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High Converting Web Landing Pages, what you need to know

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Make sure your main service or product pages are conversion focused. Each separate main category page on your website has to convert potential customers or readers into new paying customers. Hence landing pages are critical to driving revenue and sales.

What is a landing page?

Commonly known as a squeeze page a landing page is a specific website page design purely for one purpose and one topic.

Most businesses use them for Google Adwords but nowadays they are becoming more common as conversion rate optimisation becomes a hot SEO topic for 2021.

Most businesses haven’t put too much thought into their landing page design and until recently as the competitive nature of the digital space grows. Having a strong landing page will help your customers find what they are searching for and to add to that will help Google index your page leading to better rankings.

So, the following are the essential ingredients that should go into your next landing page.

Why make a landing page?

Because it’s the best way to generate direct qualified sales leads to your website. Google will index these individual landing pages and rank them according to the page title and content. Basically, it allows you to narrow which customers are viewing your page and this is all done through their search.

Important Landing Page Points: Above the Fold

I bet you’re the type of person who hates waiting around while a website loads. I can also bet that you are fairly impatient and want to see what the message is on the page you just clicked on. Statistics show that most people want to have this information at their fingertips within 2-3 seconds. Known as your unique selling point, this has to be above the fold so that people can quickly grasp what your selling or offering. As you can see below, the message is clear, to the point with absolutely no mixed messages.

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Inquiry Box

This is probably one of the most important landing page elements as there are many people who prefer to send an email and wait for you to call them back. This should be above the fold as per the above example. Don’t make people look around your site searching for this. Position this box on the top left or right-hand side on the top banner so they can fill it out quickly. Once done, they should be notified that their email was sent and a time frame that you are likely to respond.

Large phone number

This is fairly self-explanatory but you should be adding little bits of information to complement this like having an 1800 or 1300 number so if people are calling you from interstate it’s free. Even add the words; Free Call to entice them to ring. You should also include precious snippets of information like free delivery, free shipping or open 7 days, right at the top above the banner so people can clearly see this.

Simple navigation

Your landing page should be as simple and straight to the point as possible with little or no navigation. Landing pages are all about getting people to fill out a form or call you and not to navigate to other areas of the site. Restrict this to perhaps a testimonials or gallery page. If however, your landing page is extensive with loads of information you may like to pop a menu bar halfway down the page to make it easier for people to skip to relevant sections.

Strong and powerful headlines

Keep this simple and to the point with no more than 1 primary sentence as the lead in point and a second sentence to back this up. What you say here can make or break the whole landing page so you have to know what your customers are looking for and appropriately address this in the copy. Look at how this page is going to benefit the customer such as:

  • Save money and time using our hot water system
  • Having trouble finding the right lawyer? We can help
  • Is finding the right SEO agency difficult?

Why you’re the best choice clearly articulated

Just below the fold, you have to clearly explain to people why you’re the best choice for them. Having it near the top of the page will reinforce this point. Using infographics or clear hot boxes is a great idea as most people really want to skim over this and digest the information quickly. Keep it to 3 or 4 points maximum. No point in boring people or overselling yourself as they have probably already completed the inquiry form and are now just browsing the page, waiting for you to contact them.

A good point to note before we move further is don’t leave it more than 24 hours as most customers want their inquiry handled promptly. Delaying this sets a bad example and puts you in a position where you have to apologise. Not a good look or start to the relationship.

Great Graphics

All the above are fairly cut and dry, but it’s important to have the page looking good. Consumers want to be dazzled with graphics and clear images. This will set the tone and personality for the business they will be dealing with. The image should be relevant to the landing page and the message you’re trying to convey. Simple enough! For example, if you’re a real estate agent agency, have a lovely image of a happy couple who have just sold their house for a terrific price.

Landing Page Points, below the fold

Once your customer has seen all of the above they are probably committed or at least very curious about your business if you have designed all the on-page elements correctly. If they are still keen to learn more and they are just a little bit uncertain, you need to add a few points and hot buttons to gain further trust.

4 ways to earn customers trusts below the fold of your landing page

1) add testimonials from legitimate customers

2) you might like to add some images of work you have done or clients you have worked within the past. Big brands that everyone knows with a testimonial will ramp up the trust factor

3) add a large local phone number with the words: Call us now

4) Add one more juicy call to action such as the First 20 callers receive a 50% discount or Free delivery Sydney wide. Make sure you don’t blow it here and turn people away with a poorly worded ‘action box’.

In summary

Your landing page is a strong weapon you can use anytime to generate new business leads. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools when used in conjunction with your SEO or Adwords. If you have all the elements implemented properly then you’re going to have the best chance of grabbing the attention of anyone who lands on this page. Making the page sticky and hard for people to leave is the name of the game here. Like the venus fly trap once they land on it, make it hard for them to leave.

If you are having trouble designing or coming up with ideas for your landing page, the team here at SEO Sydney Experts are experts in this area. All you have to do is call us on 02 9360 8514 or contact us here.

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