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8 Golden SEO tips that you must know about

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SEO isn’t rocket science but if you follow these 8 golden tips that’s all you really need to know to get a ranking on Google. Generally, you can do these yourself but if you are unclear it’s a good idea to hire an SEO agency to help you with this as well as your digital marketing on a regular basis.

If you’re a entrepreneur or have your own business and want to kick start your way to better Google rankings then simply follow these easy to understand points and watch what happens. So, before you even think about uploading any new content to your website please implement these 8 SEO tips.

1. Make sure you know what keyword your audience is searching for.

If your in the plumbing business and you want to publish a page about ‘hot water system repairs’ then you need to be adding content about ‘hot water system repairs’. To be sure that this is the right area that you want to focus on, you need to see if people are actually searching for that keyword. Take a look at Google Keyword Planner to see how many searches this term is generating.

2. What is your competition doing?

Now that you know they keyword you wish to focus on, you need to spy on your competition and see what they are doing. Make sure you use ‘Incognito’ in your browser. See the top 10 results (ignoring the ads) and note what they are doing and see if you can write and better copy for that keyword search. Also see if you can design a web page that’s better than the ones displaying. A better designed page with more engaging copy should help you rank far better.

3. Make sure you write killer copy.

You might need to get a copy writer to do this for you but what ever happens you need to write really good copy. Basically it’s time to blow your competitors out of the water with the best every copy. It doesn’t matter what your writing; a blog post or article,. But what ever it is it must be kick ass content. Without it no one is going to read it and Google will be far less likely to rank it. I have written articles about this before: Website copy: Always write unique content

4. Make sure you have the right keywords in your page title.

Remember we were writing a page about ‘ hot water repairs’ then you should have a title that reads something like: Hot Water Repairs Sydney – Open 7 Days

Keep it simple, to the point and punchy. This is the first thing people are going to see on the search results so it’s got to be enticing enough to click.

5. Make sure the keyword is in the name and alt-tag of your page image.

If you are using images in the blog or post you can further tell Google more information about the page by adding in:

  1. a) the image name
  2. b) the image alt tag

If you are using a WordPress CMS you can easily add this in through the photo gallery section. So instead of an image being called 56830.jpg you can call it: ‘hot water repairs.jpg’.

6. Add the keyword in the URL

A really good way for Google to tell the nature of the article is to add the keywords : hot water repairs’ in the URL. Again, WordPress is brilliant for this and will automatically add this if you put it in the name of the article. Take a look at the following 2 URL structures and you tell me which one you think Google will like better.



2. abcplumberssydney.com.au/hot-water-repairs

If you guessed the second one your absolutely correct.

7. Internal links

Make sure there are internal page links in the article from the page you have just published to other pages within your site. By pointing to other pages within your site your giving your readers more information. If your site is the best in Sydney then your other pages should also have good copy well worth pointing to.

So for example you make want to reference ‘ hot water safety tips’ within the content of the ‘hot water repairs page’ and have a link to it.

8. Lastly and this is a really important tip. You have to build back links pointing to your new page. This means your either going to have to contact other website owners to link to your site or get an SEO company to do this for you. Google relies a lot on these types of citations and it’s really the foundation of SEO. Yes you can have great copy and get natural links by people referring to it, but without any external links pointing to the site it will not rank as high as it could.

The above 8 points are just a start to better SEO and do not include everything. This would require a much larger article but for the sake of this piece follow these tips or contact us and I will be more than happy to address any ranking concerns you may have.

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