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Thinking about starting a Forex or stockbroking business and need some SEO to get you new clients? See why we are the right fit!

As more and more people turn to the online and digital environment to trade shares and dabble in the stock market, the place to capture new clients especially for Forex dealers and stock brokers is Google.

Basically, if your website is not sitting on page 1 for your stockbroking or Forex business then how are you going to get new business?

Sure you may have your existing networks and old fashioned ways of getting new business but you are dreaming if you think that you can ignore Google for generating new business.

If your reading this article thinking that maybe I have a point here and just maybe it’s about time you did some thing about this the best thing to do is start an SEO campaign and stop relying on old marketing, which is the only way you are going to get your foreign exchange or trading CFD’s website to the top of Google. Anything else moving forward is a waste of time.

If you are a trader and have a website here are some tips for choosing the right SEO agency to help you get more clients through TOP Google rankings.

I will relate a conversation I had earlier this week with a Forex dealer that had a website and wanted some SEO work. In fact, this conversation sums up basically everything you should NOT be doing when it comes to SEO. From this, you will know what you need to be doing to play up there with the big end of town.

Essentially he rang me up and his requirements were to rank on page 1 of Google for keywords like forex trading, trade CFD’s online and forex dealers. He also wanted (and this is the best part) to pay less than $1000 per month in this seriously competitive space. Plus add to that he had a strict time frame of fewer than 3 months.

To rank in the Forex space you need a decent SEO budget

The background to this is he has never done any type of SEO before and had little or no idea how it worked. His premise was to choose an agency that could give him what he wanted and pay next to nothing for this SEO service. Granted $1000 per month is not chicken feed, but when it comes to this highly competitive niche to outperform the existing guys dominating this space online, you will need to do a hell of a lot of work.

Why? Because the existing businesses have probably been doing SEO for many years and it means that we are starting at a disadvantage. What we have to do is slowly and organically build your website’s authority so that Google starts to view it and rank it accordingly. The higher the authority Google places on your site, the better you will rank. Our job is to give you this authority and this takes loads of work, patience and experience and know-how. You cannot simply expect this to happen overnight for that matter in less than 3 months – it simply won’t happen.

When I tried to explain this to this Forex bloke he seemed to be somewhat angry that he couldn’t get his way and couldn’t get what he wanted.

I explained to him patiently that Google sets these rules up to make sure that they only display the best results in the search and this is a task that has to be implemented over many months. In most cases, in very saturated niches where you have existing companies ploughing big bucks into their SEO, this can take more than a year and the cost per month can be many thousands of dollars. I also explained that it’s not like trying to rank a suburban tradie or a business in an area that is not overly competitive.

Anything to do with foreign exchange or CFD’s or for that matter stockbrokers that have high search volumes online will be already inhabited by banks and other big firms and if you think that you can somehow miraculously nudge these guys from top Google positions you are dreaming.

The good news is that if you are prepared to invest the right amount of funds and are prepared to work with us and stay the course for the long haul then you will be able to compete in this space.

It’s possible to be competitive in the financial markets space online

If you are narrow-minded and want things to happen immediately then SEO is probably not the right marketing platform for your business. You should probably go down the path of an Adwords/PPC or remarketing campaign. Just remember this is going to be heaps more expensive than SEO and you will end up getting inquiries from people that are looking to screw you down on price.

This is the big difference between Adwords and SEO. With SEO the quality of the inquiry is much better as you are perceived as an authority in your field.

The conversation ended with him telling me that he would go away and talk with his business partners. No doubt he will be making the ring around and end up going with an agency that will promise him the world for $500 and he will end up getting totally screwed. The SEO world is full of piranhas a full of fraudsters that are just sitting there waiting to snare a mug punter like this bloke. They will tell him that they will guarantee his rankings and he will be right up there competing with the likes of ANZ, Pepperstone and Forex trading within 60 days. This is insanity but I guess if he wants to believe in this hard enough it just might happen….NOT!


The tips to follow if you want to succeed when it comes to ranking on Google is to be realistic with your timings in terms of how long it will take to rank, and have a healthy SEO budget. If you want to be as big as the guys on page 1, you need to invest in your online marketing.

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If you want more information on this I would be more than happy to explain to you the whole SEO process in more detail and clearly show you how we work here at SEO Sydney Experts and our processes for getting you to be the player you always wanted to be.

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