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Website copy: Always write unique content

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Google will immediately know if you have stolen copy from another website. Make sure anything you publish on your website is unique and written by you or a copywriter. The temptation we all know is there is replicate or take content from a competitor but you have to resist the urge. Fight it if necessary but what ever happens taking content directly from the website of your rivals will not do you any good. In fact it will just hinder, harm and hurt your SEO rankings. One tip we do recommend here at SEO Sydney Experts is to write exclusive copy.

You may think that taking a sentence from here and a paragraph from there isn’t going to do any damage. After all, if they won’t notice it why should it be a problem? Well, the issue here is that Google has very sophisticated tools to note any websites that have been actively engaging in plagiarism and will penalise those sites. What may to you seem like a harmless copy and paste will to Google be noted as fraudulent website activity designed to cut corners.

Why does Google want unique copy?

The real estate on page 1 of Google is limited. You have 4 spaces for ads at the top of the page, there is a maps area and then there are only 10 positions available where your website can rank. In short Google will put it’s top 10 websites that are related the the specific keyword search in those positions and rank them in order of website quality and trust. The reasons that go into determining your websites trust and overall quality are far too numerous and complex to mention her,  but one of the main factors is not the main is the websites copy. If it’s really well written with lots of brand new information that will help users, then Google will rank this. Rehashed copy simply won’t rank above those websites that have spent the time and effort in writing quality copy. There are many businesses that simply don’t have the time, inclination or skills to do this job so they employ industry specific SEO web copywriters that will be able to write user friendly readable content to satisfy not only the demands of their clients but also the Google spiders.

Quick tips to writing great web copy that Google will rank

Always write copy that’s related to the topic of the page. If your going to write about a specific topic as I am writing about here ‘ website copy’ make sure it’s all about this one particular subject. Never deviate or start to far from the subject as your readers are here for a purpose and want particular information. If you go off topic, they will exit your website leaving you with higher bounce rates which Google will see. Google notices everything and all activity when it comes to consumer behaviour patterns on your site. If they like what you have to say and start exploring your site then it will be rewarded with better rankings.

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Internal linking is good when you write an article or blog. Google likes to see pages within your website linking to each other. Internal link structures will help users be able to navigate between pages easier given them a much better user experience. You can even link externally if your referencing another article or website. These links, if done properly will add weight and trust to what you have just published and Google will gladly reward the site for these links.

Use a Page structure that makes sense. Start with an introduction followed by your main content. The use of headings and bullet points to highlight copy is also a good idea. Basically you want the reader to be able to sift through the information and if they want to contact you easily they can. Most people land on your web page because they were researching something or were looking for a product or service. Satisfy the demands of these users by providing easy to read content that serves information quickly.

Use images throughout your text especially if your trying to promote a product. The use of images should be front and centre particularly if you have an eCommerce site. Which leads us into the area of whats called the user experience or conversion focused landing pages. That is, content and images combined together to give the user the best experience possible. Create pages that are not only a good read but are also visually stimulating. Like anything online if users like what they see they will be more inclined to engage, buy or call you. This is really the end game and what your trying to achieve with your site.

Reward people for coming to your website will a dazzling display of your companies abilities through creativity and words. This is the very best way to ensure that your fresh new unique copy gets the best ranking possible.

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