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Big Brands Need SEO more than ever

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No matter the size of your company or its market penetration you still need SEO to ensure that your products or services have high visibility rates on Google. It's the only search engine where shoppers go to do their research before making a purchase. Essentially every business needs some form of internet marketing.

Most big-name brands do not need to do SEO, they are well-known names and everyone has heard of them.

They really do not need to invest large sums of money into any type of SEO because they are ranking already.

Think; Coke, Toyota, Fuji Xerox or even Nike. All you have to do is Google their name and their brand should appear. SEO for these big names is a bit of a waste of money unless they are looking to attract a local market or a looking to attract customers based on keywords relating to services or products they provide.

Let me elaborate on this a bit further. Let’s say for example there is a Toyota dealership in Sydney or Melbourne and they have car dealerships in various suburbs, then they are going to want to rank for this when customers type in say Toyota Sydney or Toyota Chatswood. This is where local SEO can really help and if you follow some simple rules and steps then your dealership will appear in the maps section in the Google My Business section as well as organically. See how a local SEO campaign can help boost online visibility with Toyota Chatswood.

local seo example
See how a local SEO campaign can help raise the online profile for this Toyota dealership. Photo Credit: Google

Those big brands with local franchises or subsidiaries need to register their business with Google and have all the correct details as well as submitting their profile to top citation sites. Once all this has been completed their rankings should appear locally.

Big brand names like most pharmaceuticals also need to rank for their brand name specifically Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer but they should be targeting very heavily with an SEO campaign all the low hanging fruit that is associated with their individual products. And like all pharmaceuticals, they generally have more than a handful.

Let’s say J & J has a new cough medicine coming on to the market and they want to gain traction in the marketplace, the best thing they can do is build a micro-website around this cough mixture and implement an SEO campaign based on all keywords associated with cold and flu medicine, cough medicine or even children’s cough mixtures. This should all be backed up by a solid social media marketing campaign to reinforce the brand and the product.

SEO for pharmaceuticals and other big-name brands is critical if you look at it from this angle. Let’s go back to the Toyota brand. Whilst they may not look to optimise the keyword Toyota, they may look at SEO for keywords that are associated with their products. They may have just launched a new 4 wheel drive and should therefore be looking at ranking for keywords like 4 x 4 wheel drive or off-road vehicles/cars. This is what your customer base is searching for and if you are not there then you may lose market share to the likes of Mazda or Ford who might have sites optimised for these words or phrases. Think With Google tells us that 59% of shoppers surveyed say they research online before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice. So if you want to be competitive and get a huge slice of these online shoppers then you need a large presence on Google.

They may have just released a new family sedan and rather than focusing on keywords like family cars (which is probably not a bad idea) they may look at others such as ‘safe family cars to buy’ or ‘ family wagons’.

There are so many keywords that big-name brands can look to optimise to improve their site visitors, web traffic, and overall revenue. If these big name brands ignore the fact that yes they name to be a household name and this should be enough to carry them through the next year, they are mistaken. They will lose market share.

The internet, especially Google has opened this space wide enough for small players to establish a niche, optimise keywords through SEO and start to penetrate the market. Social media combined with web design and SEO has essentially put an end to big-name dominance online. Small businesses with the time, and willingness to compete in this space by using digital strategies can be a big thorn in the side of multinationals. And, this can happen all very quickly.

The viral effect of social media can mean that obscure brands and startups can become big very quickly. The internet has allowed these people to disrupt the status quo by simply knowing what to do when it comes to digital marketing.

Nothing remains constant. We have seen this with new brands becoming household names in less than a year and completely shifting the market. Think Air B n B, Amazon, and eBay. So if you are reading this and you have a start-up business and want to grow your online traffic and visibility on Google get in touch with us here at SEO Sydney Experts.

Alternatively, if you are part of a big name brand and you can feel some small businesses biting your heels you better start paying attention to the digital environment and be very reactive very quickly.

SEO is the trigger that will protect your real estate position online. If you are yet to embrace the powers, the full potential of SEO for business and the huge benefits it can bring to all companies ( no matter the type or size)  I suggest you start speaking with agencies like us at SEO Sydney Experts.

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