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Great articles and SEO tips to help you get your head around the complicated world of SEO. SEO can be very confusing for the average business person, so I have tried to make these articles as user-friendly and easy to read as possible.

Internal Links in the Footer - best practices for 2023

Internal Links in the Footer – best practices for 2023

Footer Links and SEO – everything you need to know about the SEO effects of internal links in your footer. It’s a huge question that’s still talked about by web and SEO gurus and professionals. This wouldn’t mean much for most businesses, not in the SEO or web game, but to us ‘SEO experts’, it

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SEO vs Google Ads – what's best for your business

SEO vs Google Ads – what’s best for your business

SEO vs Google Ads – what should you do? A tough question. Do you want instant results and go for the Adwords option, or are you prepared to stick it out for the long haul and go down the SEO path? Either way, the following explanation will help you understand your options and guide you

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10 Quick Wins to Improve Bounce Rates & SEO

If you’ve noticed that sales have slumped and online inquiries have dried up then you might have a problem with your websites bounce rates. High bounce rates are a killer for the customer experience and can also damage your SEO rankings on Google. Following are some quick wins to help reduce those nasty bounce rates

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How to optimise website speed for better SEO

When it comes to SEO and better Google rankings, the rule of thumb here is that slower loading websites will hurt your SEO rankings. People want to see pages load quickly online; it’s a simple as that. They are time-poor and want information delivered to them quickly at their fingertips. If you think about it,

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8 Vital SEO Steps To Take After A New Website Launch

8 Vital SEO Steps To Take After A New Website Launch

Once you’ve successfully launched your new website, there’s only one thing on your mind – getting it to rank better on search engines. The time to start optimising is right now. A new website provides you with a fresh template for working on your SEO strategy. Nothing is holding you back from making an ideally

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Is quality content good for SEO rankings?

You bet it is and the better the content the more likely your website page will rank. Google has seriously tightened its ranking criteria and as of 2011 once they released their Panda update to weed out poor quality websites, the game has changed. Namely quality content is what Google s looking for. Let’s take

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Private blog networks

Private Blog Networks for SEO: avoid these at all costs

Unclear about Private Blog Networks? Need to know why your Google rankings have tanked? PBN’s are a killer for your SEO and are used industry-wide by many SEO agencies – you can thank us later for warning you! Many SEO agencies will never tell you that the link building they are doing for you is

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8 Golden SEO tips that you must know about

  SEO isn’t rocket science but if you follow these 8 golden tips that’s all you really need to know to get a ranking on Google. Generally, you can do these yourself but if you are unclear it’s a good idea to hire an SEO agency to help you with this as well as your

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10 SEO buzz words that you should know

If your new to the SEO field and have spoken to a few companies to try to get a better understanding of what the hype is all about you may be left feeling somewhat confused and frustrated by all the new words. In fact, these SEO guys have a language all to themselves. In order

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Google Analytics: Make sure you utilise these powerful SEO tools

One of the best ways to understand who is coming to your website, how long they have spent there, website bounce rates and what pages they have visited is through Google Analytics. Overall, you get a much clearer idea of how the consumer is interacting and engaging with your website and you can fine tune

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