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How to know if your ‘Google Team’ are doing their job

Can you tell if your SEO agency is performing and doing what they said they would be doing in your initial meeting? In an enormous amount of instances there is an enormous gap in what is actually being done on your SEO campaign and what was promised to you in the initial sales pitch. There

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Lead Generation, Why you need to build Dedicated Landing Pages

If you’re serious about generating leads for your business then you need to create dedicated landing pages that are designed specifically to capture more leads or sales. What are landing pages? Landing pages are extremely relevant to the product or service they are promoting and are rich in detailed content, hot buttons and call to

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SEO & CRO the Perfect Marketing Mix. See Why!

We all know what SEO is, but many business owners in Sydney still do not really understand CRO or why it’s one of the most important factors to consider when marketing your business online. Firstly, what is CRO? CRO is an anacronym for Conversion Rate Optimisation and it’s basically consumer behaviour once they reach your

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Content and SEO, The Perfect Marriage

Content without SEO, simply will not work and conversely SEO without content just won’t do the trick. Having them both work together in harmony is what is going to rank your website and rank it well on Google. Essentially, it’s like a marriage one cannot exist without the other. Many people often tell me that

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Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

In the online world purchasing decisions are made within a couple of seconds. Your website has a few moments to make an impact or get a response and this is why conversion rates really matter when it comes to your website design and user experience. If the customer doesn’t like what they see, they will

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