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Great articles and SEO tips to help you get your head around the complicated world of SEO. SEO can be very confusing for the average business person, so I have tried to make these articles as user-friendly and easy to read as possible.

Rank your website FASTER by focusing on your SEO upfront

SEO is a long term strategy. If you are in it for the short term don’t even bother. Because it’s the foundation of your entire digital marketing, SEO needs to be implemented methodically and organically. This is the only way Google will ever end up ranking your website. Promises of speedy fast churn n burn

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SEO for the Wedding Industry

SEO for the Wedding Industry for 2021

Like all businesses looking to attract more customers and inquiries, the wedding industry is no exception. There are thousands of weddings happening in Australia as well as destination weddings overseas and a slice of this seriously lucrative pie is the aim of all: Wedding planners Wedding photographers Wedding celebrants Wedding venues Wedding coordinators as well

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SEO for Forex Traders & Stockbrokers

As more and more people turn to the online and digital environment to trade shares and dabble in the stock market, the place to capture new clients especially for Forex dealers and stock brokers is Google. Basically, if your website is not sitting on page 1 for your stockbroking or Forex business then how are

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SEO for Christmas 2021 – You Need to Plan Ahead

If you have a product of service that you need to market for the Christmas rush, then you really need to think about planning your SEO campaign and strategy well in advance. By this I mean you need to realistically be giving it 6-12 months of planning. This sounds like a long time but when

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How to choose a good SEO company

Choosing a good SEO company is not as easy as it looks. There are literally thousands of SEO companies in Sydney wanting your business and finding the good ones that offer a premium, reliable and credible service is like finding a needle in a haystack. Following are some tips to help you find the best

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Has Your Website Been Hit By the Latest Google Updates

The latest Google algorithmic changes, Panda and Penguin, according to Matt Cutts head of Googles search quality team, focuses on 2 areas; web content and spam. Both great topics in themselves, but I thought I would outline why some websites suffer and consistently never rank whilst others seem to be at the top of the

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10 quick and easy blogging tips for small business

10 quick and easy blogging tips for small business

A company or business blog with a great looking website design can  have a powerful impact on your search engine rankings and in turn impact on your business by getting more eyes on your website. A blog will generally cost you very little to implement and it’s return on investment is often well worth it.

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