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the important of video for SEO

How Does Video Help With SEO – Outlining the Importance of Video in SEO

So how does video help with SEO? And, what role does video have in helping your online visibility and SEO rankings? In this article, I take a look at the importance of video in terms of your click-through rates. And why pages with videos have more than a 50% chance of ranking on page 1

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Is quality content good for SEO rankings?

You bet it is and the better the content the more likely your website page will rank. Google has seriously tightened it’s ranking criteria and as of 2011 once they released their Panda update to weed out poor quality websites, the game has changed. Namely quality content is what Google s looking for. Let’s take

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5 Easy Ways to Keep your Website Content Fresh

If your website is not evolving and changing with the times then it’s simply a liability. Basically, it’s doing your business no good. In fact, it could be hurting your business. The second you stop refining, re-tuning and tweaking your website is the time it stops losing its competitiveness. The only inevitable outcome is a

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What is Googles Focus in the Years Ahead?

As Google updates continue to roll out and the algorithm becomes more focused on displaying legitimate companies. SEO agencies and businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia need to know what Google is gong to reward. What are the things that they are looking for to rank quality websites over spammy, trashy sites? Over the past

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Thin Web Content is a Real SEO Killer

Have a look at your website and search all your main pages and be honest: are they thin on content? Are there only a couple of paragraphs per page that do not clearly articulate your product or service. Poorly worded web pages that are extremely light on content is going to harm your SEO and

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Has someone got a better SEO ranking than you using your content?

I would say that one of the most terrible things to happen online is that someone has completely ripped off your content and they are out ranking you. This happens all the time and it’s basically fraud and a breach of intellectual property. That is, some competitor comes alone, notices you ranking well on the

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