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4 SEO Elements that make up your Google rankings

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Getting a solid Google ranking is not as easy as it would seem. If you speak to SEO firms or digital agencies they will blind you with geek speak and bamboozle you with terms and phrases that is enough to turn you off the whole subject for ever.

But, if you follow these 4 simple and very easy to understand elements you will be well on your way to a thorough understanding of what Google is looking for when it comes to your websites rankings. It’s not that complicated if you can get your head around these four SEO factors.

# 1. Back linking – this is probably the most important element Google uses in determining where you will sit in the search results.

Firstly, back links are links on other websites that point to your website. So for example, have you ever been on another website and you click on a link and it takes you to another website? Well, that’s a back link and Google uses these as a major ranking signal. When it comes to back links it’s not a matter of quantity, but it’s a matter of high quality links. The higher the authority of the back link, the more trust Google will place on your website and in turn, better rankings.

Let’s say for example you are a lawyer and are looking for a high value back link. If you could get some from websites such as the Law Society who might make mention of your website and business in one of their blogs or news articles then this would be considered a high domain name authority back link and you will be rewarded for this.

Please note that getting 1 back link is not the ‘magic bullet’ to perpetual high Google rankings. This type of link activity must be done each and every month from similar high value websites. Hence, the need for an SEO agency like ours that know how to find these websites and get you listed on them. Taking a DIY approach to this and trying it yourself will not work. I’m not trying to give our company a free plug here but back linking is a critical component of your SEO strategy and needs to be implemented in a well thought out, planned and strategic manner. If you don’t know what your doing you will cause more harm than good, even if you think you are doing the right thing – be warned.

If you get the back linking part right you are well on your way to beating your competition. Remember, back linking costs money so if your using a cheap SEO agency they are probably going to take short cuts and not back link. So if your wondering why your website has not moved from page 2,3,4 or 5 in months, this is the reason. Dodgy, cheap, SEO agencies will NOT be doing a proper back link strategy and this is disastrous for your SEO.

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# 2. Bounce Rates. A bounce rate is when someone exits your website from the page they entered the site. This means they have not gone to any other pages and have basically left your website when they saw it. Zero engagement like this equates to high bounce rates which Google will notice and take into account when ranking your website. To improve bounce rates and therefore your rankings, you need to have a more engaging website, one that encourages visitors to explore the site and drill deeper. Essentially, you want them to go to your products or services pages, read them, perhaps they will go to your ‘about us’ page, or watch a video, fill out a form or make an inquiry. The aim here is to get them to be more involved with your site and get them to click, call or buy.

The more they do this, the lower the bounce rates and presto, your rankings should start improving. This is where a full service digital agency like ours can help. Not only can we get you the best back links but we also have incredibly talented designers that know a thing or two about bounce rates.

# 3. Time on website. Leading on from point 2 is the time spent on the site. Basically, the longer people are there, the more likely it is they are engaging with the site and enjoying the overall user experience. Google in all their wisdom has algorithms that can tell how long people spend on your website. The longer they are there the better your rankings. Having said that, there’s not point asking a friend to open your website and leave it there for hours as Google is awake to tricks like this.

Point 2 and 3 are really one and the same. Lower bounce rates means more time on your website which would indicate a better customer experience. If your website is the bees knees and gives consumers and shoppers a WOW experience, Google will want to promote your website so other people can share in this as well. It’s simple logic.

# 4. Content marketing. Again, like points 2 and 3 if people are on your website and are enjoying what they read through your blogging or content marketing efforts, you will see those pages rise very quickly in the results. More people reading, sharing and liking your content equates again to better overall rankings. I tell all my clients that they should be publishing at least 1 article or blog per month. This will generate interest in the website which in turn will drive traffic numbers and help eventually with revenue and sales.

This is simple math. The more people that come to your website, the higher the probability of someone making a purchase or inquiry.

In conclusion, these are the 4 most important aspects that go in to determining the value of your website. They are all interrelated and they all pretty much have equal value. This is why you need an expert SEO agency like ours to do this for you. I’m more than happy to go over this with you if any parts are unclear. Call me on 02 9360 8514.

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