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Pay Peanuts for SEO, your going to pay for it later!

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Whatever you do, don't try and go with the cheapest option when it comes to your SEO. It's only going to end in tears. To get credible SEO you have to pay a premium price, especially if it's done by a professional agency. Don't penny-pinch here!

If you think your going to get incredibly good Google rankings and pay peanuts think again. Nowadays, SEO takes time, effort and in some cases can be quite expensive.

You have to be prepared to incorporate SEO into your advertising budget and in 2021 it will just keep getting more pricey. Be warned!

Updated by Steven Waldberg 12 April 2021

Yes, that’s right. If you are going to pay next to nothing for your SEO the only thing you can expect is to get either absolutely nothing or worse, a Google penalty. That’s right folks, in 2021 and into the foreseeable future Google is going to be targeting those businesses that cut corners with their SEO and try to do things on a very limited budget. The reason for this is very simple, they want all businesses to run ethical and compliant SEO campaigns which to the surprise of many business owners does in fact cost (in many cases, depending on the competitive nature of the niche you are trying to target) a lot of money!

In fact, today, I just spoke with a small business owner that was trying to get me to price an SEO campaign for him over the phone. Whilst chatting with him he was telling me that he had been doing his research online and found that he could get someone to do his SEO for a couple of hundred dollars and work on over 100 keywords. Plus they were going to throw his web copywriting in for free. When I told him that this was a waste of money and time he seemed perplexed and wondered why I couldn’t match these incredibly low and might I say ridiculous prices.

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I told him that his niche was super competitive and that if he had any hope or chance of ranking he needed to be paying at least $2000 per month and this was a very modest figure. When he heard this, there was this stunned silence over the phone that tended to linger for about 30 seconds while he was digesting all this information. His next question was expected and that was why are you so much more expensive than the Indian company who quoted me only $200 per month?’

Herein lies the issue with so many businesses that use SEO agencies that are quoting next to nothing. Most people don’t really understand search engine optimisation and the hard work and effort that goes into ranking a website. They just look at the dollars and how much they can save.

This might be OK if you’re doing the ring around looking for a plumber or furniture removalist but when it comes to SEO this is a totally different ball game. If you outsource this to a company based in India that is virtually doing it for free, then guess what? You’re going to get absolutely nothing in return. If you think that just because you got a good deal now and that the guy you spoke to over the phone sounded reasonable and friendly that all is OK and you’re going to get to page 1.

Forget about it, your dreaming!

Watch out for these guys as they will promise almost anything to get you to sign up with them. If you hear words like ranking guarantees, get the hell out of there!! Even Google tells us to avoid ranking guarantees. Read this.

These cheap SEO companies are nothing but scammers and are out there cold calling and fleecing suckers out of their money daily. The worst thing about it is they are overseas so there is no legal action you can take to recover your money once you realise that you have been completely ripped off. I say this with authority because I speak to people every day who have gone down this path and believed that it was OK to pay peanuts for their SEO.

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I get so frustrated when I have to constantly tell business owners over and over again that we can never match these prices because we implement our SEO campaigns the right way and in order for us to do this, requires an enormous amount of resources and time. If you think otherwise you are sorrily mistaken.


Like most business owners I like you are looking for the best deals possible, but with SEO ( and I know you do not want to hear this) please pay accordingly. If you have just read this article and were about to go down the path of choosing an SEO agency purely based on the lowest price, please call me now on 02 9360 8514 and I will explain to you why this is the wrong decision.

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