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Corporate SEO in Sydney Survival Guide

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Sydney corporates take note! The SEO landscape is super-competitive and you need to partner with the right SEO agency to have any chance of survival. Ranking on Google is not what is used to be and if you have a corporate business you have to take notice of this and make sure you don't fall into any SEO scams.

Our Corporate SEO is a tailor-made, customised solution for those corporate businesses and companies in Sydney looking for the very best that SEO can buy.

Our SEO philosophy does not focus on link building alone like so many other agencies rely on. This is deemed black and is considered very old school.

Our proven SEO strategy looks at your entire online marketing and focuses on all the complex variables that can have an impact on your rankings such as your web design, user interface and experience, social media engagement, website bounce rates as well as your content marketing and entire digital ethos.

We take a very holistic approach to your SEO and like to think that we offer a premium, blue-chip SEO service. Thirteen years in this business is a lifetime and what we bring to the table is a mature, proven and seasoned approach to your SEO and digital marketing. Basically, we know what it takes to make your website more sticky and conversion focused. After all, it’s very competitive online and we want to make sure that the traffic we get to your site is going to hang around long enough to engage with what you’re offering and hopefully make a purchase or inquiry. Our real intention is to make your site a selling machine, that is far superior to your competitors.

Why Use SEO Sydney Experts for your corporate SEO?

There are reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your Corporate SEO, these include:

1) We look at your on-page SEO as an important contributing SEO factor. The latest Google Panda updates require your content to be informative, unique and fresh. We have in house copywriters that can look at all your web pages and optimise them so that are much more Google complaint. If your site is thin on content or poorly written, we can beef up the wording with valuable content that speaks to your audience.

2) We analyse what your competition is doing, study their SEO strategy and look at ways we can out-smart them online. In the competitive SEO environment, this can often be difficult to do, but we have the know-how and prowess to outsmart your opposition, using the latest SEO techniques. In fact, by engaging our services, we put your competitors in our crosshairs and will aim to out beat them within 6 months. Just watch us in action and see how quickly we can perform miracles.

3) We can handle your social media marketing and optimise all your social media platforms; Facebook & Instagram so they are all SEO friendly, plus relevant in driving new followers to your website. Our social media campaigns are not random but well thought out, planned with particular goals and outcomes in mind.

Social media activity is a key trigger for search engines and we make sure that your company has an active and very high profile in this space. Because we have greater insights and a solid understanding of what makes people engage on these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, we use this expertise to positively leverage your brand and elevate your social media profile online.

It’s all about engagement and promoting your brand, company or business so that you start to target and communicate with a huge new, untapped audience.

4) There is not a day that goes by when we are not monitoring your rankings. In fact, some of our current clients would say that we are fairly obsessive about this. We know what is going on at all times of the day and we have sophisticated software that can tell us if there are any fluctuations with your rankings.

One of our ranking tools in MOZ which & we will share all our insights with you.

5) We study your Google Analytics and make website amends based on the data we receive. With these statistics in hand, we make sure that all your pages are performing at an optimum level. We can study consumer behaviour patterns, time spent on the site and make site changes based on actual data. We know exactly what we are doing and have all the cutting edge tools at our disposal to ensure that your site is tweaked constantly for better conversion rates. You can learn a bit more about Analytics and how it can be used to benefit your business here:

Unfortunately, the SEO landscapes are filled with players looking to make a fast buck and companies that have paid the ultimate price for trusting these people; have been penalised.

Corporate survival in the SEO space?

Companies that are specifically targeting your business with promises of 90-day ranking guarantees – these are easy to spot and if they go on about this just hang up the phone or delete the email. There are no such things as 90-day rankings as SEO, especially in the corporate, competitive space takes time and effort. Google tells us clearly that no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

SEO companies that are not based in Australia. These guys often promote their business on Adwords and have fancy looking websites, so you think they are in Sydney. If you can’t walk into their office then avoid them at all costs.

This goes for freelancers as well. These guys are just as bad as their overseas counterparts as they can easily disappear if things go wrong. You need and I will emphasise this need to work with a local company that has a physical address – NOT a PO Box or a let’s meet for a coffee at your local café, BUT a real physical office that you can visit – this is most important and adds a level of accountability that freelancers just don’t have.

Going for the cheapest price offered. This is an SEO killer and will ultimately lead to your website suffering the curse of a Google penalty. Bargaining for a better price and negotiating for the sweetest deal is good for some part of your business, BUT when it comes to your internet marketing you have to pay top dollar if you expect to see any results. Some cowboys will gladly take your money, no matter how cheap the quote is, but the reality here is that they will do absolutely nothing for this.

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Have you had a bad experience with past SEO companies? Is your current provider not catering to your demands, wishes or expectations in the past paced corporate environment? Do they tend to go missing for a few weeks, avoid phone calls, ignore emails, poorly communicate and provide little or no transparency as to what they have been doing? If you have said yes to any of these then it’s a good signal that it’s time to take a good hard look at what you are actually getting for your corporate marketing dollar.

At SEO Sydney Experts, we know that we have redefined the SEO experience by not only being able to rank businesses in highly sort after niches but also offer a customer experience that’s world-class. All your emails are answered within the hour, calls are answered immediately, we are available over the weekend (yes that’s true), you get fortnightly ranking reports with clear open advice and honest evaluation of your digital campaign.

If you are serious and dedicated to achieving the best possible online rankings for your company, then make sure you get in touch with one of our team today. We can commence your SEO campaign immediately and within 4 weeks you will start to see some very positive, real and measurable results.

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