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Must ask questions for your SEO agency

Nowadays it’s vital for every business to be partnering with a digital or SEO agency. Why? Because if your reliant on Google for leads & your wanting a conversion focused website to attract customers then a SEO or digital agency is the answer. Still to our amazement, nearly 50% of businesses still do not use

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Why doesn’t Google tell us about their algorithm changes?

Google has come out today in an article in the Financial Review stating that they cannot be too transparent about their ranking factors and algorithm. The reason being, is that this information will be exploited by SEO companies who will push low value, spammy sites up the rankings. This is exactly what Google doesn’t want

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Five Important Questions to ask your SEO agency before your work with them

If your starting to in business and have never used an SEO agency before then your in for a hell of a ride. Finding the right SEO agency is going to extremely challenging and probably one of the most important tasks you will have to undertake. As the owner of an SEO agency I get

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Do you want more traffic from Google?

Yes, I do Not Now