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3 Tell Tale Signs that it’s time to change your SEO company

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Have you been with the same SEO agency for months or years and are still not seeing results? Maybe they are not that good as they claim to be. Following are some reasons why it might be time to give your SEO agency the flick!

SEO like any other service has KPI’s and has to have a certain level of accountability.

Unfortunately, most SEO agencies tend to have a set and forget approach to SEO.

What happens is they are essentially on a mission to sign up as many clients as they can and in the process end up forgetting about their current customer base.

So I thought I would clearly detail here 3 signs that you should be aware of to tell if your agency is slackening off.

In most cases the evidence is clear but in others, it may be a bit hard to tell.

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#1: You are not getting monthly reports.

As a minimum, your SEO agency should be giving your monthly reports showing the progress of your rankings. You should be given a report when you commenced the campaign and the end of month report clearly highlighting the progress of your main core keywords. This is the real bare minimum and if you are not receiving this in a consistent, uniform manner then something is going horribly wrong. My guess here is that the rankings are not performing as well as they could be ( or were promised when you signed up with them) and for this reason, they are afraid to show you the results. This is a gutless approach and is a clear sign that your SEO team are not doing their job properly. If you see this happen then get rid of them quickly.

If you are not getting clear lines of communication on a monthly basis then this is a sure telltale sign that they are just after your money without producing any tangible or significant results. A lot of SEO companies are purely out there to generate money and sign you up to a lengthy 12-month contract without actually doing anything. Hard to believe, I know but this does happen in many cases. So be warned and stay alert for this type of behaviour and lack of accountability.

# 2: You rankings have shot up and are now on the decline.

These sugar-coated ranking rises are common among agencies that use spammy, dodgy SEO techniques to get you a quick gain on Google only to see these gains lost within a couple of weeks. These drops are then blamed on Google’s algorithmic changes and you are left with nowhere to go as you are locked into a contract. What they tell you is they have showed you what they can do and they say they will try to get you back to page 1.

In the interim, your paying month after month with no results in the hope of false promises and expectations. It’s a real pity that this has to happen as it brings the rest of us down. They did not tell you that credible SEO takes time and you have to be in this for the long term.

You might ask how they are able to get these great rankings and why they can’t seem to maintain them. Well, the answer is easy. All they do is put your website on 100’s if not 1000’s of directory websites or websites with little or no value. What happens is that Google registers these and you get a bit of a bump but once they see that this pattern is consistent with a spammy activity they will devalue these links and hence you drop. Simple as that. Google has algorithms that are highly sophisticated that can detect this activity and there is really no way to avoid the repercussions.

# 3: Nothing has been touched on your website.

In most cases, your website will need some type of remodelling or fine-tuning to make it more Google compliant and if your site has not been touched then I would be starting to worry about the ethical nature of your SEO team. Even small fine-tuning is fine but as least they should be getting into your site and making sure that all the titles and descriptions are spot on. Plus they should be checking your site for ‘on-page’ elements like site speed, content as well as bounce rates and addressing these as part of their overall strategy.


These are just 3 points to consider when dealing with your digital marketing agency. As small business owners looking to generate more customers and eye balls on your website you should be vigilant and very aware of what’s happening when it comes to all your internet marketing especially the mob charged with looking after your rankings.

There are far too many so called SEO gurus and TOP SEO comapnies in Sydney preying on peoples naivety and are happy to cash in on the gravy train as long as punters out there are willing to part with their cash without being aware that they are slowly being ripped off.

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