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The dangers of Pay on Performance SEO

I recently had a phone call from a business owner that was so jaded by his past SEO experience and dealings with SEO agencies that he was only willing to do an SEO campaign based on performance. He said that he’d been so disappointed with the results of his past 2 or 3 agencies that

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Don’t worry about SEO just create good content – That’s wrong!

I am starting to see this type of commentary more and more which is seriously worrying. Why? Because this type of myth needs to be exposed when it comes to ranking a website on Google. Content is essential but you gotta have links!! Many SEO agencies that have NO CLUE regarding SEO are starting to

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Why should you trust us with your SEO campaign?

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to first agreeing to partner with an SEO agency. This trust is however very hard to attain given the nature of the SEO industry and the number of operators out there that blatantly lie to keep clients stringed along while they fleece them of their marketing

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Four Ways Your SEO Agency is Killing Your Business

The issue with many SEO companies is they don’t know what they are doing. I get calls daily from people who are still scratching their head wondering what the hell happened with their last SEO company and just what went wrong. They story is always the same; they tell me that they were either recommended

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To rank on Google, it’s all about the links

I’m absolutely amazed and if I say so myself dumbfounded when people are told lies when it comes to SEO and ranking on Google. To this day there are these so- called fraudulent pranksters that have the guts the gall the chutzpah to sit there and lie to your face about what it takes to

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5 Golden Rules when Choosing your SEO Agency

Finding the right SEO agency is not so easy. Some people think it’s a matter of simply making a few phone calls or sending out a few emails and phoning the cheapest agency that offers them the most keywords is the way to go. This really the worst way to go about finding an SEO

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2 Critically Vital Questions to ask your SEO Company

Before you engage your future SEO company there are 2 really crucial if not critical questions you need to ask them. If they do not answer these questions as per the following blog, then you should walk away as chances are these guys are out to scam you big time. Finding the best EO agency

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Is Your SEO Agency NOT Communicating With You?

Are you finding that your SEO agency is failing to communicate with you? When was the last time you heard from them? Did the SEO relationship start off nicely and then tapered off very quickly? Are you struggling to get accurate data, statistics, traffic numbers, monthly ranking reports and insightful analysis regarding your Google Analytics?

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10 Really Bad SEO Mistakes You Need to Know About

Its so easy to be tempted into using the services of cheap and nasty SEO companies, but I can make a bet that these guys are going to not be abiding by all of these 10 rules. Google is quick and I mean super fast in detecting any SEO mistakes being made so following are

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How to Avoid Getting Completely Ripped Off by SEO companies

Are you still scratching your head and wondering what’s been going on for the last couple of months with your SEO agency. You paid them you trusted them, they said all the right things, but nothing happened, except you now have a lighter wallet. There are many SEO agencies in Sydney and you can easily

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