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5 Reasons why your business should invest in SEO

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If you haven't thought about SEO and want to improve website traffic and sales inquiries then you need to start focusing on your SEO efforts. Most businesses iN Sydney are already implementing some form of SEO so now's the time to get proactive and do something very positive for your business as SEO will radically shift the way you look at customers and new business acquisitions.

If you think that SEO is dead and is something that you can do for yourself then you really need to think again.

SEO is very much alive and it is the smart business owners and eCommerce startups who understand this and who are working with an SEO company for their online marketing.

Those businesses that are ignoring SEO and are thinking that the old ways of direct marketing, cold calling and relying on loyal customers work best, are the businesses that are slowly seeing a decline in their customer base and revenues.

Also, having a DIY approach to your SEO is a killer! You need to be partnering nowadays with an expert. It’s like trying to manage a house build. It may seem like a good idea to begin with and you may think that you are saving money, but watch out – things can and do go nasty very quickly. Saving pennies up front is going to lead to issues and problems later on. You have to trust us on this.

Based on this and knowing that SEO should be part of your marking mix I have compiled 5 reasons why your business should invest in an organic (not AdWords) SEO strategy.

1) It works, it really does

Don’t believe people that say SEO is dead. Sure there have been massive Google updates, including the latest Hummingbird update, but if you implement your strategy with a clear and well-thought-out plan, you will rank. Simple as that. I personally have helped rank hundreds of websites and they all follow a proven and tried technique. It’s a formula that we use time and time again that works. We have new clients with brand-new domain names and have been able to rank a majority of their core keywords within 6 to 8 months. This just proves that SEO is alive, and well and a great marketing tool for your business.

Based on what the search engines are using to rank websites, it does not appear that these SERPS or ranking results are going to change in the future. The formulas and algorithms are tightening up but overall the ranking trends appear to be consistent. The way Google ranks audio and video searches is also extremely consistent. All are text-based and rely on keyword density, title tags and a great backlinking campaign. As long as you follow certain rules and guidelines and build trust continuously in your site, Google will reward you.

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2) It’s really very cheap

Think of what you used to pay for a magazine or newspaper advert and other traditional forms of marketing like TV and radio and SEO now looks very attractive. Also compared to Adwords and remarketing, SEO is much more affordable.

Again, look at traditional marketing such as TV, radio and print and you get an idea of how much (over the top prices) you were paying for these mediums. You may also think that you can rely on free social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, but a solid SEO campaign should be the foundation of your online presence. Thinking you can get away without search engine optimisation is negligent and overall really bad for your business. Beware and this is a good point to note – that bargaining for SEO and scouting around for the cheapest deal is also a major problem and something that needs to be addressed. Paying rock bottom prices will only end up getting your website penalized as you are giving your marketing to companies that practise black hat SEO techniques.

3) Search engines are now getting more market share

Somewhere between 70-85% of potential clients and customers will be looking online before making a decision. And according to WordStream, there are over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. Look at the trend it’s absolutely amazing. Think about your buying habits ten years ago and look at them today and you will then clearly see the necessity for SEO – if you aren’t ranking and on page 1, you are nowhere. This trend will grow and if you are blind to this then your business will ultimately suffer the consequences. Also, look at the way people are searching with their mobile phones. It’s scary to think that just 10 years ago this type of consumer behaviour was non-existent. How times have changed!

4) Helps with local search

Local directories are so outdated and no one is looking at them when conducting a search. So, if you want to rank locally for your company then you must think SEO! Look at the way Google has introduced the Google maps component in the search results. The only way to really get your business there is through 2 things; SEO and citations. Having a strong local map listing is going to draw in loads of local businesses.

5) Makes you proactively update your website

Part of the SEO process is looking at your website and ensuring that it is up-to-date; graphically as well as having new, relevant and fresh content. Strategically this is great for your business as it means that you are forever looking at ways to improve your website’s online performance as well as the content you are publishing. It keeps you on your toes, which is great from a marketing perspective. Google loves new copy and you will find that blogs will rank faster once an SEO campaign has started.

If you think for one minute your competition is not doing SEO then you are mistaken. Join in and sign up with an SEO company or be left behind. Basically, if you are not looking at ways to improve your online position and leap over your competitors then you will lose out. Ignoring this incredibly powerful marketing tool is a serious mistake. I cannot emphasise this enough.

In conclusion

Investing your time and resources into organic SEO has never been more important. Before you launch and business or if you currently have a business, you really need to think long and hard about this process and all the benefits that can be derived from this.

Finding the right SEO partner is the next challenge you’re going to face.  Make sure you do your research and ask the right SEO questions before you make any final decisions. I’m always happy to help you if you have any questions regarding SEO or how your business can benefit from it.

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