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5 Effective Strategies To Get Your First 10,000 Website Visitors

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10KVisitorsThe aim of any website is visitors, simple as that. There is no point at all, it is a complete waste of time, trouble and effort in getting a website designed and built if there is no online traffic. In today’s online obsessed world it’s all about getting as many website visitors as you can and converting these into actual clients. It might seem like an easy task, but in fact, it’s harder than you think. Getting people to click on your website is a monumental task, a huge effort and in some cases nearly impossible. But there are solutions. If you follow these you should be fine. This is a list that you can easily implement to get as much web traffic as possible. In no time at all you will find that you will have well over 10,000 visitors.

This may seem like a huge number to start with, but believe me when I tell you, it is totally achievable and after a while this figure may in fact seem quite small. Next on the list 100, 000 website visitors.

1. Tell Google you are there.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and accounts for over 90% of online searches in Australia. So, it is vital that you let Google know that your website is launched. If there is one thing you do not want to do, that’s hide from Google. It’s simple and very easy to do. Just login to your web master tools and submit your URL. Once indexed, (this may take a couple of weeks), you will be there for the world to see.

2. Become social and work your social media.

Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Learn how to use these social sites and be on there constantly. I know this is going to be a headache for some time poor people but this is rally the only way you are ever going to get real traction in this space.

The more active you are on these platforms, the more content there is out there about your business being shared and spread around, the more likely it is you will get noticed when it’s time to buy or inquire. Some platforms may be better suited to your business so make sure you are active in the right space. The beauty about social media is it’s free. The only thing that costs money is your time. If you are seriously time poor and won’t have the man hours to get around to this, it’s best to look at engaging a social media company that can spend a few hours a week promoting you online.

3. Write unique and valuable content

You have to blog. There is no way around this and you have to be doing this regularly with fresh unique content. This is known as content marketing and is a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Your website should have a blog page and I recommend posting 1 well written blog article per week. Once you get the knack of it and you have posted a few blogs, you will soon see what a valuable tool this is in getting your message out there to your audience. It is even better if your blog is picked up and shared by people. This will have a massive impact on your Google rankings.

Again, like with social media, if you are too time poor and can honestly say that you do not have the time to write blogs frequently, then get a professional copy writer to do this for you.

4. Get started on your SEO.

The best way to get serious, quality website traffic is to engage an SEO company. If they know what they are doing then they should be able to rank you for your main keywords and this in turn will bring in site traffic. If you want to hit the 10,000 mark, then you will need to engage an SEO firm. Simple as that. Never do it yourself and its best to leave it to the professionals.

5. Make sure your website looks attractive.

If you have a new website, make sure it stands out and looks inviting. If this is going to be the centrepiece of your marketing for all the world to see, then it must look decent. I have seen some aweful websites in my time and these are a sure way to kill of web traffic. Look at what your competitors are doing and make sure your website is better than theirs. Remember, you need lots of honey to attract the bees. If you have a new website and you have gone down the cheap path of a do-it-yourself style website that looks the same as everyone else’s, I suggest ditching it and starting again.

To succeed online you need to have that spark, that certain individuality that is going to set you apart from the herd. Being different online is a good thing. As same as attitude is a recipe for failure. Once you can understand this and once you know the value of a great Google ranking, then and only then will your web visitors start piling in by the thousands!

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