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SEO statistics that will blow your mind for 2021

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Drive better online rankings and internet market results by taking a close look at these amazing stats. These numbers will shock you. If you don't know what the best digital marketing strategies ar efor your buisness; this is the ultimate guide.

The digital landscape is always changing, and your business needs to adapt very quickly to these updates.

But, before you start Googling away, you need to know what statistics are vital and where you should be investing your marketing dollar.

These stats are insane and will change the way you think about digital marketing forever. With this in mind, you’ll be able to work out quickly what campaigns you should be investing in and what to avoid.

Read on…

Important SEO statistics

1) If you’re at the top of page 1 there is a 34% CTR or click-through rate, which means that # 1 gets a bulk of the clicks. A huge incentive to be doing SEO. ( Blue Corona )

2) The difference between the number of clicks you receive from the # 1 and # 10 position is x 10—a huge difference.

3) 94% of the organic/ natural search that comes to your website is from the one and only; Google! Again, another huge reason why SEO should be a big part of your marketing mix.

4) SEO is 20 x more effective than Adwords. WOW, is all I can say. Think about all that money your putting into Adwords. Diverting these funds into SEO is an excellent idea.

5) Over 60% of digital marketing experts agree that improving their organic rankings is a # 1 priority. ( HubSpot )

6) 72% of marketers agree that content marketing as a lethal weapon in their SEO arsenal, which means you should be blogging & posting news items continuously.

7) According to Search Engine Watch, best practice link building and creating quality content are the two primary ranking factors on Google. I have always said that these two areas are extremely vital as they build trust and authority to your site. And this is why you need an SEO agency to do this for you.

8) There are over 6.5 billion searches on Google every day.

9) Google accounts for over 95% of all organic web searches. A vast number and blows the likes of Bing & Yahoo away. In fact, in all my years of doing SEO, no one has wanted to rank on Bing. ( SimilarWeb )

10) The leads you get from organic search have a 15% conversion rate compared to other outbound marketing forms, roughly around 1.5%. This makes the ROI for organic search much higher.

11) 65% – 80% of people ignore paid ads on Google and will click organically. Knowing this statistic is crucial for your business as Adwords ( paid ads ) can take a massive chunk of your marketing dollar. I always recommend reducing the Adwords budgets and put them into SEO. It does take longer, but the results are far, far better.

12) 80% of people never scroll past the first page of Google. Ouch, if you’re on page 2. You MUST get your website to page 1 at all costs for your main & long-tail keywords. ( Junto )

13) 75% of browsers will visit a store once they have done a local search. So if your ranking locally, its a great marketing move.

14) You have just 2 seconds for your web page to load before users will bounce off the site and look elsewhere. This super-important statistic is a huge reason you need a web agency to fine-tune your site for speed and download times. Also read: How to optimise website speed for better SEO

15) 78% of local searches lead to a purchase, which tells us a lot about local SEO’s importance for your business. It would be best if you did as much as you can to improve your local online presence.

16) 40% of the results on page 1 of Google have an HTTPS. This format shows Google and users that your site is trustworthy. A whopping 82% of people will NOT but from a site that doesn’t have an HTTPS. It’s easy to implement, and your hosting company can do this.

Best Content Marketing statistics

1) Blogging is the third most popular form of content marketing after videos and eBooks. So blog away. Most WordPress websites allow you to post blogs quickly. ( HubSpot )

how many times per week should you blog
Source: How Often Should You (or Your Company) Blog? HUBSPOT

2) The better the quality content of the blog, the higher the website traffic. Some blogs have increased web traffic by over 1500%. ( Search Engine People )

3) The average number of words for Googles best-ranking pages is 1890. You have to write well-worded pages that satisfy users questions. It has to be informative and unique. Never fill the page with spammy text in the hope of rankings.

4) Businesses that write blogs consistently get 67% more leads per month. This statistic shows the importance of content marketing. ( Demand Metric )

5) Marketers that emphasise content marketing will have an x 13 times better ROI than those that don’t.

6) 70% of potential customers would instead learn about your business via a blog or article than an advert.

7) Content marketing has x 3 times the impact of paid adverts, according to Neil Patel.

8) Content marketing produces X 3 as many leads as traditional marketing strategies while costing 62% less. For any businesses wanting to boost their brand and online profile, this is a significant point. ( Content Marketing Institute )

9) 95% of potential customers will exchange their personal information for an eBook, according to Internal Results.

10) 86% of businesses classed as “highly efficient” have a professional team in charge of their content marketing strategy. They either outsource this or do it in-house. Ensure you get a locally based company to write the content and avoid the temptation to offshore it purely based on price.

Social media marketing statistics

Facebook social media marketing statistics

1) There are over 2.5 billion active Facebook users @ the end of Feb 2021. Ask yourself this question: ‘what are you doing to get in front of these people?’.

2) After Google and YouTube, Facebook is the most popular website in the world. ( Zephoria )

3) There are over 2 billion searches on Facebook every day.

4) Worldwide, over 50 million small businesses are using Facebook to connect with customers. ( DreamGrow )

5) 20% of marketers currently use Facebook Groups to reach out to people.

6) 64% of online shoppers say that a video they saw on social media such as Facebook influenced their buying decision. ( Social Media Today )

7) A Facebook post that has an image engages users 2.3 times more than one that is just content.

8) 79% of video marketers use Facebook as a video marketing channel. This shows you how popular Facebook is becoming, according to Wyzowl.

LinkedIn digital marketing statistics

1) LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users, according to Hootsuite.

2) 96% of B2B ( business to business ) marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing.

3) 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation.

4) Cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than Google AdWords. You will have to test both platforms and see which one performs better and delivers a better ROI.

5) According to LinkedIn, 68% of B2B marketers feel that it is a potent marketing tool for their business.


Pinterest digital marketing statistics

1) 30% of all marketers use Pinterest to promote a product.

2) According to Pinterest, there are over 320 million active users worldwide.

3) 70% of users on Pinterest are women. Just imagine what a great marketing tool this is to capture that female market.

4) Over 30 % of users that sign up with Pinterest do so to follow a brand.

5) Over 40% of users discovered a new brand that they now follow.

6) 82% of Pinterest users have bought products based on the brands content. So make sure everything you post on Pinterest has some decent copy and images!


Instagram digital marketing statistics

1) There are over 1 billion users on Instagram every month. Chances are when you are watching someone use their phone on a train; they are on Instagram. It’s insanely popular!

2) According to Hubspot, Instagram offers marketing teams the second-highest ROI.

3) 28% of video marketers plan to include Instagram TV in their 2021 and 2022 video marketing strategy.

4) 65% of Instagram users log in every day to see what’s happening.

5) Hootsuite tells us that over 30% of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses.


Twitter digital marketing statistics

1) The number of users worldwide that use Twitter every day is 187 million ( Statista ).

2) Twitter is one of the top 3 social media marketing channels that offer the best ROI.

3) 43% of video marketers plan to include Twitter in their 2021 and 2022 video marketing strategy.


Important Video marketing statistics

1) Video is the second most popular form of content used to create awareness of a product or service. It’s cut through rate and user engagement is enormous.

2) Businesses that use video in their marketing increase their revenue by 48% more than those that don’t. ( Infographic World )

3) When it comes to customer conversion, 70% of B2B marketers claim that video is the best marketing tool they have. A colossal result and shows you the power of explainer videos.

4) Including a video on your website’s landing page, your conversion rate increases by over 80%. ( Omnikick )

5) 85% of all businesses now use video as a marketing tool.

6) 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website, and 81% of marketers say video has improved their visitors’ average time on page. This is an essential insight as a video has reduced websites bounce rates which is an important ranking factor.

7) When compared to straightforward text content, video is 60% more likely to achieve strong organic search rankings. You could not getter a stronger case for video production than this stat. ( SEO inc )

8) LinkedIn states that blogs with video content have an average of 157% more traffic than those that don’t.

9) A potential customer will x 2 more likely buy from you if your web page contains a video. For eCommerce sites, this makes video marketing a must!


YouTube marketing statistics

1) In 2021, YouTube was the most visited website in the world.

2) More than 1 billion hours are spent on YouTube each day by users worldwide.

3) In the US, YouTube will make more than 5 billion in revenue.

4) YouTube is the most popular platform for social media marketers.

TikTok marketing statistics

1) According to Markinblog, TikTok has over 800 million users worldwide.

2) An Average TikTok user spends 52 minutes per day on the app – these are probably kids, but you can market to them.

3) TikTok ranks sixth among apps for consumer spending worldwide.

4) So far, in 2021, TikTok is the most popular downloaded app.


Final thoughts

I bet you never thought that video marketing was so powerful and that local search was essential for driving quality leads and helping with sales.

These digital marketing statistics offer a great insight into what a good campaign can do for your business. With all this evidence presented, you can see why all companies need to be doing as much as they can online. Some strategies may not be right for you, but there are some sweet pickings to help you find the best option.

As always, you probably have a question or two, and this is where we can help. We will uncover the best digital solutions for your business. Will it be YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram or a combination? We don’t know that yet, but we will uncover this soon. And work out the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

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