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Can you rank a website in less than 90 days & guarantee it?

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There are a lot of SEO agencies that are going to say yes to the above simply to get you to sign up with them. They will swear on their mother that they will be able to get a big chunk of your keywords on page 1 of Google within 90 days or they will offer silly things like; ‘do your SEO for free’ or ‘give a percentage of your money back’.

All this is ludicrous, will never happen and is sales talk to get you to commit to them and start paying a SEO monthly fee.

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Why does SEO take longer than 90 days for competitive keywords?

It’s quite logical really. Imagine you are a lawyer or an accountant or even a tradie and you want to rank for your main service in Sydney (it can even be a local search where you may want to rank for say 10 suburban locations).

Just imagine what is happening on Google in this space. There are already existing companies in this niche that heave been there for years and have probably been link building and doing SEO for all this time. These businesses are established and are not going to easily relinquish their page 1 position easily. If they even get a whiff of your business rising up the ranks they are going to do everything they can to keep you buried on page 2, 3 or even 10. So if you think you can easily dislodge them if less than 3 months you are dreaming. It just won’t happen.

At SEO Sydney Experts we have obviously ranked websites in competitive areas but it has taken anywhere from 6 months to a year. Rushing the rankings and building scores of back links, especially to a new website will just raise red flags with Google and your going to get busted. This is not how we work and I really can’t understand why some SEO agencies promise these ‘pie in the sky’ unrealistic achievements. It’s actually quite scary as naïve business owners listening to this will sign , part with a lot of money and end up getting their site penalised when the next algorithm rolls out.


Also, Google wants to see that your link building is done in a slow and natural manner if they are going to reward you. Why would they give page 1 priority to a complete newbie. In the online space you must establish a level of credibility and authority before you can even begin to think about being competitive.

How do you establish a websites authority?

Ranking a website is way more than link building. To establish real authority you have to be doing about 5 things all at the same time. These include:

# 1: Blogging and content marketing. You have you be constantly publishing relevant, unique content on a weekly basis. And remember, these blogs have to be more than a mere 300-500 words. You have to put some serious effort into these.

# 2: You need to be active on all your social media profiles. Post your blogs to your LinkedIn profile, add some juicy bits of information to your Facebook page. All of the effort you put into your social media sends ranking signals to Google which is great for your SEO.

# 3: This is a tough one as you need to be always monitoring your website for maximum performance and the user experience / engagement. Essentially, the longer the remain on your website and the more pages they drill down to the better it is for your overall bounce rates, which in turn will help your SEO> Google want to push and promote websites that offer customers searching only the very best experience. If your website is slow to load, has poorly written copy, why would Google push this higher. Think about what you customer is wanting, cater to this, utilise the latest technological trends and you will shoot up the rankings.

Google is like any other business and they want to only showcase the very best websites for their search results. If they are promoting sites that have are uninteresting, have really long download times, then users may start searching elsewhere like Yahoo and Bing – this is definitely NOT what Google wants. They want you to love the results they provide.

This really means that you have to always be monitoring your websites results through analytics and making sure it’s delivering. Any issues need to be patched up and fixed ASAP as these will hinder rankings.

# 4: Keep your link building up. You can’t simply start an SEO campaign and then switch it off once you have hit page 1. This is a really bad move and I get people asking me if they can do this all the time. Back links are the back bone, the foundation of your SEO campaign and if you stop this, then you are going to start sliding. It may not be immediate but after 2-3 months once Google sees that there has been no link building activity, they will devalue your authority.

This is why SEO MUST be thought of as a long term and basically an indefinite strategy. Turning it off is going to hit your rankings hard.

Armed with all of the above information you can see that SEO is not a quick, sugar hit strategy. It a long haul marketing campaign that you have to be committed to. If you are here for less than 3 months I wouldn’t even bother starting.

So if you hear anyone tell you that they will rank your main keywords within 3 months, know that they are trying to scam you – BE WARNED!

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