, and any agency that’s touting short-term 60 or 90-day ranking guarantees will use tactics that will only end up in a disaster. I’ve seen this many times before when agencies use Private Blog Networks, publish blogs written overseas or buy cheap spammy links for less than $10. These will generate some improvements in the rankings ( dare I say for uncompetitive terms ), but once Google catches onto this, your site will most likely end up getting penalised.

What Can You Expect from a trustworthy and reputable SEO Agency?

What is the difference between an SEO agency that tells you that they will offer a guarantee and a reputable SEO Agency like SEO Sydney Experts? 

Well, here are the telltale signs of a reputable SEO service provider like us:

• Realistic timings – I won’t tell you it will be 3 months when it’s clearly impossible See what I’ve said about: are quick SEO results possible?

 • SEO strategies that drive your business KPIs – not just some random targets

 • You get me working on your website and not someone offshore who doesn’t care about the results.

 • A long-term SEO strategy where we look over a year and not short term sugar highs.

 • The most amazing communication – I am available all the time ( inc weekends).

 • Monthly SEO reports which show the actual links I have built for you – not many other agencies will do this.

 • Actual case studies and proof of my work and my ability to build businesses online traffic.

What’s Next?

Ready to look at your SEO options with a reputable SEO provider? SEO Sydney Experts is here to help you navigate the digital landscape.

I’m not interested in promising guarantees or even discussing guarantees. What I will talk about are your long term business growth plans and SEO strategies to get you there. 

I will never promise speedy ranking. Instead, I will look at your overall digital footprint and ways to improve customer quality, relevant traffic and start getting more sales.


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