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SEO Sydney produces SEO podcasts aimed at helping businesses navigate the often confusing pathways of SEO. These useful podcasts aim to help business owners who are thinking about starting an SEO campaign avoid the pitfalls, SEO sharks, so-called gurus and traps along the way. Plus, some helpful tips on how to choose the best SEO companies.

I’ve tried to make them as authentic as possible without all the fanfare and hard sell. These tips come from over 15 years of experience in the SEO space and having seen so many well-intentioned businesses go bust because they made lousy SEO decisions and choices.

Guaranteed SEO Results – never ever believe them!

If you decide to engage the services of an agency that offers you guaranteed SEO rankings, let me start by saying this is a bad idea! You have probably been calling a few agencies, making inquiries, and of course, you’re going to go with an agency that says they will guarantee you a page 1

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46 Reasons Your Website Deserves to Be Penalised By Google

Google’s on a mission BIG TIME! It wants to give its users the very best content, the latest information and the best content. It’s on a mission to refine, tweak and improve its ranking algorithm so users only get first-class results. All results displayed on Google have been through a rigorous filtering process, so you,

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3 easy to do SEO tips to help your Google rankings

Some websites simply do not respond to any SEO work. They are stuck on page 2 or 3 of Google and no matter what you do or the work you put into the site, nothing seems to change. Sure you may rise a couple of positions (which kinda gives you some false hope), but like

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Why SEO is important

SEO or search engine optimisation is probably the most important marketing tool for your business and it’s the best way to get people through to your website. For those that don’t know about SEO or have never gone down the SEO path, you should first know what SEO stands for. It means search engine optimisation

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Why most people don’t trust SEO agencies

Nearly every time I pick up the phone and answer an SEO inquiry, the most common complaint everyone always says is:’ we just don’t trust SEO agencies’. I totally understand this and sympathise with these people who have been ripped off and burnt by SEO agencies in the past. Basically, SEO companies have a really

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Why are your Google rankings not improving?

If you’re a business that relies heavily on Google traffic to generate new leads or inquiries – even online sales ( you have an eCommerce site), then it’s vital that you’re on page 1 of Google for your main keywords. As an SEO agency, we live and die by Google’s rankings so we make sure

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5 Secrets your SEO Agency will never tell you

SEO agencies have been known to not tell the truth. This is an understatement! So many agencies have for years been telling clients exactly what they want to hear and in many cases, this is not the truth. So I thought that I would tell you 5 facts that your SEO agency will never disclose.

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