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Local SEO for restaurants

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Sydney is a huge city and guess what? People enjoy food and absolutely love going out to restaurants all the time. Whether for business, pleasure, entertaining friends or relatives it doesn’t matter; Sydneysiders are obsessed with eating out. This is where local SEO is necessary.

restaurants-seo-sydneyQuestions like, what’s new, what’s fashionable, what is in my area for a particular cuisine all pop to mind when thinking about where to go out to dine. Well, the best thing to do and the only thing one can really do for a quick answer is get onto Google and start searching away. This is where local SEO is so important for the restaurant industry. Why? Beause if your establishment is no where to be found you can forget about attracting all those new customers. They are going to go down the road and eat at your competitors restaurant. People, especially those with families want to eat locally. Travelling distances can be a hassle so finding the nearest pizzeria, Japanese restaurants , health food bar or cafe is what most of your customers will be looking for. Google delivers these results in their maps area.

Google clearly explain how to add or edit a local maps listing here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/6174435?hl=en

So it is vital that all restaurants in Sydney’s CDB and suburbs get an understanding of how SEO can have a massive impact on their business.

Standing Out Is Going to Really make a Difference.

How are you as a business owner going to stand out among the throng of restaurants trying to compete for the same local customers. If you are in the city or in a crowded suburban area you need to grab as many customers as you possibly can who are searching online for that night out to eat. There are only 10 spaces available on the first page of Google. So if I am searching for Italian restaurants in Sydney CBD, your restaurant better be on that first page in the maps area or else you are going to loose out. This is where SEO is so critical. A maps listing is perfect for attracting loads of local customers.

Think About Other Areas of Your Business You Want to Expand.

Do you offer catering? Does your restaurant have the space and the ability to handle corporate events or weddings? If so you need to start actively promoting this side of the business. Through SEO you can target these specific keywords to designated landing pages within your website and push these hard for you online. Relevant pages such as a corporate event page can be easily designed and added to your websites navigation. This is why SEO is such a great marketing tool.

Have you thought of Social Media?

Getting a great local listing is one marketing avenues but there are other ways to attract hungry customers. There are some fabulous social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that are just ripe for marketing your restaurant. Do your research and have a look at what other popular, well known establishments are doing and follow their formula. These social media platforms are fantastic at promoting special offers, new dishes, new chefs, anything you want to tell your local customers quickly can now be done.

10 Local SEO Citations for restaurants

Following are 10 quick and easy websites that are perfect for local SEO. Simply log into these sites and register your restaurant:

  1. Yelp
  2. Urban Spoon
  3. Trip Advisor
  4. Yellow Pages
  5. Reach Local
  6. Local.Yahoo
  7. Google Plus
  8. Open Table
  9. Hot Frog
  10. White Pages
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