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12 Local SEO Statistics for 2021

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Do you know what a local SEO campaign is? Are you wanting to get more new local clients? Read on as these local SEO statistics are phenomenal and at the same time quite surprising.

Local SEO in 2021 is now one of the most effective ways small local businesses are marketing themselves. 

Local SEO is super-vital to the success of your business, and the following stats will prove why your business needs to get on the bandwagon.

Local SEO is similar to your garden variety SEO, but the main difference is a strong focus on the local area. You might be targeting local suburban locations around your office or perhaps areas that you are prepared to travel for customers. Since Google rolled out its Pigeon update in 2014, Local SEO now allows small business to compete with big players, companies and well-known brands on a micro-level; that is, the few immediate suburbs nearby. 

The beauty of the Pigeon Update was the users could now find local businesses nearby based on their geo-specific search. Let me break this down for you. Let’s say you were looking for a plumber in Bondi to fix a broken water heater; you want someone to come quickly and fix the mess. The first thing you do ( if you don’t know a plumber ) is type Plumbers Bondi into Google search. Obviously, you want to contact a plumber quickly so that Google will show plumbers in the Bondi area. It may throw up a few other plumbers close by in Rose Bay or Bondi Junction. But, the effectiveness of local search is that as a needy consumer, you will get to pick from local Bondi plumbers that will appear in the search results as shown below.

local seo example results
Local search results for the keywords Plumbers Bondi. Photo Credit: Google

It’s a win-win. The users get a plumber quickly to their house to fix the water leak, and the plumber gets ready to buy local customers.

Local SEO should be an integral part of any small business marketing strategy as it drives many local customers with cash to spend.

This blog will highlight local SEO statistics for 2021 and why it’s a fundamental aspect of any marketing strategy.

1) 46% of all searches on Google are local searches.

HubSpot tells us that a whopping 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.

Can you believe that number? I can! As there are so many consumers looking for local tradies and local professional services. So, if your business is not optimising its website for local SEO search, then you’re missing out on nearly 50% of all Google searches. 

2) Consumers visit 1.5 billion locations related to their Google searches

According to Google, 1.5 billion people get into their car and drive to a shop nearby after conducting a local search online. Just imagine you have a retail shop in Chatswood selling hardware. Ranking locally would be a massive incentive as users will be visiting your shop after they search for any home repairs.

3) A purchase follows 28 % of all local searches

Local consumers want to buy locally and support the local community. And, this shows in the figure that over 25% of all local searches will result in a sale or purchase. Obviously, you will have to be good at selling your service or product, but the good news is that there is almost a third of all searches looking for a local business. So, if you’re implementing a local SEO campaign, be ready to receive lots of local qualified leads and customers. 

4) 78% of local searches on mobile result in an offline purchase

Search Engine Land tells us nearly three-quarters of local searches resulted in an offline purchase. This is because you have an active mobile market all on their phones looking to buy something. They might be wandering around the Bondi Junction or Chatswood Mall looking for the nearest locksmith or perhaps the local florist. Mobile audiences are far more likely to engage with a local business due to travel times and convenience. So it makes perfect sense to go to the nearest shop or professional person without having to drive halfway across Sydney.

5) 70% of consumers will visit a store because of information found online

Consumers are searching online for absolutely everything. Whether it’s a new print for the wall, pair of shoes for the kids, or a pot plant for the office, consumers first default search solution is Google, and local SEO is key to driving more customers to your site.

6) A quarter of all clicks go to the first result of local business searches

Those businesses at the top of the local search results will generate the most amount of clicks. So, suppose your business relies on Google rankings for customers. In that case, it’s super-important that you commence your local SEO campaign now to attract all the stay at home mums, office workers, kids, senior folks, everyone in the local area! But, of course, attaining top rankings is not so simple, which is why you need to partner with an agency that knows how to boost your website.

7) “Near me” mobile searches grew increased by 130% last year

When you type in the phrase “near me” for local searches, you are part of a growing trend that is now exploding. It’s becoming so popular to type into Google:

plumbers near me

florist near me

accountants near me

medical centres near me

The reason for this is that Google will display local suppliers, trades or professionals services near you to make a choice handy. So, again, in 2021, if you want to capture a local audience, then a local SEO campaign is imperative. Note that this is a mobile audience scrolling on their phone, so your rankings will dictate their decision to buy as they’ll tend to drive or walk to any of the top 3 or 4 results. It’s so crucial that if you read this blog, you fully understand the power of local SEO for a mobile market. 

8) 62% of consumers will ignore a business if they cannot see them on Google

Most people will always Google a businesses name to read reviews before buying from them. However, over 60% of people will question the validity and trustworthiness before parting with their money. For example, suppose you are in Parramatta and are looking for a dentist. As you drive through the area, you see a dentist surgery, and the first thing you do is Google the name. If they are not found, then the chances are high that these willing customers will look elsewhere. That’s a lost sale from a potential long term local client. Small business owners cannot afford to be this flippant about local SEO. Ignore it at your peril or unless you don’t want any new business, as people will only trust you if they can find you online. Suppose you are reading this outside Australia, and you rely on Aussie consumers for a business. In that case, you also have to maintain your Google My Business profile page as the guys from Bali Realty have done as they rely on Australian consumers for a chunk of their business.

9) 88% of potential customers look for Google reviews before choosing to use a local service

Positive online genuine reviews go a long way to enhance your businesses trust factor with consumers. Restaurants, trades, professionals that implement a local SEO campaign will all have an area on their Google My Business profile where clients/customers can leave reviews. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will check the business reviews and take on board what people say. Reviews send a compelling message, and if they are positive, then these act as an added excellent marketing tool.

10) 86% of customers use Google Maps to find local businesses

If you have a local SEO campaign in place, then you’ll be pleased to know that 86% of people use Google Maps to find a product or service. So, your business needs to be updating any information such as phone numbers, opening hours, website and exact location if there are any changes.

11) 30% of people search for local businesses at least once a week

What a substantial local SEO statistic this is! Just imaging how many repeats and new customers you could get just by having a local SEO campaign? Remember, people, forget businesses. If they have visited you once and want to go back again, they will use Google to find you. And, if you’re not there, then they will look for another supplier.

12) 56% of local businesses have not yet claimed their Google My Business listing

What a crazy number if you have read all of the above, You’ll agree with me that if your guilty of ignoring your GMD listing, then the time to act is now. Just think about your competition and the unfair advantage you’re giving them. If you’re happy to give away free customers and lead to the guy next door, don’t claim your Google My Business listing. 


Local SEO is here to stay and will be for a long time. It’s not a passing trend or fad but an authentic strategy designed to help you generate more business. If it’s there and waiting for you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? If you start your local SEO campaign now, think of the edge you’ll have over all those businesses that are too lazy or uninterested in getting new local clients. Over time, Google will refine and tweak the local search results, but if your ahead of the game, you’ll be well placed to take advantage of ay new and cool Google search results.

If you would like to see how a local SEO campaign can help you grow your business, I’d love to be able to chat further with you and show you just how the team at SEO Sydney Experts can help. 

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